Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Support Negeen's Christmas Trip!

Negeen left home after she turned 18 earlier this year. She just finished her first semester at college. Though she has a full scholarship, costs outside of college are still on her. She's going to spend Christmas with us in New York. It would help a bunch if we could get a plane ticket covered. (Anything donated beyond the cost of a plane ticket will end up in Negeen's stocking to help her during the upcoming semester.)


Henning said...

I donated a modest amount that I can afford being a student myself.

Tizita said...

Hay Nageen.......Have a great time, and David please don't feed her to much :O

Nageen....After Easter, Christmas is the greatest celebration on earth! A time to thank God for coming into the world to save us from sin, in able for us to live w/ Him forever and ever.....Hope u have a great time.

And i just have to say i couldn't be more happy to have u in the family of Christ and i can't wait to meet u in heaven :) Enjoy and have fun.

Fernando said...

Nageen: I hope you'll habe a great Christmas withe Doctor Wood and his family... God bless you all...

Unknown said...

Hi David, because I have watched allot of your videos, I know who Nageen is. But I have never read or watched a whole lot about her. Do you have any postings on her or has she told her story publicly yet? I would be interested in hearing her conversion testimony If she has given it. Can you give a link or something? THANKS

minoria said...

It is great people are giving for Negeen's Christmas celebration.So to Negeen Merry Christmas,Joyeux Noel.Here is a Christmas song I found that is from South America about the donkey that took Mary to Jerusalem:

Koala Bear said...

Have a wonderful first Christmas!
Lots of Love x

hugh watt said...

View Negeen's testimony here:
Negeen's Testimony>Lean mean Negeen Why do people keep spelling her name rong:-]

hugh watt said...

View Negeen's testimony here:>Let's try that again shall we

Why do people keep spelling her name rong:-]

Unknown said...


TY for the links hugh, I had to copy and paste and then the video had been made private, but I did read the whole comment thread. It was really good stuff. Sounds like a must hear testimony and I like how everyone here does not shy from telling it like it is, and very well at that.

I did not know Negeen was a regular caller on ABN, maybe I'll put the voice to the face if I ever find the testimony.

Haecceitas said...

hugh, your links don't seem to work (they aren't clickable). Here's a clickable link:

hugh watt said...

Sorry guys, I was having bad hair day.
Type "Negeen's Testimony" in the search box on this site.

Damon Whitsell said...

Hi Hugh, thanks for the instruction to go to search, all video links I found there where made private and could not be viewed but I got so curious that I went to YouTube and did a search and WOW,, Negeen,,, your awesome and the Lord is awesome because of what he has done for you.
When I was focusing on mormonism I sifted through many ex-mormon testimonies to post a few and when I was focusing on the Word of Faith Movement I colected every testimony I could find and asked every ex-Wofer to submit his testimony to our groupblog. You can see those here if you know any that might benifit from them.
But with islam there are just so many testimonies out there I am not going to focus on them this time. BUT I have to post and feature negeens testimony, that was one of the best testimonies I ever heard. I bet negeen could sit me down and teach me a thing or two and I am sure she will do many great things for the Lord so I will send a little to help her spend Christmas with Davids family.
DAVID,,,, your pretty awesome too man. I'm sure it would be a pleasure to know you as a personal freind. You do great things and have the right heart in the right place. GOD BLESS YOU BROTHER.
Here are the links to Negeens testimony I found. Can David or who ever approves this comment add these videos to her testimony page here ( where the video has been made private?
Apostasy in Islam 4
Apostasy in Islam 5
Apostasy in Islam 6
Apostasy in Islam 7

hugh watt said...


Check out Rifqa Bary's testimony on YouTube also.

Anyone know the latest on her health? She has[d] cancer.