Sunday, July 3, 2011

Christian Preacher Harassed and Bullied at 2011 Dearborn Arab Festival

Dearborn is caught in a spiral. A few years ago, peaceful Christian missionaries would quietly come to Dearborn to preach the Gospel. Then security started slapping Christians around, and police began throwing Christians in jail and trampling on the Constitution. This drew some of the more vocal, confrontational, anti-Sharia Christian groups to the city (e.g. Terry Jones, Ruben Israel, etc.). But instead of showing the world how peaceful and loving Muslims are, Dearborn reacted with further hostility, even towards peaceful Christian preachers. This, of course, will draw even more anti-Sharia groups to Dearborn in the future. Will the city continue to respond in anger? If so, I see no end to the spiral.

For more Dearborn videos, click here.


AB said...

this kinda behavior with muslims as a minority Imagine when they start immigrating and having families like a football team then we are in big trouble ...

As i keep telling ... In the future India might be the only country with muslims not as the majority

Joe Bradley said...

As the twig is bent, so grows the tree.

Foolster41 said...

Truely frightening, especially the look of rage on that little boy's face.

@6:00 they chant something that sounds like maybe arabic. I can't quite make it out. Anyone know what are they saying?

Foolster41 said...

Note how the nearly(?)-violent mob presumes the enacting of sharia law in deerbourn, out of their own mouths (mostly at the end of the video). They claim critisizing Islam is disrespecting it, and saying that a Christian has no right to freedom of speech (After all, prolotyzing is illegal in Islam), it made me think of the city of Gamorra, or the Vanity Fair from Bunyon's "Pilgrim Progress".

Jabari said...


They were reciting the Shahada!!!!!

Zack_Tiang said...

Religion of 'peace' off....

Foolster41 said...

@Jabari: Ah, that makes sense in the context.

minoria said...

What closed minds.It is due to the kind of education they received.But there are cases and cases.I mean,at there was a Muslim whose pseudonym is Aladdin who several months ago said goodbye to us,more specifically to my friend Antoine Martin.
He didn't like the articles and now all of a sudden he has reappeared.He made a comment.Maybe he came back earlier.
I was really surprised.I see it as positive since the articles are not just negative(criticism of the Koran)but positive(reasons to believe in the NT) and neutral(general information on Christianity or Islamic culture).

I am glad is having an impact on him.Believe me,information in FRENCH of the sort you find there is NONEXISTENT.The other blogs in French either just have negative articles against Islam,and are mostly current events,or if they are Christian,hardly mention Islam.

There is a blog in French called seems to be popular) which is Muslim and I noticed there weren't articles in French to answer their specific claims(like that Jesus never said he was God,etc).Somebody had to do something.The situation in French is bad in the sense few know the necessary answers to Muslims,since they dont know English.In English the information is abundant.

GreekAsianPanda said...

Weren't there a bunch of Christian "protesters" at the festival, too, yelling hateful things at the Muslims and holding up anti-Islamic signs? Wouldn't that count as harassment? Shouldn't you condemn them, too?

Something else: by showing that quote from O'Reilly at the end (which I assume you did to show that he is "dead wrong" about Dearborn being welcoming), aren't you implying that this is typical of Dearborn or Dearborn's Muslim citizens? I think that's kind of dangerous to do. If Acts 17's past ordeals drew so many anti-Sharia protesters this year, what do you think will happen next year?

Of course I don't think this mob was in the right to be stealing stuff out of his backpack, trying to prevent him from speaking, flicking him and the cameraman off, etc., but with all the Christian anti-Sharia protesters at the festival, I wouldn't find it surprising if the Muslims thought he was just like them.

David Wood said...

GAP said: "Weren't there a bunch of Christian "protesters" at the festival, too, yelling hateful things at the Muslims and holding up anti-Islamic signs? Wouldn't that count as harassment?"

Nice try. If someone didn't want to listen to the Christian protesters, they were free to walk away. No one surrounded a Muslim and bombarded him with threats, insults, cursing, stealing, etc. But this guy showed up to preach and was surrounded by a mob. Do you really not see the difference between (a) a group of Christian protesters speaking within a "free speech zone," and (b) a mob of hostile Muslims surrounding a single Christian, throwing things at him, and so on? Are you really so dedicated to rescuing Islam from every criticism that you've bought into the many "Islamophobia" mantras?

GAP said: "Something else: by showing that quote from O'Reilly at the end (which I assume you did to show that he is "dead wrong" about Dearborn being welcoming), aren't you implying that this is typical of Dearborn or Dearborn's Muslim citizens?"

It's funny how you will avoid the clearest, most obvious interpretations of Muslim texts, but you read nonsense into everything I say. O'Reilly said that the city welcomes people. In 2009, Nabeel asked a question, and we got slapped around. In 2010, Nabeel answered some questions, and we were thrown in jail. In 2011, this poor guy was mobbed on a public sidewalk for attempting to peacefully discuss Christianity. Add to this the many other instances of Dearborn trampling on the rights of non-Muslims. What does this mean? It means that the city doesn't welcome certain people; therefore, the Mayor's claim is false. How you would read "This means that most or all Dearborn residents behave in the same manner as these kids" is beyond me.

