Saturday, December 18, 2010

Rape and Abduction of Christian and Hindu Girls by Muslim Men on the Rise

Why isn't anyone surprised? Is it because we're starting to realize that Muhammad's teachings and moral example have had an impact?

Gulfam (“like a flower”) is 9 years old (her surname is not revealed out of respect for the family) and is enrolled in the third grade. She lives in a village in the district of Tehsil Samundari. On December 10th, she returned from school to bake chapatti bread with her sister-in-law. She went with her 7-year-old cousin to collect firewood in a nearby sugarcane field. After a short time, the cousin came home and reported that Gulfam had been dragged away by a man. When relatives arrived at the scene, they caught the rapist red-handed, who then immediately fled.

Gulfam's mother took the half-naked girl home. Then the parents went to the police to report the rape, who then arrested the suspect. But the family is terrified because the village is mainly Muslim. The relatives of the rapist have already tried to intimidate Gulfam's family to withdraw the charges. The girl said when she refused the rapist's offer of money, he then taped her mouth and assaulted her. The assailant reportedly told his victim “not to worry because he had done the same service to other young Christian girls.”

“It is shameful. Such incidents occur frequently. Christian girls are considered goods to be damaged at leisure. Abusing them is a right. According to the community's mentality it is not even a crime. Muslims regard them as spoils of war,” local sources report.

Gulfam is now under the care of some Catholic women. The same sisters tearfully described their outrage and pain for little Gulfam and for other Christian girls abused by wealthy Muslims.

Other similar cases include the October 2010 rapes of Lubna Masih and Kiran Nayyaz. According to the Centre for Legal Aid Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS) abductions and sexual violence against Christian and Hindu girls are increasing in Pakistan. These often also involve forced conversion and marriage. Most cases go unpunished. (Source)


niny said...

what do you want to point out from this article? From a reader point of view, it seems that you are trying to say that Muslims are rascal and in contrary, the other people are better, aren't you? I believe this is just a shallow argument. I can post many articles about non-Muslims who do awful things around the world. However, I realise that we are human beings,after all. Mind you, nobody is perfect. and those Muslim men who raped and abducted the Christian and Hindu girls didn't practise the true Islam. they are Muslim by their names, but not muslim by heart. Why do I say this? Because Islam teaches us good things only but God gives us choices to opt. Hence, if anyone does anything wrong, that's his/her fault. if any muslim people does bad things,the religion shouldn't be blamed on. Islam is a true religion, but people always abuse its function. I am a muslim, I am not perfect, and always make mistakes. it applies to all human beings. it is just a matter of self-realisation on how we want to achieve it. :)

donna60 said...

This story hurts me. It makes me ache and long for the return of our Lord. "How long, Oh Lord, How long?"

"He who testifies to these things says, 'Yes, I am coming quickly.' Amen, Come Lord Jesus." Revelation22:20

Fernando said...

niny saide: «if any muslim people does bad things,the religion shouldn't be blamed on.»...

dear niny... the problem as you mighte know, or not, is thate these kind off actions are mandated and sanctioned by islam's core texts... so: the problemme is not muslims, but islam because it's islam teachings thate made thise people behave as barbarians...

you also saide: «I can post many articles about non-Muslims who do awful things around the world».... I bett you can... butt were those actions made in accordance withe a religious believe or the texts thate foundated thate religion?

you also saide: «Because Islam teaches us good things»... can you presentte anything thate islam gabe the world thate was not givin before? and please: do you recognize thate islam also gibe horrific things to people?

finally you saide: «islam is a true religion»... only ignoring historical and theological evidences you can say such things... butt perahps you can present here some evidences thate islam os a true religion... to me, as a former muslim thate I am, islam is a totalitarian ideology thate has accidentally a false religion dimension...

hugh watt said...


When Muslims claim Islam to be the highest moral standard for humanity, and Muhammad the "perfect man" I'd say it's fair to investigate and ask; where does this behavior come from, and is it what Allah/Muhammad encouraged?
What did Muhammad encourage his followers to do to female captives of war? As a Muslim you would not consider anything he did as wrong. Your point is mooted his very actions.

minoria said...

