Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Department of Homeland Security Uncovers Muslim Plot to Poison Food in U.S. Restaurants

The Jihad continues. I wonder how long it will continue before the government actually decides to look into the source of Jihad.

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has discovered a plot to poison food in U.S. hotels and restaurants, CBS News reports.

The plot, uncovered earlier this year, involved the simultaneous poisoning of food served in hotels and restaurants across the U.S. over a single weekend. Two different poisons, ricin and cyanide, would be slipped into salad bars and buffets.

According to CBS, a "key intelligence source" confirmed that the threat was "credible." So credible, in fact, that the DHS, Department of Agriculture and the FDA briefed key security officers in the hotel and restaurant industries about the attack.

Officials believe that those behind the plot may be tied to the Yemeni-based al-Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP). In October, AQAP attempted a cargo bombing scheme, in which explosives were placed in two packages shipped to Chicago addresses.

On Monday, Department of Homeland Security spokesman Sean Smith refused to respond specifically to the CBS report. "However," Smith said, "counterterrorism and security communities have engaged in extensive efforts for many years to guard against all types of terrorist attacks, including unconventional attacks." He noted that al-Qaida has stated it hopes to carry out unconventional attacks for more than a decade and that AQAP has voiced similar intentions over the past year.

Tuesday, Attorney General Eric Holder told ABC News that he is trying to "make people aware of the fact that the threat is real, the threat is different, the threat is constant."

In the poisoning case, it appears officials stopped it from coming to fruition. Yet, Holder's warning Tuesday rings clear - "The terrorists only have to be successful once." (Source)



Koala Bear said...

The sad thing is that on internet boards people still do not believe this would ever happen and that muslims are the victims of a smear campaign. This will happen and when it does the leftist liberals will be there to cover for them again. No wonder God has to return to obliterate islam.

hugh watt said...

Wow! Eric Holder said all that? Lucky no one asked him if "radical Islam" could've been responsible for this. Eric Bolder?

minoria said...

In faithfreedom's forum somebody gave the link to a CNN interview of DEEPAK CHOPRA about his book "Muhammad"(2010).I really thought the man was a scholar(he is a doctor,a medical scientist)but he said:

1.The KKK was Christian:does he not know the KKK believes Jesus was NOT a JEW,so a group that,among other things,even denies something so obvious in the NT is to be taken at its word?

2.He says TIMOTHY MCVEIGH was a Christian:he is no scholar for any simple search shows he said he was an agnostic and that "science is my religion".He never claimed to be a Christian.

Next thing he will say the TAMIL TIGERS were HINDU:in their website they said they were non-religious and MARXIST-COMMUNIST.And all Marxists are ATHEISTS(it is part of Marx's ideology).

Here is the link:

cmclvr said...

Koala Bear wrote…
“The sad thing is that on internet boards people still do not believe this would ever happen and that muslims are the victims of a smear campaign.”

Hitting the nail on its head. It is all due to Islam is being considered as one of the major religions. It is, indeed, a cult pre-disposed towards violence and crime according to its teachings as originally it was conceived for mafia like business by a selfish, sick and pervert person to commit loot, murder and rape. He cleverly deceived innocent and illiterate people to believe that they are following a divine ordained duty that promised booty of murdered unbelievers as Allah’s delight or on his paradise with unending sex and goodies on death. The shameless person collected extra 20% of this loot as Allah’s share as his fees for the divine administration job. Soon, it was realized by ambitious men that continuing this mafia cult provides a wonderful tool to politically conquer the rest of the world so that they can live like parasites enjoying the proceeds of wars. Thus, after the death of the mafia leader, the cult belief mutated slightly and took the shape of a religion capable of providing motivation as a political expansionist ideology. The booty sharing and criminal’s life managing system was coded under Sharia law and it turned out to be another wonderful tool to subjugate unbelievers and to control the violence prone followers. People practicing an outright hate filled criminal ideology will only regress to poverty and can never progress. Without harsh Sharia, there will be chaos in most Muslim majority countries and democracy has no chance ever take root in them. Islam is politically the main business of the state whatever is the type of oppressive government.

