Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Answering Islam--August 24th Update

Apart from Sam Shamoun's brain, the greatest resource on the planet for refuting Islam and defending Christianity against Muslim objections is the Answering Islam website. Here are the latest articles:

Samuel Green reflects on the Muslim letter titled "A Common Word" and suggests issues that should be discussed between Christians and Muslims. Who can claim to be a Prophet? by Dallas Roark, and The Historical Case for Paul's Apostleship by Keith Thompson. Sam Shamoun presents Jesus Christ – The One Lord Revealed in the Old Testament Scriptures (Part 1, Part 2, Addendum), two rebuttals to Dr. Jamal Badawi: (1) Satan In The Upper Nose, (2) Dr. Badawi Proves That Allah Exists As A Limited Physical Being, a two-part rebuttal to "Question Mark": The Lord Jesus Christ - the Divine Judge of All Creation and Islam's Unholy Alliance, and finally a rebuttal to Bassam Zawadi: Exposing More of Zawadi’s Inconsistency and Dishonesty. Masud Masihiyyen's two-part article From Jonah to Pharaoh?: Part I: What was the Sign of Jonah?, Part II: What was the Sign of Pharaoh? reveals a surprising connection between the sign of Jonah in the Bible and the sign of Pharaoh in the Qur'an, and refutes an alleged Qur'an miracle as a side effect. His article, Islamic Dishonesty At Work! is a rebuttal to another pseudo-miracle claiming that the Qur'an reveals the rotation of the Earth. Jochen Katz looks at the same alleged miracle in Harun Yahya’s “Science” Fiction – Part 2: Clouded Mind Dawah exposing the enormous amount of scientific falsehood that Harun Yahya managed to cram into the few lines of his version of the miracle. “Don’t Shoot Us, We Are Just the Messenger” by Anthony Rogers and Sam Shamoun discusses yet another grammatical mistake in the Qur’an. The revised Training Materials by G. Nehls and W. Eric are now also available online: Part 1: Islam: As It Sees Itself - As Others See It - As It Is, Part 2: Christian-Islamic Controversy, Part 3: Practical-Tactical Approach.


Deleting said...

When will these youing islamic apologists like Bassam Zawadi going to learn the simple, simple task of actually R-E-A-D-I-N-G their sources before quoting them?
I doubt Basam will read this but quoting a dead guy who called your religion VIOLENT doesn't strenghten your argument. Neither does saying if islam's plan of salvation were presented to him he would have accepted.
Um, No. I don't think he would have.
Islamic apologists-do yourselves a favor. Read who you're going to quote. Read them all the way through because other people will to. Or, if that's a bit too much, just DON'T QUOTE THEM.

Anonymous said...

can you explain why you guys are advertizing a muslim dating site? did I miss something.

TheBereanSearch said...


Google selects the adds based on keywords and how their software determines the blog is related. They managed to get some anti-Sharia ads up as well. I guess they can't always get it right.

My advice would be (to you and everyone) click on at least one ad each time you visit. Through Google's pay-per-click system you will then be supporting Acts17 and the blog. I've clicked on at least one ad every time I've visited since the ads have been up :)

Anthony Rogers said...

Okay, so where is the link for Sam's brain?

Deleting said...

There's a link to Sam's brain? Where is it????

I want a link to Sam's brain, and David's brain and if you can find one for Dr. White that would be awesome!!!!

Deleting said...

I forgot to mention....I also want a link to your brain Anthony. And Walid Shoebats. And Nakdimons, and Matt Slick, and a lot of peoples brains.