Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Dennis Miller: The Big Speech (Islam and Terrorism)

As OIC, CAIR, and ISNA kick off their latest pity parties against Islamophobia, it's good to know that some people are catching on. It seems that it's now becoming increasingly acceptable to publicly challenge even moderate Muslims, as well as the wisdom of building a mosque at Ground Zero. Comedian Dennis Miller recently gave a speech on these issues, and he hasn't been shunned by society.



donna60 said...

See, we have these entertainers these days that are serving as our political commentators and even "expert witnesses" in Lady Gaga, Steven Colbert.

This can't be good, can it? Where are our Statesmen? Where are our Leaders? We need a hero.

Tizita said...

"Muslims will want to go to the moon when the Jews set up Israel there."

I almost died laughing at that one. That is so true! The Muslims don't want the jews in exsistance what so ever! Whether it be on earth or outer space.

I also died at the " Imam Celin-dio." I wish he had talked more abt islam, he kin d of drifted into a diffrent topic towards the end :/

helen said...

omgoshhh thank you dennis miller for helping me find some humor in the worlds problems. this really made me laugh hard!

betwixt said...

I hear you, Donna, but don't despair. Many a fool changed history, 'tis said. Let the fools—our fools—wake the masses to reality since our so-called leaders happily and aimlessly wade in their self-imposed delusions.

Verumi said...

Did you see this Dennis Miller interview with Bill O'Reilly, David? Build A Long Skinny Mosque Along Arizona Border

Unknown said...

Our culture is now far too interested in comedy and entertainment than serious analysis.

I have to point out that frequently humour is necessary and satire is important for that serious analysis as well. Throughout our history we have had the two linked, but both have always been clearly separate and in relationship with each-other.

Now, it seems the first is almost exclusively popular.