Thursday, June 9, 2011

Twenty Somali Muslims Charged . . . in Minnesota

Charged for what, you wonder? Would you be surprised if I told you that twenty Somali Muslims have been charged in Minnesota for . . . GASP! . . . supporting a terrorist organization? Of course you wouldn't be surprised. No one is surprised. Christians aren't surprised. Jews aren't surprised. Atheists aren't surprised. Even Muslims aren't surprised. We're only surprised when non-Muslims conspire to fund terrorism.
STAR TRIBUNE--An Ohio man who once lived in Eden Prairie was arrested Thursday morning in Columbus, becoming the 20th person of Somali descent charged in Minnesota for allegedly supporting the terror group Al-Shabab.

Ahmed Hussein Mahamud, 26, made his initial appearance Thursday morning in federal court for the Southern District of Ohio. He is on his way to Minnesota to face charges that he provided money and personnel to Al-Shabab, a group defined as a terrorist organization by the U.S. State Department.

Al-Shabab is fighting a civil war for control of Somalia. A Minnesota man was killed last week while attempting a suicide bombing on behalf of Al-Shabab. His family believes the man is Farah Mohamed Beledi.

Beledi was one of 19 people who have been indicted in Minnesota for allegedly providing material support to a terrorist organization. Mahamud, who was indicted last week but whose indictment was sealed until his arrest Thursday, becomes the 20th.

The indictments come from a three-year investigation into the recruiting, training and funding of Somalis from the U.S. to return to their homeland to fight. An estimated 20 young men from Minnesota are believed to have returned to Somalia since 2008, sparking what has been considered one of the largest counterterrorism investigations in the U.S. since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001.

Federal officials say eight of the 20 charged have been arrested in the U.S. or overseas. Five of them have pleaded guilty in connection to the case. Three others are awaiting trial here, including Omer Abdi Mohamed and two women from Rochester accused of raising money for Al-Shabab. Omer Mohamed is scheduled to go on trial July 13. He is also accused of raising money to help send others to Somalia to fight.

Six men from Minnesota are believed to have been killed while fighting in Somalia. The investigation in Minnesota began in late 2008 -- when Minneapolis resident Shirwa Ahmed became the first-known American citizen suicide bomber in Somalia. Since then, Somali-born residents of Europe, Canada and elsewhere in the United States have also allegedly lent their support to Al-Shabab as fighters or funders. (Source)


Joe Bradley said...

Ah Yes! More from the religion of peace. After all, what could be more peaceful than when everybody's dead???

Those crazy lunatics are working on it.

V. Anthony D'anjou said...

This is what President Barack Hussein Obama II and Attorney General Eric Himpton Holder, Jr. want for the United States of America which is to have more and more Muslims coming to the United States of America doing their 3 Jihads and Supporting Muslim Islamic Terrorists through immigration of Muslims to the United States of America.

Here is a website: that shows that President Barack Hussein Obama II want to bring more and more Muslims to the United States of America. Muslims Hate Americans, Muslims Hate Jews, Muslims Hate Christians such as myself, Muslims Hate Agnostics, Muslims Hate Atheists and Muslims Hate anybody who is not a Muslim. It is Crazy and suicidal to have Muslims in the United States of America?

We need to ban a.k.a. make it illegal for ALL Muslims to come the United States of America unless they give up their Muslim faith which I doubt Muslims would. In the Military Mobsters and/or Gangsters have to give up their Mobster and/or Gangster associations in order to join the Military so we need a law like that for ALL Muslims coming to the United States of America.

Joe Bradley said...

Yep Anthony, you've hit the proverbial nail on the head! Our Manchurian President with his assemblage of incompetents and radicals has been exceedingly busy laying waste to the United States and, so far, he have been very successful.

donna60 said...

How can America make a religion "illegal?" That goes against everything America is.

V. Anthony D'anjou said...

Thank you Joe Bradley for the "Yep Anthony, you've hit the proverbial nail on the head!" comment on my previous statement. The law that for ALL Muslims coming to the United States of America in my previous statement is only 1 part or 1 law in a 5 to 7 part/law to stop Muslims from Kill everybody in the United States of America and/or subduing everybody in the United States of America.

Haecceitas said...

David, you have something very interesting scheduled for early next week? :-)

V. Anthony D'anjou said...

donna60 said... "How can America make a religion "illegal?" That goes against everything America is."

