Sunday, April 24, 2011

Muslims Bomb Iraqi Church

While Muslims in the West complain about Terry Jones burning a book, Christians in the East face real persecution.

BAGHDAD—An Iraqi police official says seven people have been wounded by a roadside bomb outside the entrance of a Baghdad church.

The official says the blast took place Sunday just yards (meters) from the Sacred Heart Church in Baghdad's Karradah neighborhood. Shrapnel from the bomb struck the outside of the building.

The officer said no parishioners were inside and services had not been held in the building.

Four policemen and three civilian bystanders were wounded.

Iraqi security forces are on high alert for any violence targeting Iraq's beleaguered Christian community this Easter. Iraqi Christians have faced a recent wave of violence, including an attack last year against a Baghdad church that killed 68 people.

The officer declined to be identified because he was not authorized to brief the media. (Source)


GreekAsianPanda said...

I saw this coming from a mile away. It's pretty sad that we can know that stuff like this will happen.

Well, let's be thankful that no one died! Christ is risen!!

Anonymous said...

Alahu Akbar

Let me get this straight Terry Jones burns a Qur'an and he worse than Hiler and the whole world goes nuts because he is so intllerant and Christians are being exterminated in Iraq and the drive by media ignors the story.

It is crimminal that these stories coming out of Iraq, Egypt, and Pakistan are not front page news.

All well I guess kate and William hels us forget.

Alllahu Akbar

Bfoali said...

Are we supposed to be shocked or surprised? Iraq is a haven for such things. Not even Muslims are safe from Muslims. Sunnis kill Shiites, and Shittes kill Sunnis-, a never ending cycle.