Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Indonesian Military Forcing Ahmadi Muslims to Convert to Orthodox Islam

Update from modern, moderate Indonesia.

Indonesia admitted on Wednesday that soldiers had been entering mosques of a minority Islamic sect but said they had been protecting followers, escalating a debate about religious freedoms.

An Indonesian human rights group said however it had recorded 56 cases in West Java province in which soldiers forced Ahmadiyah followers to convert to mainstream Islam.

The government denies there have been any forced conversions, saying the military intervention was to protect the Ahmadiyah from more violence.

"As long as their intention is positive -- that is to ensure Ahmadiyah followers do not become the target of violence -- then that's not a human rights violation," said Justice and Human Rights Minister Patrialis Akbar.

"It’s not a harmful intervention," Akbar told reporters.

But local rights group Imparsial disputed that, saying soldiers have entered mosques, gathered the sect followers and "forced them to repent and convert to Islam". (Source)


GreekAsianPanda said...

It seems that Ahmadis aren't safe anywhere in the Muslim world. Let's pray for their safety and also that they will learn the truth and come to Christ!

goethechosemercy said...

This is tragic. Proof positive that Islam never underwent the Wars of Religion.
I will gladly pray for their safety, and if I lived close by, I'd do what I could to shelter them and their practice.

Ayesha Khan said...

First, I would like to respond to GreekAsianPanda: your comment reveals a lack of knowledge about Ahmadis. We accept Jesus as a prophet of God, but we do not make the mistake of making him a partner with God. God is the ALL MIGHTY, which by definition, proves that He alone shares no power with anyone else. God has sent many messenger: 124000. After Jesus, came Muhamed. After Muhamed came Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. What you are witnessing in this article is the refusal of a prophet of God.

As you know, Jesus experienced the same rejection. According to the Quran, all prophets are rejected initially. While Jesus had 12 disciples, the PRomised Messiah had over 100.

The other Muslim sects are afraid that Indonesia will become Ahmadis, so they are trying to convert them back to their previous ISlam. That would be a step backward. If you reject one prophet of God, it is as if you rejected all the prophets.

Ayesha Khan said...

Dear GreekAsianPanda, I hate to burst your bubble, but there are a lot of lies published in "Not Without My Daughter." They have a normal airport, for example. They do not have holes in the floor for people to go to the bathroom. What international airport does? And, they do not have herds going down the busy avenues at the airport. Again, who does? It's international. So ask yourself why Americans would publish a book of lies? Because they do not want Americans to become Muslim.

Islam is a complete religion. It requires us to pray five times a day. The Quran explains the qualities of God. This is a beautiful teaching.

Check out the best sect of Islam: Ahmadiyya Movement in Islam. They can answer all your questions about religion.

Ayesha Khan said...

To GreekAsianPanda, the Ahmadis were safe in Japan when the Tsunami struck. The Ahmadis were safe when the twin towers fell. The Ahmadis were safe when the big earthquake occured in Pakistan. The Ahmadis were safe during the recent flood in Pakistan. God saves us again and again, wherever we are, during every disaster. Then, we go out and help our fellow man with Humanity First.

But, men always rebel against new prophets, so they try to stop us from spreading the True Islam, which is peaceful and full of love.

Ayesha Khan said...

Dear goethechosemercy,
Thank you for your prayers. What do you mean by your comment "proof positive that Islam never underwent the Wars of Religion?" In Christianity, as you may know, Catholicism became corrupt, so Protestantism was born. They lost the advantage of central leadership and diverged in their points of view.
May Allah bless you and reward you for your kind thoughts: "I would do what I could to shelter them and their practice." In Islam, you get a reward for even having a good intention.
Our caliph, Mirza Masroor Ahmad, has requested us to do two nawfl (extra) prayers a day to ask God to protect all the Ahmadis in the world from harm. They are enduring hardships of different kinds in every country of the world. Please continue to remember us in your prayers.

Rykel said...

@allison - I sympathise with the plight of your fellow Ahmadiyyas in Indonesia and know that it is a difficult time for you all. As you study the Al Qur'an more, ask Allah (SWT) to reveal Himself to you through His Roh Kudus. You can seriously find the truths about Isa Al Masih right within the pages of Al-Qur'an itself! We Christians say, "Isa Al Masih ialah TUHAN." May you discover the JOY of following the deen of ISA too one day.