Friday, February 4, 2011

Shaykh Abdallah Adhami Loses Ground Zero Mosque Spot

Muslims wanted an extremely moderate Muslim Imam for their mosque at Ground Zero. After all, the only way to hide the fact that such a mosque would be a symbol of Islamic supremacy is to pretend that it's a symbol of moderation and tolerance. Imam Rauf was first named for the position, but he turned out to be far too radical, saying peaceful words to American audiences, while raising an Islamic supremacist voice in the Arab world. When people found out that Imam Rauf was not what he appeared to be, plans changed.

He was replaced by Shaykh Abdallah Adhami, who gladly took up the cloak of moderation. Unfortunately for mosque proponents, Shaykh Adhami is quite a fan of Sharia, and it didn't take much digging to figure this out. His views simply don't line up with the Taqiyya-brushed picture the mosque leaders want us to see.

How is it that Muslims are having so much trouble finding a truly moderate Imam (or one who can do a good job pretending to be moderate)? Who's next for the position? Major Nidal Malik Hassan?

Associated Press--A Muslim scholar recently named as the new senior imam at the Islamic center being built near the World Trade Center has parted ways with the project.

Shaykh Abdallah Adhami said Friday in a joint statement with the center's developer that he will no longer serve as a religious adviser to the center.

Adhami says he wants to devote his time to completing a book on the Quran.

The 44-year-old had been announced as the imam at the center last month after the departure of project co-founder Imam Feisal Abdul Rauf.

His appointment was followed by news reports questioning his views on homosexuality.

Islamic center developer Sharif El-Gamal says he still hoped Adhami would lead prayers at the facility from time to time. (Read more.)


Radical Moderate said...


cmclvr said...

Mr. Shaykh Abdallah Adhami Loses Ground Zero Mosque is indicative of something inherently true in Islam. As a thing called “moderate” Islam is not in existence, it is difficult to find an accomplished Taqiyya expert amongst Imams. All Imams are heavily brainwashed morons and they truly believe barbaric Sharia laws are just and all the violent deeds and dirty perversions of Mohammed are worth practicing. All this scrap will be drilled in to their minds right from childhood. This violent and pervert cult belief system that got created for committing heinous crimes against humanity, ironically, is termed as supremacist – the best religion. This is the key to understand why the morons have the irresistible urge to say that Sharia is great. It is a big riddle for them to understand why infidels detest Islam when so much is great in Islam in a crystal clear manner. Every brainwashed Muslim suffers with this delusional thinking. In reality, it is beyond their mental capabilities to understand that the whole thing is from a pervert charlatan and Sharia is essentially childish, unjust and dangerous.
The selected Imams will be drilled to practice taqiyya; they try their level best, but, cannot overcome the temptation of succumbing to the supremacist belief deeply embedded in their psyche. This is the reason why Imams are getting booted out of Ground Zero Mosque Taqiyya business. The organizers must find an accomplished outright liar like Mr. Obama to do their bidding. But, finding such a person among Imams is like searching a needle in a hay stack. The heavily embedded supremacist culture overpowers their desperate efforts to practice Taqiyya

donna60 said...

He was forced to step down because of his views on homosexuality?...........


Anonymous said...

Maj. Hasan! What an excellent idea!

Then they could get points with the Americans with Disabilities Act and provide meaningful community service time for his crime.

Radical Moderate said...

WOW, so his views that he supports another Imam linked the first world trade center bombings is overlooked. But his stance against homosexuality is a no go zone.

I guess if OJ Simpson can get away with Murdering two people but go to prison for several years for trying to steal back his own sports memorabilia then anything is possible in the United States.

betwixt said...

Interestingly enough, Staring at the View blogged about a "moderate [Muslim] such as Tawfik Hamid who is the Chair for the Study of Islamic Radicalism at the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies." Dr. Hamid was interviewed by Brother Rashid in Daring Question. Dr. Hamid explains his approach to the Qur'an and Islamic reform. Here's an excerpt of the blog post:

Does this mean, asked Rashid, that you are a Qurani, a "Quran-only Muslim"? ... Tawfiq replied he did not follow their ideology because of the Quranic verse "those who listen to the Word and follow that which is good are guided by God and given understanding" (Quran 39:18).

"All truth is the Word," said Tawfik, "Even if it comes in the writings of a Buddhist. I accept what is good in any text. My only criterion is that it not contradict the Quran."

"Does that mean," asked Rashid, "That you accept the peaceful and tolerant Hadith that go along with the Quran, but refuse the violent ones that are not in line with the Quran?"

When Taufik said that was correct, Rashid continued, "Do you reject the saying of Muhammad, "If anyone leaves Islam, kill him."

"I absolutely reject that Hadith," replied Tawfik. "The Quran says that God did not choose to make all people Muslim, and you cannot force anyone to be a Muslim (Quran 10:99). That Hadith contradicts the plain teaching of the Quran."

"But the Ulama," replied Rashid, "Have determined that "if anyone changes his religion, kill him" is an authentic Hadith and itsSanad, or train of transmission, goes directly to Muhammad. It is something that Muhammad said. Even if the scholars agree this is true, do you still refuse it?"

"Of course," replied Tawfik. "I am not refusing anything the Prophet said, but I am suggesting that he did not really say it. There is always room for human error in the Sanad, and just because the scholars agree that Muhammad said something it does not necessarily make it true. The Quran tells us not to think that we are above mistakes (Quran 53:32). The Ulama are great scholars, but they can still make mistakes. I am not denying anything the Prophet actually said, and I am not even questioning the integrity of the Ulama. I am simply stating there is always room for human error."

You can find the full post here:
Tawfik Hamid and Islamic Reform

(Here's the full link if you prefer to copy and paste it:

I don't expect him to be chosen as the imam for the Ground Zero Mosque, but well, I don't know how many like Dr. Hamid are out there.