Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Wafa Sultan Explains Islam to Bill O'Reilly


Anonymous said...

I put this one on my blog, Unfortunatel O'Reilly is clueless about Islam and need some series eduaction and he still better thab any over at the Crescent News Nework.

TPaul said...

It surprises me the level of ignorance on the part of the American media anchor persons.
Why take the word of some liberal westernized Muslim women, who ignores the real Islam anyway? Why not read the koran for yourself, Bill O'Rilley. Wafa is correct, you need to educate yourself about Islam.
How long does it take to read a book, and formulate some basic opinion about Islam, before comming on the air and making a fool of themselves.
He says he finds it hard to believe that Mohammed would tolerate such behaviour. How well does Bill know Mohammed? Has he even read the hadiths?

Traeh said...

Bill Reilly pretends not to agree with Wafa. But he brought her on the show. I'll bet he does agree, and wants her viewpoint to have exposure, but doesn't want to deal with endless flak, so he pretends to be skeptical.

I think that often happens. A host brings on a guest and pretends to disagree, but in fact wants that person's viewpoint to have greater exposure.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure where men are encouraged to rape, but the fact still holds that a women having being raped in Islamic sharia need to provide 4 witnesses which then makes her an adulterer is true. Not a single woman will be able to provide 4 witnesses therefore she will be considered an adulterer and be stone because she's admitted adultery without providing any witnesses therefore she will be stoned. This is true.

Stevie Nicks said...

Bill O'Reilly you’re wrong on this time! The True Islam is male’s believer's that women have no rights and just a slave! Mother's don't have any rights to their own child, the father can give his daughter at the age of 6 years to another Muslims to marry and sex.

So now Bill; What Say You?

goethechosemercy said...

It's a 7th century religion, Bill O'Reilly.
It never changed.
Of course a woman can be raped at any time, in any place, by any one.
The man is an idiot.

goethechosemercy said...

Mr. O'Reilly claims to be Catholic and Christian.
An imperative of both institutions is that the individual, as an adult, understand the difference between the sacred and the profane.