Thursday, February 17, 2011

Saudi Wife Protests Husband's Second Marriage . . . By Cutting off His Penis

The Qur'an allows Muslim men to marry up to four women:

Qur’an 4:3—And if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with the orphan-girls, then marry (other) women of your choice, two, or three, or four.

Of course, Muhammad was the exception. He was married to at least eleven women at one time. One of the things we learn from early Muslim history is that women usually don't like having to compete for their husbands' affection. Thus, there was a fierce rivalry among Muhammad's wives, and the prophet of Islam showed great favoritism towards certain wives.

Some women, however, just won't stand for such unfair treatment.

SAUDI ARABIA—A Saudi woman cut her husband’s penis off after he decided to have a second wife under Islamic law which allows a man to have four wives at a time, a newspaper reported on Wednesday.

An ambulance rushed the unnamed man to the nearest medical centre in the capital Riyadh before he was flown by helicopter to a specialized hospital for treatment, 'Sharq' Arabic language daily said.

“His wife begged him not to marry again but he did not listen to her….she then severed his penis with a big knife,” it said.

“He was taken to hospital in a serious condition because of heavy bleeding,” it added without making clear if the man’s penis was restored. (Source)


Radical Moderate said...


armand said...

lol is all i will say

Anonymous said...

Ouch and ALLahu akbar
oh by the way I have an new blog for thase who are intersted. please check it out when you have the time

Fernando said...

Osama The Great Abdalah... take care... you're warned...

Unknown said...

While I realize this story does strike us as funny, I fear for this woman. She just might get the death penalty for this.

Christie said...

I do fear for this woman. What she did was not right, but in a civilized country one could expect a jail term--there she is likely looking at a gruesome death.

However let the Muslim men of Saudi Arabia beware--apparently their wives are not all downtrodden and unable to strike back. A few do with ferocity. You might be able to punish your wife for attacking you, but that will not make you whole again.