The Quran/Koran a.k.a. Al-Quran which is Islam the Muslims' so called religion can be Illegal in the United States of America. The United States of America is a Judeo-Christian Democracy. What does that mean it is a Jews and Christian together as one Democracy or just Democracy.

The Muslims' Quran/Koran a.k.a. Al-Quran which is Islam tells Muslims to Destroy the United States of America because it is NOT an Islamic Country so with that Islam can be Illegal in the United States of America for Treason and Cut throat in more ways than one. Islam Hate the Jews, the Christians and everybody who is NOT a Muslim. The 3 Jihads for Muslims to use in the United States of America and every place else are (1)Violent, (2)Cultural and (3)Financial.

(1)Violent Jihad are raping ALL your female family members, Kill Americans in Mass Genocide and more, (2)Cultural Jihad means immigrate to the United States of America and Islamize America a.k.a. get Americans to become Muslims and (3)Financial means bring Islamic Financing which is Shariah Financing/Sharia Financing a.k.a. Iranian Banking to the United States of America.

donna60 said...

Anthony, I just don't believe that it is a Christian/Judeo democracy. Maybe it is because of my strict bible-based religious convictions, but John Adams and his wife didn't believe that Jesus was God, and in my logic, they weren't Christians. Thomas Jefferson was not a Christian without question. --at least by my definition of Christianity.

I'm actually stricter than that. I think that you can believe that Jesus is God, and still not be a Christians, because James said that even demons believe and tremble.

In any case, how can we outlaw any religion besides Jews and Christians? Who defines Christians? Me? Because if it is me....uh..... A whole lot of people are taking boats to somewhere else.

For that matter, who defines Jews? I hope it isn't the Orthodox Jews, because if it is, it is going to be awful lonely here, with just me and a sprinkling of other "nobel" people.

Joe Bradley said...

United States' Constitution Article III

Section. 3.

Treason against the United States, shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort. No Person shall be convicted of Treason unless on the Testimony of two Witnesses to the same overt Act, or on Confession in open Court.


The Qur'an

"Fight against such as those to whom the Scriptures were given [Jews and Christians]...until they pay tribute out of hand and are utterly subdued." (Surah 9:27-)

"If you do not fight, He will punish you sternly, and replace you by other men." (Surah 9:37-)

"The only true faith in God's sight is Islam." (Surah 3:19)

"Believers, do not make friends with any but your own people...They desire nothing but your ruin....You believe in the entire Book...When they meet you they say: 'We, too, are believers.' But when alone, they bite their finger-tips with rage." (Surah 3:118, 119)

"Seek out your enemies relentlessly." (Surah 4:103-)

"Believers, when you encounter the infidels on the march, do not turn your backs to them in flight. If anyone on that day turns his back to them, except it be for tactical reasons...he shall incur the wrath of God and Hell shall be his home..." (Surah 8:12-)

"Make war on them until idolatry shall cease and God's religion shall reign supreme." (Surah 8:36-)

P.S. This article may be of interest.

goethechosemercy said...

If Muslims threaten to conquer and subdue the U.S., they are enemies.
Pure and simple.
If they act in ways that indicate that they are overturning Constitutional protections and secularism in politics, then they are indeed conquering and subduing the U.S.
So when does the U.S. fight Islam?

GreekAsianPanda said...

@ D'anjou and Bradley,

What matters is that nearly all Muslims do not do that stuff (engage in violent Jihad), so you can't go trying to get them banned from the U.S.

Foolster41 said...

"What matters is that nearly all Muslims do not do that stuff (engage in violent Jihad), so you can't go trying to get them banned from the U.S."

D'anjou made clear references to the verses IN THE KORAN that calls for the open-ended murder and subjugation of non-Muslims for all time (a doctrine that simply does not exist in the Torrah or Bible), so that clearly could be legally classified as treason. Calls for muder and mistreatment are NOT protected by freedom of speach/religion. It is NOT WELCOME in western society.

You're point about "not all Muslims", while true isn't much of a point.

I don't think D'anjou is seriously saying Islam as a whole should be made illegal, just Islam that includes the commands to kill and subjegate in the Koran. Which, really means banning "true" Islam, and only allowing an Islam that isn't really Islam, since if you start cutting one "perfect" word from the words given directly from God's mouth/Inscribed by God's Hand you're kind of cutting your own credibility for the rest of the religion.