Monday, August 22, 2011

David Letterman Responds to Muslim Threats

Comedy Central backed down when Muslims issued death threats over Southpark's attempt to poke fun at Muhammad the way they poke fun at everyone else. David Letterman seems to be standing his ground after receiving death threats due to some jokes about al-Qaeda.


My Two Sense said...

From the standpoint of a company, i.e.: Comedy Central (and You Tube) They are their own entity with their own rules (and apparently they reserve the right to change their own rules whether we like them or not). If they as a company decide to do things like censor South Park or remove a You Tube video, it's unfortunately their call and their prerogative. We certainly can protest and plead our case, and I get that their terms of use and their explanations as to why they've censored such things might not always be black and white to us. David, is there anywhere on You Tube in their terms and conditions that says, "we reserve the right to delete videos for any reason"? Just curious.

From the standpoint of a user (of You Tube) and a viewer (of South Park) I personally think censoring those things is horrible. I think that it compromises the very idea of what "Free Speech" is. During the South Park 300 episode controversy, Jon Stewart said, "free speech protects even the things that I find offensive."

I am an avid South Park fan and I thought it was extremely ironic that they couldn't show Muhammad merely walking into a frame (when they had shown him previously in an earlier episode of "Super Best Friends") but they could show Jesus and George Bush "crapping" all over each other and the White House, which I would think would be more offensive to Western viewers... and precisely the point. Matt and Trey are awesome.

Baron Eddie said...

Thanks Mr. David Wood for this blog ... Here is a link to download David Letterman clip