Radical Moderate said...

I think the one Muslim holding up the Quran who said "What do you know about this book....I don't Beeepin curse" says it all.

Satish Kumar said...

They(Muslims) will surely back the same in Good measure,Pressed down, shaken together and running over.

I am not pronouncing any curse. But the Scripture says so, Give and it shall be given back to you Good measure,Pressed down, shaken together and running over. Luke 6:38

simple_truth said...

Now, contrast this with what happened to Christians in the previous 2 years. There definitely should have been some arrests of Muslims and/or other instigators, provided that the Christian guy did nothing to instigate it too. Even then, it still would be wrong for what some in that crowd did.

How can Muslims and Islamic apologists ever learn what the other side has to say if they try to silence them? How can they compare both scriptures if they constantly take sides with Islam? How can they promote peace if they are so hypocritical and use free speech to their advantage and then try to trample the Christian message under it. When they do this, the also trample the very constitution that protects them. The Muslims and Islamic apologists don't seem to see their own hypocrisy.

Abbo said...

I am a devout athiest, but I am starting to consider myself a 'christian without faith'. I'm proud of what this individual does and the way he carries himself with peace, dignity and pride.

Bob Sorensen said...

Their words and actions are caught on film. Downward spiral indeed — any respect that the American public (as well as gullibility about the "religion of peace") is swirling in a downward spiral down the tubes.

Thanks, Muslims, for helping to prove what we are saying.

Anonymous said...

And if any place will not welcome you, shake the dust off your feet when you leave, as a testimony against them. (mark 6:11).

Ray said...

It was surprising to me how many times the “N” word was used as if it were nothing – and in front of the police if I may add. It was also interesting to hear the mob’s comments before and after the police officers arrived. After the police officers arrived, the mob sang a different tune like “You are disrespecting Arabs,” “You are disrespecting Muslims,” “You are disrespecting our Prophet.”

It is very similar to the way Islam changes its speech depending on the audience (on a bigger scale that is). In the Middle East, where Islam rules supreme, Muslim Clerks have no problem explaining some of the CLEAR Islamic passages that order Muslims to hate pursue, and kill the people of the Book (Jews and Christians) as just that; whereas here, it is all about living in peace with one another etc.

Some questions that the Muslims in this video need to ask themselves are: what is it about this man’s preaching that made you so uncomfortable? Why couldn’t anyone debate him in a civil manner?

Standing before God’s judgment seat saying “My Priest or my Sheikh told me so” will not be good enough because God gave each of us a brain and a conscience and his true word – so “Seek and you shall find.”

Joe Bradley said...

AH YES, Islam! The perfect religion for criminals.

Unlike the Judeo-Christian ethic, in which the Ten Commandments mean something, the Qur'an briefly acknowledges the Ten Commandments in various sections, then makes exceptions to them specifically as they apply to Muslims dealing with non Muslims, oftentimes making criminal behavior acceptable as long as the behavior is directed at non-Muslims.

It is no wonder that there are so many converts to Islam in the prisons. It allows convicts and ex-convicts to be as bad as they want to be, as long as they are acting against non-Muslims. It also gives convicts and ex-convicts pseudo-justification to lash out and retaliate against the system which incarcerated them for demanding that they obey the law.

The GBMs (Gang Banging Muslims) pictured in the video are like any other common gang bangers. Their justification is Islam rather than drugs.

Perhaps a little Martial Law* would go a long way in straightening out Dearborn since the civilian authorities don't seem to be able to handle the situation or, perhaps, it could be something as simple as cancelling all future Arabfests until the population of Dearborn learns to behave in a civilized manner.

As a message to GAP, I didn't see either Terry Jones, Ruben Israel or any of their agents stealing from anybody in the crowd. However, I did see the MGBs stealing from the Christian preacher.


* "Martial law is the imposition of military rule by military authorities over designated regions on an emergency basis—usually only temporary—when the civilian government or civilian authorities fail to function effectively (e.g., maintain order and security, and provide essential services), when there are extensive riots and protests, or when the disobedience of the law becomes widespread"

Anonymous said...

I have seen Muslim street preachers. If one of them was harassed like this they would have been screaming discrimination. It is all a double standard.

But I will be fair. How about we treat Muslims exactly as Christians are treated in Muslim countries? They should be satisfied with that don't you think? Unless they want to admit that they persecute Christians and plan to do so here if they get the chance.

Radical Moderate said...

Just a few highlights

3:20 Young men are showing off to a young Muslima in Hijab by stealing from the street preachers backpack, as she looks on approvingly. Perhaps this is a courting ritual, the young men demonstrating that they can provide for the young woman by taking booty by stealing from the Christians.

