Friday, March 25, 2011

Do Western Scientists Admit That the Qur'an Is Miraculous?

If you dialogue with Muslim apologists, you'll eventually hear the claim that even Western scientists have admitted that the Qur'an is a scientific miracle. Many people have converted to Islam based on these claims. Dig a little deeper, however, and you'll realize that certain Muslims are willing to engage in any degree of deception in order to propagate their religion.

German geologist Alfred Kröner was once asked whether Muhammad had accurate scientific knowledge of geology. Kröner responded that Muhammad, living in seventh century Arabia, simply couldn't have known about modern geology. That was it. Imagine Kröner's surprise upon learning that Muslims were ripping his comments out of context, giving the impression that he had admitted that the Qur'an is scientifically miraculous.

In 2002, the Wall Street Journal did an investigation of the scientists who supposedly acknowledged the miraculous scientific accuracy of the Qur'an. They found that the Islamic commission in charge of gathering the scientific support was anything but scientific. One of the scientists even admitted to speaking favorably of the Qur'an in exchange for a free vacation!

The commission drew the scientists to its conferences with first-class plane tickets for them and their wives, rooms at the best hotels, $1,000 honoraria, and banquets with Muslim leaders -- such as a palace dinner in Islamabad with Pakistani President Mohammed Zia ul-Haq shortly before he was killed in a plane crash. Mr. Ahmed also gave at least one scientist a crystal clock.

Mr. Ahmed, who left the commission in 1996 and now operates an Islamic elementary school in Pennsylvania, says he reassured the scientists that the commission was "completely neutral" and welcomed information contradicting the Quran. The scientists soon learned differently. Each one was given a verse from the Quran to examine in light of his expertise. Then Mr. Zindani would interview him on videotape, pushing him to concede divine inspiration.

Marine scientist William Hay, then at the University of Colorado, was assigned a passage likening the minds of unbelievers to "the darkness in a deep sea ... covered by waves, above which are waves." As the videotape rolled, Mr. Zindani pressed Prof. Hay to admit that Muhammad couldn't have known about internal waves caused by varying densities in ocean depths. When Prof. Hay suggested Muhammad could have learned about the phenomenon from sailors, Mr. Zindani insisted that the prophet never visited a seaport.

Prof. Hay, a Methodist, says he then raised other hypotheses that Mr. Zindani also dismissed. Finally, Prof. Hay conceded that the inspiration for the reference to internal waves "must be the divine being," a statement now trumpeted on Islamic Web sites.

"I fell into that trap and then warned other people to watch out for it," says Prof. Hay, now at a German marine institute.

Similar prodding failed to sway geologist Allison "Pete" Palmer, who was working for the Geological Society of America. He stuck to his position that Muhammad could have gleaned his science from Middle Eastern oral history, not revelation. On one video, Mr. Zindani acknowledges that Mr. Palmer still needs "someone to point the truth out to him," but contends that the geologist was "astonished" by the accuracy of the Quran. Mr. Palmer says that's an overstatement. Still, he has fond memories of Mr. Zindani, whom he calls "just a lovely guy." He and the other American scientists say they had no idea of Mr. Zindani's ties to Mr. bin Laden. And in any case the U.S. didn't regard Mr. bin Laden as an outlaw at that time.

Prof. Gerald Goeringer, an embryologist retired from Georgetown University, says he urged the commission to try some verification: hire an independent scholar to see whether the Quran's statements could have been taken from Aristotle, the Greek philosopher-scientist who preceded the book by nearly 1,000 years. After his request was denied, Prof. Goeringer says, he stopped going to the conferences for fear of being associated with fanaticism.

"It was mutual manipulation," he says. "We got to go places we wouldn't otherwise go to. They wanted to add some respectability to what they were publishing." (Read more.)

For more on science and the Qur'an, click here.


Radical Moderate said...

Another Muslim Hoax exposed. I swear Muslims will believe anything do anything to propogate there false religion and belief.

Case in point. At ISNA I recorded a Muslim still propagating the "Neil Armstrong is a Muslim hoax.

You can watch it here.


Zack_Tiang said...

