Thursday, July 7, 2011

Female MPs Get into Cat Fight on Floor of Afghan Parliament

We might call it the "Democracy Delusion." Quite popular among Western politicians of the past two decades, it goes like this: "The reason we're having so many problems in the Middle East, and Afghanistan, and Pakistan, is that Muslims need democracy. Once we give them the wonderful gift of democracy, they'll realize that they don't need to settle disagreements through violence. When terrorists are finally given the right to vote, their hearts will melt, and they'll embrace the rest of the world in a love-fest of teddy bears and candy-coated raindrops."

So we introduce democracy to Afghanistan, and people still settle disagreements through violence. Why? Because democracy doesn't change people's hearts. It simply brings to light the attitudes of the majority. If the majority wants to live in peace, you'll have a peaceful country. If the majority are becoming increasingly focused on following the example of Muhammad and his companions (who tended to settle disagreements through violence), democracy isn't going to help much.

AFGHANISTAN--Some Afghan lawmakers on their Tuesday session called on President Karzai to step down amid growing tensions between executive, judiciary and legislative branches of the government.

Parliamentarians claimed that President Karzai is sick and has lost the capability to govern the nation. (Read more.)


Juniper in the Desert said...

Looks like the UK is going for Afghan-style democracy; we are sending our speaker to learn all about it!!

Radical Moderate said...

This could either mean that what Muslims say is true, and that Islam gives woman the same rights as men, to settle their differences with Violence.

Or it could mean that these woman became violent because of western democracy.

John said...

Yeah I always thought it was weird that you yanks believed democracy plus a constitution was some kind of panacea - introduce it & everything will be nice and rosy.

I think you believe that because you think the US constitution came out of thin air, whereas it was documenting an idea that had evolved over, probably, 500 years - and I think the view that the Constitution was some kind of Eureka moment was because you wanted to disassociate with Britain and therefore England.

I don't need to explain what I and many in UK thought would happen if you tried to introduce democracy - just turn on the news.

John said...

Hey Radical, civilised men don't settle differences with violence. The woman gets violent - maybe she can't handle democracy? If you bring a kid up in a nasty family you'll probably get a nasty kid. If people can't get a grip in creating a decent country, you end up with barbarians.