Hello Niny:
I assume you believe that certain parts of the Koran are not longer valid.They were for "that time and place",not of"universal application".

Even so,the Koran approves of a MARRIED MAN to have the right to have sex with a SLAVE GIRL(Muslims argue it's consensual,ok)but what example is THAT?You can have a wife and also consensual sex with a slave girl?

For Muhammad,right to have wives and sex with a slave:SURA 33:50

For the believers in general;

Traditional Muslim law for 1,400 years allowed it,every sultan and caliph and rich man had non-muslim women as slaves for sex,till 1924.The last Turkish sultan in 1924 had a BRITISH sex slave in his harem.

donna60 said...

Niny, in order to make your arguement, you would have to present an article that said "Rape and Abduction of Muslim girls on the rise by Christians (or Hindus) because this article is statistically significant.

--Meaning that future outcome can be predicted by these numbers. Moreover, it is causing concern in the nations that it is happening in. These are no few country bumpkins who are doing this. The number of males are growing, and they are recieving support from family members to do this.

The Quran does teach this. Read much Quran recently? Why don't you start with Surah 4:24, in which Mohammad allows his men to rape captives?

If my sons ever did this to a woman, any woman on earth, I would be so ashamed of them, I would disown them.

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

Sorry niny,

This is exactly what Islam is all about. Islam started of like a mafia religion, attacking, subjecting, enslaving and requiring security payment from their victims. Islam demand crucifixion upon those who fight the prophet, such as our Christian brothers in Sudan being crucified for protecting their land, women and children. Indeed Islam permits rape of war captives and female slaves. In Islamic law Christians have no rights.

And now lately Muslims in Pakistan are gona hang a Christian sister of ours.

Don't, spit us in the face by claiming that Islam is peace, tell that to a dhimmi, or a Christian martyr. This is a great offence of those following the Christian faith, particlarly the millions of Christians who are victims of the Islamic system.

Ask yourself has a Christian right to be upset and negative about such a religion? Are we wrong to expose it? As long as our Christian brothers and sisters in Muslim countries are considered second class citizens and suffer persecution, death, injustice, rape, discrimination, etc, we have every right to be negative and to campaign our criticism.

This is Islam for you, pure and clear.

So what do we point out? We point out that those belonging to the Christian family are subjugated incredible suffering and injustice. If you find yourself offended by our reaction, may I suggest that you do not question our motive but question your own head.

Radical Moderate said...

Yes Christians are being persecuted, kidnapped, raped and murdered in Muslim countries.

But what about Muslims in the west, we all know they are being persecuted. Watch this shocking video of a Muslim woman being persecuted in Australia all be cause she was burkafried.

Muslim Woman Persecuted

And how are Muslim woman treated in Muslim society? Check this video out to see how a burkafried woman is treated.

Burkafried Woman

hugh watt said...


May I suggest you watch the links The Fat Man added. I felt for the woman in #2. This was a mild flogging, if you notice. She actually got off lightly from what I saw.

As for #1. What would have happened if the C.O.P had no video evidence? It reminds me of some people [+ians] who went to an Arab festival and were falsely accused of wrong-doing, even by the mayor and police. Had they not had video evidence the charges would most likely have stuck.

Too many Muslims play the victim. This irks a lot of non-Muslims as we see many double-standards.

Here's another problem:>Muslims persecuting Muslims

Why so much hostility towards your own?

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...


I want to apologize, for my agressive wording earlier:

'If you find yourself offended by our reaction, may I suggest that you do not question our motive but question your own head'.

I am quite upset by the plan to execute a Christian lay in Pakistan in nearest future; I guess I unjustly launched my frustration upon you. I am sure you are a nice person, it was not my intention to thrash you personally.

However, I do still stand by my pointer toward the religion of Islam. Due to perpetual injustice against the Christian world community, particularly in Muslim countries, which is repulsive, I believe we Christians who justly deplore the Islamic attitude against our brothers and sisters, are justified in our criticism of Islam.