John 8:32, "You will know the truth and the truth shall set your free."

Radical Moderate said...

Looks like CNN is in the business of Dahwa now. They have a video "Christian converts to Islam"

I wonder if they would do a video of a Muslim converts to Christ?

GreekAsianPanda said...

This is sad stuff. And even if some Western scientists did admit that the Quran is "miraculous," it's just an appeal to authority to say, "This scientist says that the Quran is scientifically accurate." It doesn't mean it is, especially because there are probably a lot of other Western scientists who think otherwise. I could do the same thing with the Bible, because I know of some scientists who believe that the Bible is scientifically accurate (even if I disagree with them).

But maybe we shouldn't say that the Muslim apologists are deceptive, just gullible. The blame should be placed only on the Muslims who were the ones who invented the hoax. Wouldn't you hate it if you believed a hoax out of stupidity and people accused you of being evil? Anyway, the apologists should be more careful.

Radical Moderate said...

Keep your hands inside the ride all all times and wait for the ride to come to a complete stop before existing. Part 1

CNN is pulling out all the stops. The other day they had a front page story with video interview of a man from Murfeesburroh TN who converted to Islam.

Today is a article on evil American Islmaaphobes. The focal point for the story is Dearborn MI.

I find this bit fascinating.

The leader of the local chapter of CAIR addresses a crowd at a Mosque. The same Mosque that a Muslim convert tried to blow up.

“unfortunate first in American history.”

“As we approach the 10th anniversary of September 11, we are seeing unprecedented acts of Islamophobia,”....

After 9/11, it was coming from a few right-wingers,” he said. “But now, in 2011, we’re seeing it from Congress.”

And if that wasn't enough look at this statement.

Walid went on to tell the congregation that a dozen states - from Georgia to Missouri to New Mexico - are considering bans on Sharia, or Islamic law, and warned that such bans could lead to prohibitions on women wearing the hijab, or headscarf, and even on Muslims worshiping Allah.

“Praying five times a day is Sharia,” he said. “Do you go to jail for that?”

Do you see that, do you see how he is spreading fear, anger and hatred for the United States of America with in the Islamic community.

The US government is out to get you, better dust off your suicide vests, these dirty kuffars are oppressing you, etc... etc...

I find this interesting too. Remember that evil Kuffar who tried to blow up the Mosque well this is what they had to say on that.

“We’ve never had an incident like that, where we were targeted by someone who wanted to do us harm based on who we are,” said Kassem Allie, the center’s executive administrator.

Thats right people this evil kuffar wanted to do them harm because they are Muslims. But fasten your seatbelt, because the ride has not come to a complete stop. The article goes on to say.

"To Allie, the incident is evidence that some Americans are being radicalized against Islam, turning the allegation of growing Muslim radicalization on its head.

“The suspect was apparently radicalized quite some time ago,” Allie said. “And there are other instances of radicalization that are of great concern to us."

Thats right people this is evidence that Americans are becoming radicalized against Islam. But hold on to your seats, because this ride is still going.

"“I have no problem addressing Islamic radicalization,” he said, monitoring the mosque's security cameras from a computer screen in his ground-floor office. “But there should be an acknowledgment that other communities have the same problem.”

Wow how did you like that loop. No problem addressing Islamic Radicalization but other communities are doing it too.

They kind of left out that Mr Stocholm was a MUSLIM REVERT, and it was the ISLAMIC COMMUNITY THAT RADICALIZED HIM.

Radical Moderate said...

Keep your hands inside the ride at all timnd wait es afor the ride to come to a complete stop before existing. Part 2

Throw your hands up in the air and wave them like you just don't care. Because this ride is just getting started.

No article on Islamic oppression in America would be complete with out a honorable mention of the "Christian Terrorist" Tim McVay. Don't worry the article does not disappoint.

"“When Timothy McVeigh did his bombing, we didn’t investigate or blame Christianity,” said Al Machy, 32, referring to the 1995 attack on a federal building in Oklahoma City that left 168 dead."

For those of you thinking Jews are left out, don't worry those rapists and murder's and thieves get a honorable mention as well.

