Wednesday, July 20, 2011

DHS Report: Muslim Extremists Have Obtained Insider Positions at Utility Facilities

I assume the utility facilities could fire the extremists, but that would be Islamophobic and bigoted. The open-minded, tolerant thing to do is to wait until the terrorists slaughter thousands of people.

ABC NEWS--Sabotage by an insider at a major utility facility, including a chemical or oil refinery, could provide al Qaeda with its best opportunity for the kind of massive Sept. 11 anniversary attack Osama bin Laden was planning, according to U.S. officials.

A new intelligence report from the Department of Homeland Security issued Tuesday, titled Insider Threat to Utilities, warns "violent extremists have, in fact, obtained insider positions," and that "outsiders have attempted to solicit utility-sector employees" for damaging physical and cyber attacks.

"Based on the reliable reporting of previous incidents, we have high confidence in our judgment that insiders and their actions pose a significant threat to the infrastructure and information systems of U.S. facilities," the bulletin reads in part. "Past events and reporting also provide high confidence in our judgment that insider information on sites, infrastructure, networks, and personnel is valuable to our adversaries and may increase the impact of any attack on the utilities infrastructure." (Read more.)


Joe Bradley said...

The PC Morons have been giving Muslim Extremists access to our military bases for years now and paying them well to kill our soldiers. But that's just me being Islamophobic and bigoted.

davod said...

What about "Adherants of political Islam have obtained (been appointed to) inside positions at DHS.

davod said...

PS. Or defence, white house, Congress, name your US agency.

Joe Bradley said...

Yes davod, a prime example is Janet Al-Napolitano