This must lead us to the main reason why this cult is flourishing and the Jihad activities cannot be controlled. The political elite of the Muslim majority countries are behind revival of Islamic ideology as it is the only way for them to enjoy wealth and power just like the way Mohammed did 1400 years ago. It is the main reason why Islam will never be allowed to be reformed. Any signs of reform will have serious political repercussions in Muslim majority countries affecting the fortunes of political elite. The elite will immediately take steps to fresh Islamic revivalism to counter it as it will be a question of their survival. Hence, it is they who are providing state patronage and funding different Muslim organizations world wide indirectly driving more and more gullible and brainwashed Muslims to become more devout. More devout Muslims means they must necessarily commit all the crimes Mohammed did or else they believe that they will rot in hell with no chances of salvation as revealed by him. Thus, what the West thinks as impossible to believe heinous acts like food poisoning is just a divine loved act for a devout who believes totally in Mohammed’s deception. All that they need to carry out this divine mission is material in their hands and a suitable opportunity.

The only practical way left for the rest is not to recognize Islam as a religion due to its hateful ideology being literally carried out by the devout. It must be acknowledged that those who are being violent are neither misguided nor have hijacked the religion. They are true followers of Islam and the rest of Muslims are either ignorant or practicing deception that has glorified approval in Islam. Think for a moment. Is it possible to deal with people who can relish lies and deception with unbelievers as a part of their religious duty? Unfortunately, it is difficult to wake up politically correct attitude that is prevailing in democratic countries being practiced for selfish gains or for fear of Muslims by the political elite. The deterioration and relentless Jihad will continue till its excess forces retaliation by the exasperated public. The politically sponsored stealth and violent Jihad is inexorably on its course unimpeded.

Fernando said...

happy Christmas day to you all... May the God made human withoute giving upp is divine nature bless you all...

donna60 said...

Poisoning food at resturants? Is this a joke? How very Lady Gaga! Maybe they are fans.

Nakdimon said...

I dont know why ANYONE would think this has anything to do with Islam.

Liv2xplore said...

As most liberals want to think that the basic human condition is good, and that all people simply want to get along, they can't comprehend that there is an entire culture out there wanting to do us harm. Not just Christians, but everyone who doesn't believe and follow their laws. Even among their own followers there's a heirarchy according to birth rights that is written into Sharia. I know it's been discussed here before, but it's worth noting because the extremists believe that there is absolutely nothing wrong with killing devout followers of Isalm and there is no problem with killing agnostic women, children, elderly, disabled. Moderate Muslims are in every bit the same danger as the most devout Christian in their eyes. As are caucasion Muslims or any others who are not born and bred into the right families.

Thankfully, we had Jesus Christ who came down into time itself to bridge the gap for ALL nations and people. Ultimately we know where we stand and we know who we belong to.

Anonymous said...

Yes, terrorists are out to get us. What's new? Why are people spinning this story to make it sound like *Muslims* are our enemies?

minoria said...

Talking a little bit about violence I was listening to a debate about if Christianity is violent.Many times you read the "fundamentalists" are "dangerous"(as dangerous as Al-Qaida in fact)because of a belief in a future Armagedon.

LACK OF KNOWLDEGE(they don't even read the text)

Ok,REV 16:14-16 talks of a "combat,battle" against God in HAR MEGIDDO(mountain of Megiddo).It talks of an ARMY,men ready to kill you,evil men.

REV 19:11-21 it talks of Jesus coming with a heavenly,supernatural army to kill an ARMY(men intent on killing)who are against him.

ZECHARIAH 12(all of it):it talks of a multinational ARMY,(read the description,it makes that clear),attacking Jerusalem and then God/Jesus appears to save them.


REV and ZECH say what will happen:"X will occur".Descriptive.It is NOT:"Kill the ENEMIES of Jesus,KILL those who follow the ANTICHRIST."

So is Christianity violent?If Jesus killing (I think in 1 second and with no suffering ) an ENTIER ARMY bent on killing is WRONG,then destroying a Nazi army is wrong.

Radical Moderate said...

No wonder Muslims don't condem terrorism. Look what happens when I Muslim man takes a stand to save lives and prevent a suicide attack.


Liv2xplore said...

Egos said...
Yes, terrorists are out to get us. What's new? Why are people spinning this story to make it sound like *Muslims* are our enemies?

