Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Indonesian Muslim Mob Beats Three Ahmadis to Death in Order to Stop Ahmadiyya Worship

Longer (and far more graphic) versions of this video have been removed from YouTube, so I'm not sure how long this one is going to be up.

Many Muslims despise Ahmadis. The Ahmadiyya community is a sect that originated in the late nineteenth century, based on the teachings of Mirza Ghulam Ahmad. They believe in all five pillars of Islam, and all six articles of faith, which would seem to place them in the Sunni category.

There's just one catch. Ahmadis believe that Mirza Ghulam Ahmad was the "Promised Messiah"--the second coming of Christ. Muslims therefore justify killing Ahmadis by pointing out that Ahmadis believe in a prophet after Muhammad. The problem with this condemnation is that all Muslims believe in a prophet after Muhammad. That is, all Muslims believe in the return of Christ (which occurs after Muhammad's death).

The real difference, then, between Ahmadis and orthodox Muslims, is a dispute about end times prophecy. Ahmadis believe that Christ has already returned, while orthodox Muslims believe he hasn't yet returned.

Notice that this relatively minor difference is enough to send Muslims into a violent rampage against Ahmadis. Ironically, this attack occurred at the beginning of Indonesia's "Interfaith Harmony Week."

INDONESIA--Disturbing video has emerged of a bloody religious mob attack in Indonesia that killed three members of a minority Muslim sect, showing extremists beating and stoning their victims to death.

The incident, involving more than 1000 Muslims who stormed a house in West Java yesterday to stop the minority Ahmadiyah Islamic sect from holding worship, has been condemned by the government and rights activists.

Footage of the attack - which came at the start of "interfaith harmony week" in the mainly Muslim country - shows police doing nothing as scores of Islamic fanatics go berserk with stones, knives and sticks.

Shouting "Allahu Akbar" (God is Greatest) and "kafir" (infidel), the mob brush aside a lone police officer and launch a sustained attack on the house, as a small group of Ahmadis try briefly to defend the property.

Defenceless and half-naked Ahmadi men are then shown being beaten and stoned to death in the mud outside the house. Their bodies are pelted with stones and desecrated as members of the mob laugh and take pictures.

Throughout the attack police are either absent or standing amid the mob doing nothing to intervene, with the exception of a lone police officer, who is seen attempting to stop people beating and stoning one of the dead men, but he is ignored. (Read more.)

***UPDATE*** In the comments section, Damon added a link to some of the more graphic footage. This video is sickeningly violent, so watch at your own risk.


Damon Whitsell said...


Here is a small version of this vid (but more graphic) from liveleak,, it will be up much longer than the youtube vid.

ANYONE can easily download this YT video (or any YT vid) by going to the youtube page and putting "kiss" before "youtube" in the URL (address).

EXAMPLE. www(DOT)kissyoutube(DOT)whatever.

It will take you to a download page.


Michelle Qureshi said...


Anonymous said...

The Religion of Peaces strikes again " kill the dirty Kafirs Allahu Akbar"

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

sick, sick, sick, they obviously enjoy it, these people are either pretty demon-possessed, or inspired by a certain religion.

What I find specially disturbing, when we watch these incidents online is the fact that these Muslims enjoy it.

Isn't that quite revealing about the nature of their faith.

Batting an already mutilited dead body certainly reveals the Islamic aspect of peace.

Wonder when this sick mentality will govern our Western society?

Again, seriously, diabolically sick!!!

L2L said...

There are no words to voice the horror!!!! My question is will America wake up before this is also done in our nation?

ned said...

it is so sad to see that human life means nothing to islamists. Thats disgrace to humanity and i pray to the Living God to intervene and stop these evil spirits from doin any futher damage to humanity. No muslim will come out condemn this act and that shows they are silent supporters to all such acts.

Cmclvr said...

The video is chilling beyond belief. Muslims are sick and demon possessed. The participants are not some underground extremists. They are all common people battering the victims, deriving orgasmic pleasures in the midst of Police. Mohammed’s mental virus has completely infected them. As Islam is beyond reform, the cure for this virus can never materialize. It is time that mainstream visual media start showing these videos to general public with warnings. It is better that all infidels unite and begin to take steps to isolate this demon possessed community. It is better to encourage all Muslims to return to their respective hell holes where they can practice their demonic religion without any hindrance under total Sharia law. The rest must sever all ties with Islamic countries with exception of commerce. Within 30 to 50 years, they will violently go after each other throats and all the Islamic countries will be bereft of population. The laid to waste and emptied Islamic lands may be given to adjecent nations or divided amongst infidel nations on an agreed formula. This can be treated as the earthly reward for infidels for facilitating Muslims to have the ultimate pleasure of violently killing their own till all perish completely in the glorious services of Allah.

Anonymous said...

This is horrible such vile and violent behaviour reveals the depravity of man. But it is also telling about the religion of peace

Paijo Budi said...

Dear Christian brothers and sisters, I have been involved in discussions with Indonesian muslim on the internet particularly on Facebook forum. Just a few hours ago, I was threatened by a muslim on the forum that if I continue to expose islam's problem because to him it is equal to blasphemy.

Please pray for me,


alahad said...

We'd been hearing this "chant of death" far too often now. It seems to strip people of every vestige of humanity. Sad... scary... alarming.

betwixt said...

Find strength in the LORD. David and others have been threatened as well. I hope you find inspiration from their perseverance. We will pray for your safety. GOD bless you.

Unknown said...

I am muslim ahmadi .
we are persecuted because we claim that the Pomished Messia is come in 1835 Mirza Ghulam ahmad (as).
but we are not afraid,we will be victory
god bless us