Sunday, May 15, 2011

Before His Death, Bin Laden Ordered London Sleeper Cell to Carry out Wave of Terror Attacks

But our president insists that Osama bin Laden wasn't a Muslim leader.

UNITED KINGDOM--A group of terrorists who trained in Somalia returned to Britain to carry out a wave of attacks which were demanded by Osama Bin Laden before his death.

The gang, dubbed the 'London Boys', were taught by a top Al-Qaeda explosives expert in the war-torn country and include Reza Afsharzadegan, a former IT student from Ladbroke Grove, West London.

He is married with a child and moved to Britain as a young boy from Iran.

Leaked documents reveal how the 'sleeper operatives' were trained by an Al-Qaeda official who is wanted by the FBI with a £3m ($5m) reward for his capture.

The IT student and three other men, Mohammed Ezzouek, Hamza Chentouf and Shahajan Janjua, were rescued from Somalia in 2007 after they were imprisoned while trying to flee after the US ordered air strikes on Islamists who took over Mogadishu.

The Foreign Office spent tens of thousands of pounds on a jet to bring them home but the latest revelations will put them under the spotlight once again and raise questions about why they weren't put under further scrutiny.

The news will also send a wave of terror across Britain as security is heightened after the recent death of Bin Laden and ahead of a state visit by U.S president Barack Obama. (Read more.)


Crille said...

I am grateful to have found this site. I am a Swedish blogger and I have an English speaking blog in order to inform people abroad of how serious the situation has become in Sweden as regards political correctness and submission to muslim groups:

BLT31 said...

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Allah...the "Perfect Man"? Far from it. He was a "perverted killer"!

GreekAsianPanda said...

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