Thursday, February 3, 2011

Robert Spencer, Zuhdi Jasser, and Michael Scheuer on the Egyptian Revolution

I'm not sure what to think about the revolution in Egypt. Mubarak is obviously no picnic. But anything would be better than having the Muslim Brotherhood take control of the country. We'll see what happens.


Mr McStizzle said...

I've been following the Egyptian situation on and off and when I first heard of it, something struck me.

I recalled that there is a prophecy concerning Egypt in Isaiah and wondered whether it had been fulfilled yet.

The prophecy is in Isaiah 19

Any thoughts?

hugh watt said...

Damned if he (Mubarak) stays, damned if he doesn't.

Wow! These uprisings are not even about pro-sharia law. This is very like the rise of Hitler.
Had I not believed the Bible, I'd be worried right now.

Unknown said...

And what do you know about Egypt or the Egyptians. You just think that you have read a few books and saw a few "movies" so you know Egypt. You can't care less, and your group of ***** about what happens in Egypt. You did not see us Egyptians standing hand in hand to protect our possesions, our pharonic culture from looters and destroyers of the regimen. You did not see our Christian brothers surrounding us while we prayed in Tahrir (Liberty in English) Square, and surrounding our mosques. You did not see our Muslim brothers surrounding churches to protect us while we prayed. You did not see the Imams standing with the Priests standing together in Tahrir.
You did not see because you are not able to see the good in people. You only can see hatred and destruction. Just lisening to people like you makes me sick.
As for our future plans in Egypt, it is none of your business. We are old enough to choose our rulers, and we don't need people like you guiding us. We know our priorities and we know that we have international conventions that we have to stick to. It is our right to choose, just like you have your rights.
In Egypt we have a saying, its tranlsation is "Just get out of it and it will be greener". So please keep your big nose out of our business.

minoria said...

Mr McStizzle,I dont know about Isaiah 19.But I know that in the Ezekiel prophecy about Gog and Magog there is a list of countries that go to war against Israel.


Egypt and Babylon(er,Iraq) are NOT mentioned.I think it means:

1.Mubarak will NOT be overthrown

2.Or he will but the Muslim Brotherhood will NOT take over but instead a moderate regime

Hello AHmed:

I am glad that there are Egyptian Muslims who care about the human-rights of the Copts.It is a good sign.

You probably already know this,but Egypt has more important things to worry about than Israel's existence.

The Nile is Drying Up

Egypt has 80 million people,its agriculture depends on the Nile....the Nile is drying up due to global warming,a famine would result,probably a million would die,likein Ethiopia.