“Every day, there are hundreds of rapes and murders, and they never put the words 'Christian' or 'Jewish' in the story,” said Machy, an Iraqi refugee who arrived in the U.S. after the Gulf War."

Chief Haddad makes a cameo for this one as well.

"Dearborn Police Chief Ronald Haddad is among them. He estimates that he has received 10,000 anti-Muslim “hate e-mails,” some calling him a “Taliban police chief” or alleging that he’s persecuting Christians."

Now why would people think he is persecuting Christians, where would anyone get such a idea?

Now the ride really get's fun. The FBI is listing and bugging the Mosque, how do they know well glad you asked.

"The suspicion was given credence after FBI agents killed a Muslim cleric in an October 2009 raid in Dearborn."

Thats right those evil FBI agents gunned down a Muslim cleric, who aside from being a Muslim cleric was also charged with the minor offenses of...

"included mail fraud and the illegal possession and sale of firearms"

How did these evil FBI agents get this information.

"were based on information from three confidential FBI informants who’d infiltrated Abdullah’s mosque."

Did the Muslim community thank
the FBI for getting this criminal off the street, someone who obviously has hijacked their peaceful religion. What do you think?

"The case raised the specter of government spies in other Dearborn area mosques and prompted a 2010 letter of protest from Michigan Democratic Rep. John Conyers to U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder.

“People of all faiths should be free to worship without undue fear that the person in the next pew is a government agent,” Conyers wrote, invoking the FBI’s wiretapping of the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. as a regrettable precedent for such surveillance."

Thats right people should be allowed to worship in a Mosque who's leader is committing mail fraud, and trafficking in illegal arms. But Law Enforcement should not be allowed into the Mosque to catch a criminal.

Well thats all from me folks. Its time to go vomit.



Radical Moderate said...


Listing to NPR and Keith Ellison is on, he just said that Muslims are teaching US something about democracy. No joke he just said that.

minoria said...

I think the evidence is there are no scientific miracles in the Koran,if by that you mean the speed of light =X km/sec.

But even if there was scientific information that in itself does NOT mean it's from God.The Devil knows science also.I saw a Craig debate with a Muslim and Craig used the of chemistry as an example of the .

The Triple Point is the P and T of a substance where it exists at the same time as a solid,liquid,and gas.It's the same substance but in 3 different forms.

A Good Argument about the Resurrection

Gary Harmas read more than 2,000 articles in French,English,German from the 70's till around 2008 by experts:

1.Who had a doctorate.
2.Were experts in NT studies.
3.Had their articles subject to peer review.

He found that only 5% said the disciples' belief in the resurrection of Jesus was a hallucination.

A hallucination is when you see something that does not exist,a delusion is when you are shown evidence it isnt true and you continue to believe.


Habermas found that for a mass hallucination to happen(like for several Jesus' disciples)you need conditions,like:

1.Emotional excitement
2.To be expecting it

In 1917 Portuguese children told a crowd that on X day there would be a miracle for all to see,told to them by the Virgin Mary.On that day tens of thousands said they saw the sun move.But astronomers said the sun didnt move.


You see something similar in the case of the Jehovah's Witnesses,7th Day Adventists,Lubavitchers,Rastafarians,the followers of Jewish Messiah Sabatai Zevi

And that the disciples of Jesus,though they were told by him he would resurrect,didn't expect and didnt believe it when told by others he had.Read:

It's in french,translate by copying-pasting to GOOGLE TRANSLATE:

minoria said...

Hello,I noticed in my last comment that words were missing.The complete form is:"Craig used the TRIPLE POINT as an example of the TRINITY."

Fernando said...

Could we allow mister Osama ABdallah to defend his, eben more denigrated, honour in this threath? it woulde be fun to get back to the old days when he was the top clown around here...

Radical Moderate said...

I agree with Fernando, BRING BACK THE CLOWNS :)

XXX said...

I recorded an interview William W Hay 2 days ago about his alleged statements that the Quran must have come from the divine being

ThisIsTheTruthUncut said...

And now an interview with Allison (Pete) Palmer too