Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pat Condell: Islamic Cultural Terrorism


Neil said...

This video has really inspired me to learn more about Islam. What books can you recommend to help me learn the basics about Islam and then to be able to combat it (Combat the ideology, not the individuals that adhere to it)?

minoria said...

Neil,go to is THE WEBSITE where you can find it all organized,with bibliography,debates.

The site has the best articles by MUSLIMS and the counter-articles by CHRISTIANS,etc.

SECOND BEST is wikiislam with 1,400 articles.

I have checked many sites,they are the best.


Recently,in 2011, Pascal Boniface,a French intellectual wrote a book calling the best French-language opponents of Islamism(not even of Islam,to which they are rather indifferent)FRAUDS and LIARS.

In his "Les Intellectuels Faussaires"(The Fraudulent Intellectuals) he attacks CAROLINE FOUREST and MOHAMED SIFAOUI as liars,for example.

Sifaoui is a MUSLIM who is in favor of freedom of speech(ok for him to show the Danish cartoons),defended Redeker(French profesor who had written an article calling Muhamed many negtive things),who SUPPORTS ISRAEL,is against Hamas.

He lives in France but is from Algeria,the FIS(which killed 100,000 in Algeria in the name of Islam) had put a bomb in the newspaper office where he wroked,he left a few minutes earlier,it went off,40 were killed.


In a recent article I show the videos of Glorthac,a Christian who is not that well-known in youtube but who has made 2 brilliant rebuttals to 2 Christian-Muslim debates:

Eugene said...


To start with you might try some books by Robert Spencer who is an expert on the subject:

1. The Complete Infidel’s Guide to the Koran
2. The Truth about Mohammad
3. The Religion of Peace? Why Christianity Is and Islam Isn't

These books are fairly easy to read and Spencer will clearly lay out many of the difficult issues that might not be readily apparent if you just tried reading the Quran and Hadith (translations of which can be found online). For example, the Quran is not chronological as you might expect. Spencer's books will lead you to a lot of other sources particularly original Islamic sources.

You might also checkout some of these:

The legacy of Jihad (very in depth and well documented history of Jihad and may be a difficult read)

Wafa Sultan author of "A God Who Hates"

Bat Ye'or (has written a lot about Dhimmitude)

Brigitte Gabriel, author of "Because they Hate"

There are obviously a great many books on the subject and a lot of them are not trust worthy due to political correctness (or even Taqqiya). I suggest starting with some books by Spencer because he basis everything on the Muslim holy texts.

muhammadjon42 said...

I watch videos by allahaleg on Youtube. He is an Arab.

He can explain things really quickly...there are 100s of his videos that other people have downloaded and posted on youtube to spread the truth about the falsehood of the ideology of Islam and Muhammad.

BLT31 said...

The worlds finest 7th. Centrury barbarians are now showing their full essemce of their religion by cramming feces up their noses at Gitmo. What a fine group of people to have in this world.

Joe Bradley said...

Well, there goes their 72 virgins!*

Allah commands that they keep themselves clean.**

Which is dirtier, poop up the nose or a pork tenderloin sandwich?

Among it's other attributes, Islam is a religion of convenience.




Anonymous said...

Right On