4:52 A hijabed Muslima is seen tearing up the tract that the street preacher was handing out. In Pakistan such an act if it was a tract from the Quran or had Mohamed’s name on it would be considered blaspheme. But notice how with defiant glee she tears it up then holds it up and waves it in his face before she lets it dropped to the ground.

And of course my favorite.

5:15 A young man who is smoking holds up a Quran and shouts at the street preacher “It don't matter if I smoke, I don't BLEEPING CURSE....”


Radical Moderate said...

Is it just me, or have others noticed that Muslims didn't act this way when they had security guards or police to protect them from the Gospel.

Now that the courts have weighed in it seems that the Muslims have taken matters into their own hands.

Allah Is Dead said...

Allah the Moon God Loves Us All.

Allah Is Dead said...

Why do people care about these people?

MizDiney said...

In these times, one must pick a are either FOR Jesus or AGAINST Jesus. These people were violent and their actions were shameful....stealing, screaming, laughing, hitting the man, using foul language and using their middle fingers! And there were PLENTY of children, there, who were doing these things. The dhimmitude of Dearborn is shameful! Absolutely shameful! This kind of behaviour has only strengthed my anti islam feelings!!!

scott in vegas said...

seriously, the preacher deserved to be hassled. I'm Christian, but going to an arab festival and disrupting their gathering? Would a muslim's message be accepted at a big Christian gathering? It's simple provocation. Nobody want's a different religion shouted at at them in that atmosphere or group dynamic. Shame on the preacher

Joe Bradley said...

Maybe Mayor O'Reilly should start planning for Arab Fest 2012!

I've got an idea . . .

Foolster41 said...

@Scott: You are wrong on a few levels.

Firstly, the preacher wasn't "disrupting" anything. This was an ethnic festival, not a religious one. All he was doing was preaching, which is protected by our first amendment rights. The fact that it is an Arab festival is irrelevant to this. That you believe that merely preaching is deserving of theft, verbal abuse and threats is most troubling.

Secondly, as a Christian, do you not believe Jesus' command to "make disciples of all nations" (Matthew 20:19-20)? After all, these Muslims are lost. Are you saying it's better for them to go to hell and be "respected"? This is a frightening attitude.

Also, this is AMERICA, so no, he didn't "deserve" it. One does not ever "deserve" to be hassled like this.

Joe Bradley said...

Clearly the philosophy of the Muslims in the crowd is that any and all rights that attach to a, Constitutionally protected, activity are contingent on the amount of present force necessary to enforce those rights.

No one understood the necessity of protecting one's rights, through use of force, more than the Islamic founder Muhammad who, himself, was a warrior*.

The tremendous force differential between the Muslim Gang Bangers and the lone preacher spoke in a voice which was loud and clear - no Constitutional rights today, only mob-ocracy will be in force this day.


The Berean Search said...

Scott: "I'm Christian, but going to an arab festival and disrupting their gathering?"

This man wasn't "disrupting" the gathering. He was speaking at a reasonable volume and in a respectful way. It was the shouting crowd of onlookers that was disruptive. Secondly, you call it "their gathering". Who is they? Muslims? Arabs? Michiganders? It is a public festival that invites visitors.

Scott: "Would a muslim's message be accepted at a big Christian gathering?"

A Muslim wouldn't be bullied, cursed at and stolen from at a Christian gathering, that is for sure. Christians in the U.S. almost universally respect the Constitution and the concept of freedom of religion and the right to proselytize. The New Testament teaches that we should respect the law of the land. The Quran teaches Muslims that no "man made" laws are valid that they must be replaced by Shariah. Furthermore, this was not a "Muslim" festival. It's not a religious festival in any sense. It's a cultural festival celebrating Arab immigrants. There are Arabs who hold to many beliefs including, Christianity, Judaism, atheism, etc., so casting the festival as somehow belonging to Muslims is unacceptable and disenfranchising to a valid segment of the Arab population.

Scott: "It's simple provocation. Nobody want's a different religion shouted at at them in that atmosphere or group dynamic. Shame on the preacher"

What video were you watching? The Christian was not "shouting". All the shouting was coming from the crowd around him, and from their words it's safe to deduce they were overwhelmingly Muslims. Since your comment shows you think shouting at others is a source of shame, what you really mean is "Shame on the crowd around that preacher".

What I really mean is, shame on you for your lack of respect for the Constitution, freedom of speech, lack of logic, and especially your willingness to turn your back on the Great Commission of our Lord and Savior simply because you feel the Gospel "offends" some people.

The Berean Search said...


Judging from your profile, you are a Mormon, correct?

If this is the case, I retract the portion of my comment that asserts that you should be chastised as a brother in Christ for your lack of adherence to the Gospel. The LDS church has a false gospel, another christ, and an unbiblical view of the nature of God. You also have a "prophet" that is every bit as false as Muhammad.

Phana24JG said...

I think we need a send in a few buses full of NASCAR fans to the next Dearborn "festival." The primitive savages will be taken care of in a few minutes and life will return to normal.

Joe Bradley said...

Judging from the video, Dearborn is headed for this: