Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Muslims Riot after Eid Prayers

Holy days have a way of inspiring people to be more dedicated to their faith. Why do we see so much violence during Muslim holy days?

ANANTNAG: Protestors burnt a police vehicle near the Eidgah here on Wednesday as violence erupted in various parts of Kashmir Valley after the Eid prayers.

The mob reportedly raising anti-India slogans set ablaze a police vehicle and started pelting stones on the security personnel deployed in the area soon after the Eid prayers today.

The police personnel had to later open fire in the air to disperse the mob.

No casualties were, however, reported in the incident.

Kashmir Valley has witnessed massive demonstrations in the last three months and at least hundred stone-pelting protestors have been killed in firing by the security forces. (Source)


GreekAsianPanda said...

I think it's important to remember that Muslims aren't the only ones being violent on Eid. Recently in Greece, Muslims were harrassed during their prayers by Christians throwing rocks and insults. Let's thank God that there were no casualities in this incident in Kashmir Valley, and let's pray for the safety of Muslims in Greece and for the Christians there to repent of their sins.

gspencer said...

You ask, "Why do we see so much violence during Muslim holy days?"

The answer of course is that violence is inherent to Islam.

So the real issue for those of us who love freedom, most particularly the freedoms to choose our opinions, speech, and religion, is mounting this challenge: Convincing others that Islam is not a religion within the meaning of our federal and state constitutions.

Because the Sharia - the physical aspect by means of which Islam is imposed on the world of both Muslims and non-Muslims - is really another system of law, Sharia is the soft underbelly of Islam. Stated otherwise, Islam is not a threat without Sharia. But with Sharia, Islam is the terrifying totalitarian system we see practiced throughout the Muslim world, and increasingly in our own country.

Peter said...


I think it is important to remember that 90% of all terror attacks are done by, BIG SURPRISE! MUSLIMS!

there is no need to remember that christians can act violent too, we know that, but a violent christian is rebelling against christian teachings, where on the other hand a violent muslims (providing the violence is against non-muslims) is in line with the islamic teachings.

That should be NEVER forgotten and I will dedicate my life on exposing Islam and most of all tell ppl aboput the Truth, the Way and the Life: Jesus Christ!