Sunday, December 12, 2010

ABC's Islam Deception--Part Four: Muhammad and Religious Tolerance

According to ABC World News Anchor Diane Sawyer, Muhammad promoted tolerance towards all religions. Unfortunately for Islam's Western defenders, the facts tell a completely different story.

Here are the previous videos in this series:






AB said...

deception part 4 @ 1:17 .. hilarious !!!!

i almost did the same thing and had to clean my laptop after that :)

Jabari said...

LOL, David you were funny in this video.
I agree with you David, I'm tired with of ABC leading people astray. I hope they stopped being politically correct.
Didn't you bring this stuff up on the Jesus or Muhammad marathon????????
I wonder if you're going to talk about their mistake about Jesus being on the right hand of God according to Islam.

Fisher said...

You wasted perfectly good tea. :(

But seriously... way to go, Mr. Wood. I can't believe ABC can be so naive as to make the kind of claims they do. I swear... the ignorance is utterly breathtaking

PS - Jabari, the JorM marathon is over...


Deception is from devil
So called muslim religion is full of fabricating and deception,
Liar, liar you’re...

Pierre said...

Great videos. Keep up the good work.

You might be interested in my theory on why Islam is the way it is. It can be read at:

Traeh said...

A brilliant four part series plus the introductory video, which really makes it five parts.

I've saved the url for each part, because I want to post them around the web. I hope others will too:


Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Part 4:

ABC and Diane Sawyer have embarrassed themselves. Let's hope Sawyer has the class some day to admit some of the many errors David Wood pointed out.

Perhaps people should send Sawyer links to the five videos, along with a polite note gently telling her the videos demonstrate that ABC made a large number of errors in its presentation.

This latest video from David was amusing, especially the way David tongue-in-cheek says he expects Sawyer to hit hard on the intolerance of Muhammad. Then when David is so "shocked" at what Sawyer says that he has to spit out what he's drinking, it's funny.

As for David's argument in part 4 of the series, it felt to me less airtight somehow than the previous parts in the series. I had the feeling that whereas the earlier parts are so strong that they might change some people's minds on these issues, this latest argument seemed like one that Sawyer and others ignorant of Islam could perhaps wiggle out of. Part 4 didn't seem quite the inescapable "checkmate" that the earlier parts were. But maybe I haven't watched part 4 carefully enough.

In any event, as a whole this series of videos from David Wood is brilliant. A powerful critique of major media, one of the most powerful critiques I've ever seen.

Jabari said...

Fisher said.....
PS - Jabari, the JorM marathon is over...

I meant whether or not he was going to post a video about Jesus being on the right hand of God according to Islam on

GreekAsianPanda said...

Good video, David. But I just want to point out one thing. You say that Muhammad made it out of Mecca alive after ten years of preaching, which shows that the pagans couldn't have been persecuting him that badly. But, if Muhammad were a prophet, couldn't that fact be accounted for by saying that God preserved his life?

Unknown said...

Funny guy!!!
Well lets ask you this please: when christianity is so tolerant, can you please explain why there is no old mosques in Spain which the Muslims has stayed in for 700 years?? (Shhhhhh.... They have been knocked down by tolerant christians!!) On the other hand, we see churches in Egpyt, Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and vast other Muslim countries, as the "nontolerant" Muslims have kept these for worship of nonmuslims!!
Did you really watch the ABC work completely, or did you just see that first part?? Cause according to the full program, there were other proofs of what was said not just the words of Diane, and by that it turns out that you are the one that have done a big mistake with such ignorance to not show the complete issues said by Diane... Fortunately, Youtube is there to prove you wrong.
I hope that you are brave enough to post this, although I am in doubt.

David Wood said...


A Muslim could, of course, say that Allah was protecting Muhammad. But the point would be the same. Muslims (even the Qur'an) complain about the intolerance of the pagans, yet the pagans were tolerant enough for Muhammad to preach in Mecca for more than ten years.

We could add, however, that only 1-3 Muslims were killed during this period. That's evidence of persecution, but not nearly the level of persecution non-Muslims would face under Muslim rule. So Muslims are simply being inconsistent when the complain about religious intolerance in Mecca.

Mr McStizzle said...

@ fox1981:

The difference is sir fox, is found in the source of the faith.

We have the Bible. Muslims have the Quran and the Hadith.

If you read the Bible in it's historical grammatical context, in the way it is meant to be read, as a whole and not selecting cherry picked scriptures, you will discover that there is not an injunction for disciples of Jesus to destroy the places of worship from other faiths.

Jesus said to the Samaritan woman in John 4 "The time is coming, and now is, when you will neither worship in the temple or on the mountain, but those who worship the Father will worship Him in spirit and in truth."

These mosques are simply mud, brick and stone. They have no power and God is no more there than He is anywhere else in the universe.

Those who do such things as destroy Mosques or other religious symbols are usually motivated out of fear and ignorance, and we are taught: "Perfect love casts out all fear" and "You have not been given a spirit of fear, but of power, of love and of a sound mind"

So, our faith stands or falls on Jesus. He is our example, He is our way, He is our life.

The faith of the Muslims stands on the example of Muhammad, on the Quran and on the Hadith.

Looking at Jesus compared to Islam, is this kind of destruction you describe more consistent with our Way or with Islam?

Fernando said...

Hi fox1981... I was missing the presence off some ignorant muslim in this blogg... It looks you're the next one in place... Glad too see you arounde here... please: do continue to come and writte: we all will apreciate your presence and you example off how dumb islam makes people to bee...

You made a comparasion between aplles ans tomatoes: on on hand what happened in Spain in the Middle Ages; on the other, whate is happening today in some muslim countries...

coulde you, please, compare two situations in nowadays or in thate antient time? I woulde bee funn to see you slipp under a beltte off shame for your shear ignorance...