Who are the terrorists? What religion are they purported to be? No, not all Muslims are our enemies. In fact, a vast majority of Muslims don't have a violent bone in their bodies. But a vast majority of terrorists that want to hurt the United States and the Christian world in particular are Muslim.

There are many passages in the Koran (spell it how you like) that direct Muslims on how to treat non muslims. It isn't very nice. If you wonder, there are several studies on this blog give you some information. If you don't like what he says, the truth can be difficult for some liberals to understand when it isn't all nicey-nice.

Fernando said...

Liv2xplore said: "In fact, a vast majority of Muslims don't have a violent bone in their bodies"... well... then they are notte good muslims, as islam orders their followers too bee violent, doesn't it?

Anonymous said...


"No, not all Muslims are our enemies. In fact, a vast majority of Muslims don't have a violent bone in their bodies. But a vast majority of terrorists that want to hurt the United States and the Christian world in particular are Muslim."

Okay? So why do you see this as a *Muslim* problem as opposed to a terrorist problem? Notice the title of David Wood's post: "Department of Homeland Security Uncovers *MUSLIM* Plot to Poison food in U.S. Restaurants." Do you not see the problem with this broad characterization? Would it be fair the characterize terrorist plots to bomb abortion doctors as *Christian plots?"

minoria said...

Hello Fatman:

Yeah,I read that article and it is scary,killing your daughter to prevent her from killing 20 innocent people.100,000 dead in Irak by Al-Qaida.What a waste in every way,the father,the daughter.

Your narration about the secular Muslim you once knew in your wild years was absorbing.It was probably Osama ben Laden who the man admired,if it has been Arafat,you would have remembered the name.


DEC 28,TUESDAY at 8pm is another jihad exposed show:"Is Al-Qaida justified by Islam?"Watch it.

Regarding things are going well,Antoine has told me an average of 1,000 visit it every day.Wow.And I checked and today there were 962 unique visitors.I believe I have written almost all I can,some 80 articles,now it's going to get hard to find something new to say,but the best news is if I get killed by a car tomorrow all that information is in the blog and can be read by people in the future.Antoine is looking for more writers,so if anyone has something to say about Christianity or Islam or atheism you can contact him.

Liv2xplore said...

Egos, I see that you want to think the best of all people. This is a good attribute to have, but you are blind if you think that the problem has nothing to do with the teachings of Mohammed. If you take some time to educate yourself in what is said in the Koran about the definition of "innocents", you will see that unless you are with them in faith, you cannot be an innocent. Does this mean all Muslims are filled with hate and violence? Absolutely not. I have stated before that a vast majority of Muslims are peaceful and kind. If you were to ask Nabeel what his impressions of Islam growing up were he would most likely tell you that Islam is a faith of Peace. But if you read the Koran, you see time after time that they are told to kill. So, what is the problem? Which group is reading correctly? I don't know. But the ones who read kill carry guns and they're reading the same book as the ones that say peace.

Koala Bear said...

At the end of the day ALL muslims want to world to be 100% islamic and so that makes ALL OF THEM the enemy in a way. Fortunately most muslims follow a beautified non-existent version of islam and that is why they are peaceful. Those muslims are one read of the quran away from wanting to kill us too. Yes, Christians want the same thing except we want it in the way that everyone knows and has a personal relationship with Jesus Christ - they have to do it by the sword because their god is satan himself and nobody is naturally drawn to islam (unless of course you are in prison and want an excuse to be a violent and evil person forever).

hugh watt said...

K Bear:

I'd say many people are naturally drawn to Islam. Look at the first converts who submitted willingly. Muhammad told these pagans to give up their gods to follow his god who would give them all their carnal nature desired. When Muslims try to convert people they often appeal to their most base nature. I've heard them tell black people; "Muhammad was black, so you should follow the black man's religion and not +ianity, the white man's religion." They tell men Islam has the answer to the 4 women to 1 man problem in the world. Women are told +ianity is the reason the west is morally bankrupt, then point to some skimpily dressed female and blame it on +ianty. Satan knows just where the fallen nature is itching. If a man doesn't want to be married he can get a contract wife. How convenient.

Anonymous said...

Whatever became of this little bit of information? Regardless if true or not, I guess it wouldn't hurt for Homeland Security to be extra vigilant. It's better to be safe than sorry.