Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Future of Egypt: Sharia, Segregation, and Stonings

Many in the West are drawing attention to the fact that most Egyptians favor democracy, as if this means that we can all look forward to a little Muslim America right there on the bridge between Asia and Africa. But a democracy is only as good as the views of the majority. Which laws will be put in place when Egyptians vote? According to a recent poll, the situation doesn't look good. Here's a breakdown of Egyptian views:


59%: Say democracy is preferable to any other form of government.

22%: Say a non-democratic system can be preferable in certain circumstances

Islam in politics

95%: Say it’s good that Islam plays a large role in politics

85%: Say Islam’s influence on politics is good

48%: Say Islam currently play a large role in Egyptian politics

Islamist extremism

80%: Think suicide bombings are never or rarely justified.

20%: Think suicide bombings are sometimes or often justified

70%: Are concerned or very concerned about Islamist extremism in the world

61%: Are concerned or very concerned about Islamist extremism in the Egypt

Traditional Muslim practices

54%: Believe men and women should be segregated in the workplace

82%: Believe adulterers should be stoned

84%: Believe apostates from Islam should face the death penalty

77%: Believe thieves should be flogged or have their hands cut off



Tizita said...

You know what really gets me upset is the amount of ignorant Americans im surrounded with!

they have absolutely no idea what the truth is. they have no idea what is really happening in Egypt. they prefer to sit at home and let the news media pump into their brains what they want them to hear.

we talked abt Egypt yesterday in my philosophy class and im not kidding u i felt like slapping all the students in the face to wake them up to the truth. even the teacher was ignorant regarding the situation in Egypt.

It's a sad, sad day for America, the world is coming to an end and things r getting worse, and im still not married :(

Charis kai Eirene said...

I was getting excited about the prospect of Egypt becoming a democratic nation, but you make a good point here.

Western culture is quite "worldly" and certainly does not equate with Christianity but perhaps the reason why Western democracy has succeeded is because of the positive impact of its Judaeo-Christian moral foundations.

minoria said...

Tizita is right about Egypt.I always make comparisons with South Americans.Over there no South American would support a group like the Muslim Brotherhood.It is a totally different culture,what makes the difference?

It is the Koran and to an equal extent the hadiths.No South American would approve of a set of laws similar to Islamic law with its restrictions on human rights.

That is one reason why I keep writing for,since I know most don't know some of the things I know about the Nt and Islam.

cmclvr said...

Something terrible is happening in Egypt. It poses ominous threat to stability of world politically as well as economically. The Politically correct mainstream media throughout the world is celebrating it as a revolution by the people of Egypt. The least it is being aware is that we are not going to get democracy in Egypt. It will become another Iran. The same media and world politicians least supported a heroic effort by secular Iranians to over through the rule of theocratic Mullahs when Mr. Ahmedanajed won elections by fraudulent means. It was a genuine effort for establishing democracy in Iran. It was brutally suppressed for lack of support by politicians of World and the media. The same media is now united in handing over Egypt to Muslim brotherhood.
Mr. Jimmy Carter gave the Ayatollahs and ushered in the growth of terrorism worldwide by religious fundamentalists. Mr. Bush eliminated a secular dictator from Iraq and succeeded in pushing the country to a bloody civil war. This will push Iraq to the embrace of Iran ultimately and it may not take much time for it to become another dictatorial theocratic state after the exit of US military. More than a trillion dollars went down the drains and the experiment to usher in a democracy unleashed the hither to bottled-up genie of religious fundamentalism in Iraq as well. It looks like Islam loving Mr. Hussein Obama is determined to continue the same policy by ushering in radical Muslim brotherhood in Egypt that has greater potential than Iran in unleashing worldwide terrorism. Iran and Muslim Brotherhood hold the potential threat to set fire to the entire Middle East region endangering the critical Oil supply.
It is true that majority of those who are in the forefront of agitation are not members of Muslim Brotherhood or radicals. They are just well meant useful idiots who will hand over Egypt on a platter to the radicals. We should have learned from history that a small, dedicated, well organized group, willing to employ unconstrained violence in the pursuit of their goals can indeed prevails against a less-well organized majority more passive in their strategy. This is how what begins with genuine revolution will eventually play in to the hands of radicals. The revolution is not going to usher in democracy. It has no place or will be made irrelevant in an environment dominated by religious fanatics. Later , this tiny percentage of committed radicals can project all their actions as the will of people just like the way it is being projected in Iran. Mr. Mubarak kept the radicals at bay.
If Egypt falls, Yemen, Jordon will follow soon. What can the world can do against a bunch of lunatics who will never think or bother about consequences of their actions? Those who are pipe dreaming about democracy in Egypt and Tunisia will be in for a big shock and soon realize that it will turn out to be a nightmare due to inevitable rise of religious radicals.
The world at large will be the big loser as religious frenzy will be whipped up as substitute by ruling fanatics to cover up the failures to improve the living standards of people. The entire Middle-East will undergo de-stabilization as influence by the West will take a severe beating. Israel will be friendless and the relentless effort by the fanatics to destroy it may result in a nuclear war. The explosive climax for the delusional and ecstatic PC media looking for green shoots of democracy will be provided when the King of Saudi Arabia is overthrown. It will be Islam running riot heralding the birth of an ultimate demon crazy government that sets off chain reactions resulting in incalculable death and destruction. The age old business of taking care of Jews, Christians, infidels and the deadly work of settling the purity of Islam will get a big boost if the secular government in Egypt is overthrown suddenly. The power vacuum will be gladly filled up by the deadly Muslim Brotherhood

Fernando said...

Where are the soo called specialists in islamic thought saying thate the (silenced) majority off muslims are tolerante and moderne? this says preciselie the oppositte, doesn't itt?

Coptic Christian said...

People kept saying that the revolution has nothing to do with Islam, but just today a church bombing occurred near the border with Israel...

goethechosemercy said...

The tyranny of the majority in action, Coptic Christian. I pray all is well for you and yours.