Friday, January 14, 2011

British Report: Pedophilia Culturally Acceptable in Southern Afghanistan

I would rather not continue posting on these issues, but I feel that the issues must be brought to light, for two reasons. First, Muslim leaders will often only deal with an internal problem if the problem gains worldwide attention. Second, it's common for Western Muslims to employ what we might call an "Argument from Moral Superiority," which runs something like this: "Morality among Muslims is vastly superior to that among non-Muslims. This must be due to the religion. Hence, Islam is the religion that promotes the highest morality. Clearly, the religion that promotes the highest morality must be the true religion." There are numerous problems with this argument. The main problem is that there is a tremendous amount of immorality in the Muslim world, and Muslims often refuse to do anything about it.

Paedophilia 'culturally accepted in south Afghanistan'

Older, powerful men boosted their social status by keeping boys as sexual playthings and the practice was celebrated in song and dance, a military study claimed.

British officers in Helmand requested the study to help them understand the sexual behaviour of locals and Afghan comrades after young soldiers became uneasy they were being propositioned.

American social scientists employed to help troops understand the local culture reported that homosexual sex was widespread among the Pashtun ethnic group in southern Afghanistan.

Strict separation of men and women, coupled with poverty and the significant expense of getting married, contributed to young men turning to each other for sexual companionship.

"To dismiss the existence of this dynamic out of desire to avoid western discomfort is to risk failing to comprehend an essential social force underlying Pashtun culture," the report said.

The study, called 'Pashtun Sexuality', said that as well as willing sex between young men, "boys are appreciated for physical beauty and apprenticed to older men for their sexual initiation".

The practice of 'bache bazi' or boy play, is known throughout Afghanistan, but is particularly renowned in the city of Kandahar next to Helmand, where prepubescent boys are widely admired.

Western soldiers often report feeling unease at the attentions of their Afghan comrades, who are affectionate with each other and sometimes wear make-up. (Read more.)


OddChild said...

Its not just in Afghanistan, here in Lebanon Saudi's come here all the time to get boys... There are hotels here that have these kinds of "services" minus the singing and dancing.

Tizita said...

I'm documentary fanatic....and there is a documentary called The Dancing Boys of Afghanistan, which talks abt this very issue. Its a MUST watch, heart wrenching and very, very disturbing,with actual interviews of those boys.

One boy in particular breaks your heart. The producer himself is an Afghan, which makes the documentary even more personal....You can find it on Just type in the name and watch.

P.S Nageen, how was your first Christmas as a Christian....I'm dying to know : )

Radical Moderate said...


I have seen that documentary as well, for those that haven't here is a link to the video.

Dancing Boys

Unfortunetly it looks like the US is helping to fund this. Diplomatic cables released by WIKILEAKS document that US contractors have been funding these parties for Afgan War Lords.

goethechosemercy said...

It's also culturally acceptable in Chechnya and Ingushetia, as was given in evidence at Beslan.

Sophie said...

Tizita, I watched that documentary too and you are right, it was incredibly disturbing. I found it really sad to see how big the divide between the sexes musty have been, that something like this had become commonplace. I felt sorry for the boys, but I also felt bad for ther men because they miss out on healthy normal relationships with women due to their culture.

hugh watt said...

"Western soldiers often report feeling unease at the attentions of their Afghan comrades, who are affectionate with each other and sometimes wear make-up."

Oh my life! Imagine preparing to go into battle when you turn to see an Afghan soldier doing his make-up. Oh life.☺☻

minoria said...

Greeting Tizita and Fatman:
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Here is the first of the 9 part documentary "Triple Cross:Bin Laden's Spy in America:

donna60 said...

Isn't this just the world, minus the influence Holy Spirit? Homosexuality and pederasty among heathen is nothing new. The only "new" romance under the heavens, is the romance between men and women, given and lost in the garden, and reclaimed under the law of Christ.