Monday, November 8, 2010

Muslims Stone Israeli Ambulances Giving Care to Arab Boy

I don't know what's sadder: (1) the fact that Muslims would stone Jewish ambulances attempting to save an Arab youth, or (2) the fact that stories like this just aren't surprising anymore.

Jerusalem area Arabs once again have stoned two Israeli Magen David ambulances trying to help neighbors. This time, the medical rescue vehicles were trying to save an Arab boy who fell five floors from his home in El Azaria, a village between the northern Jerusalem neighborhood of French Hill and nearby Maaleh Adumim.

Magen David medics were resuscitating the youth when attackers began to pummel them with rocks from all directions, breaking the windshield.

Last week, a group of students and a visiting Australian narrowly escaped death when they made a wrong turn and entered an Arab village, where they were ambushed by local Arabs. One of the villagers tricked the students into driving further, where a blockade trapped the vehicle as Arab rioters attacked the car with rocks and metal pipes.

The driver was able to maneuver his car through a narrow opening and escaped the mob. (Source)


Jabari said...

I pray that God will 1)give the muslims who did this justice, 2)that these muslims will give there lives to Christ Jesus our God and Savior.

I can't wait for the day when Jesus will return to reign forever and ever as King of Kings and Lord of Lords.

Unknown said...

Amen, Jabari! Only Jesus can cure what's wrong with people who would do this sort of thing.
It reminds me of the people who threw rocks at the Swedish firefighters trying to extinguish a blaze at a MOSQUE! (You're welcome!) Its love of violence will ultimately be Islam's own undoing.

Zack_Tiang said...

I'm confused... Can someone enlighten me the possible reason why they would do such a deed? (since it's not make known the reason for such actions in the article.)

Sophie said...

This is really sad. I feel bad for the boys who threw the stones because they haven't been raised to know any better. Golda Meir apparently once said 'there will be peace in Israel when the Palestinians love their children as much as they hate us'. When I read this I can't help but think that there must be at least some truth to that statement.

hugh watt said...


The reason there's such a big problem in the M. East is because Muslim Arabs teach their children hatred towards Jews instead of love. I see in this incident a microcosm of the situation as regards Iran. To not go to war would be suicidal for Israel. Madmoud Imaginethat has made clear his intentions to Israel and also non-Shia Islam. If Israel does go to war the world would spin this and make them out to be the aggressors.

Now, this Arab boy needs assistance and the medics do what medics should. If they did nothing, the Islamic propagandists would have a field day. Can you see it? 'Israeli medics refuse to treat young Arab boy with injuries.'

By stepping into a potential life threatening situation, it gave those who follow "Allah's will" an irresistible opportunity to attempt to 'make good' on their bloodthirsty lust against Jews.
Its a matter of, damned if you do something, or damned if you don't, in both instances. This mat be the symbolic "throwing stones at Satan."

hugh watt said...

Interesting debate on "The Deity of Messiah."

[Hope this works]

Unknown said...

Zack, the reason is this: muslims' hatred of non-muslims is greater than their love for their own fellow muslims.

Anonymous said...

Guys, it's much more complicated than a simple stoning an ambulance. The arabs are mad because Israelis are continuing to take over Jerusalem and will not stop until they take over the entire city. I am not siding with the palestinians at all. I think a jewish take over of the city is good, and while they're at it, they can destroy that devilish mosque Al-AQSA.

AB said...

Muslims will now come out and say why dont you post the events where one muslim was in an accident involving a christian who was a mile away.

Anonymous said...

Typical Islam wonder why ABC doesn't show this.....