Monday, June 6, 2011

California Muslim Woman Shamci Rafani Calls for Execution of Women Who Commit Adultery

And yet whenever I say that we need to guard against the implementation of Sharia, I'm assured that Muslims in the West would never even think of establishing Sharia.

Unfaithful Wives Should Be Put to Death

Aren't we having fun?

Aren't we living in an advanced and civilized country?

If you noticed, the last few weeks, there has been nothing on television except the subject of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Maria Shriver.

Plus many, many more in the history of mankind, in recent years.

First, it was [Bill] Clinton, then it was Tiger Woods, now it is Arnold and Maria Shriver. As I heard, their daughter already had changed her last name to Shriver.

While media are busy ruining many people's lives, let's review some facts.

Coming from a different country and culture, and specially being a victim of betrayal and infidelity, I will allow myself to put my head where it does not belong.

In many countries, including mine, when a man makes such a mistake as Arnold did and fathers a child, the law makes him be the father and take the responsibility.

But the woman who had been aware of her wrongdoing, and yet had done it without any shame or fear, must be punished severely.

Yes, in many countries, the public will stone that woman to death.

Believe me, that might be the right answer to the behavior of these kind of loose women, who want to blame it all on men.

My main question is, how many more families have to be destroyed?

How many families have to lose their hap-piness and their dignity because of these loose women? And how long would it take for lawmakers to keep these loose women responsible for their own actions?

These women are doing it without any shame and embarrassment as long as the media and the society, in general, are accepting them with open arms, as if they had been victims.

I am not saying that these men had a right to do so, yet my con-cern is that women's liberalization had passed their boundaries by creating these kind of activities with the name of (equality of sexes), and by destroying many families' happiness, have not been able to gain any valuable thing.

To be equal with the opposite sex does not mean to sell yourself cheaply, announce it to the world and be proud of it.

Power could come from moral, dignity and real love (which means not to ruin other people's happiness) and then get away with it.

Sleeping around with any man who came along, especially with a married man, must not be something to be proud of and awarded for.

These women not only must not be awarded, but they must pay for destroying the happiness and the future of their victims, especially this woman who lived with the family and had become a member of that family.

These slut women do not know how to say no. To my judgment, these women who freely sleep with married men must be severely punished and put to death.

If the lawmakers do something about it, you will find less stories like Arnold's.

Shamci Rafani (Source)


mmcelhaney said...

So It's all the loose women's fault? Men are just as responsible as the woman. In the Bible and in the Qur'an both the man and woman caught in adultery were supposed to be executed not just the woman. Adultery as bad as it is has become common place with little consequences that people seem to want to avoid. I think executing people for adultery is no longer what we need to do but we have to stop this as a culture.

Joe Bradley said...

This screed is insulting to men and implies that men are weak and have no power to resist the advances of designing women. By so doing, it states that men are emotional cripples with no logical reasoning skills.

The double standard of punishment is pure, unadulterated, rubbish!

Bfoali said...

David, If someone wanted to contact you how would they be able to do so?

David Wood said...


I just sent you an email.

Fernando said...

WomenforTruth(lies)... were are youuuuu?

donna60 said...

To Joe Bradley:

I was a designing woman, and my husband was powerless to resist me.


Yusuf Alamo said...

My heart is broken for her. May Allah send my sister a noble Muslim husband, ameen.