Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Muslims Burn Christian Alive and Murder His Father over Rumor

A Muslim man set fire to a Coptic young man, murdered his father and wounded his younger brother, after it was rumored that the young Copt allegedly had a relationship with the Muslim man's sister!!

The events took place in the small village of "Dmas" Meet-Ghamr, after a rumor spread around of a relationship between the 25-year-old Copt Shihata Sabri, and the sister of a Muslim man named Yasser Ahmed Qasim.

Yasser went to Coptic Shehata, holding a gasoline canister, poured it over him and set him on fire, as bystanders looked on in horror. The young Copt threw himself into the adjacent canal to try to put out the flames from his burning body. The fire left burns all over his body, leading to his death.

Following this incident, people in the village rallied and when the 60-years-old Sabri Shehata, father of the Coptic victim arrived, he was attacked by a group of Muslims stabbing him with knives and daggers; one stab penetrated his back to come out of his abdomen below the rib cage, resulting in his death, after being transferred to hospital.

A Coptic witness said that Yasser Ahmed, who is reputed to be a thug, and others have also beaten the Coptic victim's younger brother, 22-year old Rami Sabri Shehata, causing a deep injury to his head. (Read more.)


Unknown said...

I have to say, just when I think you can't find a more outrageous and awful story, there is another piece of news about the evil Satanic death cult of Islam that just goes and blows my mind all over again....

Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for JUSTICE, for they shall have their fill....

AB said...

What Injustice !!!!
Feel bad for our Christian Brothers in Muslim dominated Countries. But Muslims want all the rights here In USA and in my country India too. Double standards in everything for Muslims. Praying that his brother is ok.

alekhine said...

it's amazing so called peaceful muslims don't riot against any of these incidents! that is what I call "inconsistency"...either they're secretly desiring these stuff to happen or being hypocritical when they get enraged when even something minutely seems threatening to Islam happens.

Unknown said...

it is sad that this happened, i will be praying for these muslims, may our Lord convert them as HE did to Saul=Paul so that others may look upon them as a testimony of GODs great Love for HIS children

Anonymous said...

This is so tragic. The Copts are truly a persucuted minority in Eqypt But what is more tragic is the billions of dollars that Egypt gets from the United States government. It is time that the politicians speak out about these constant abuses and refuse to fund this brutal regime.

L2L said...

The Muslims got all crazy when the mad man in Florida wanted to burn the Quran but I don't see any outrage when people of their own faith burn someone of another religion..... maybe they aren't so different after all.... just sayin!!!

king said...

This a question for Dr.Nabeel,
How to explain to a muslim regarding the Eid celebration and Easter? Please answer, I have a Muslim friend to whom I want to explain about Jesus death and resurrection, and bring her to understand who is Jesus for us Christians.

Yusuf Alamo said...

In The Name of Allaah,
The Most Gracious,
The Most Merciful.

Peace be unto you.

When did this happen?

Is the suspect currently in police custody?

helen said...


you took the words right out of my mouth, except i'm a pessimist, so even when i say, "okay this is the worst thing they've done," they outdo themselves once more but i'm not completely surprised because i'm expecting catastrophe after catastrophe from people who follow such evil things.
i like when you called it a cult, because your absolutely right thats what it is.
god bless.

wake up people. i can create a cult group that kills unbelievers, has sex with numerous people and children, call it a religion, put it in a book and call it the holy ______, but i think my cult group and i would be thrown in jail. don't you?

Damon Whitsell said...

It is things like this that have caused me to devote my life to exposing Islam. Because I have Mormons, Oneness Pentecostals, Word of Faithers and a little cult called Bible Missionary, in my family - I have spent most of my adult life doing cult apologetics. But on 9/9/10 I found out about the Koran burning pastor and I spent five days on facebook pages for and against the Koran burning, what I seen shocked me. It went like this.. "We will kill you all of you burn our Koran" and others would respond,, "not if we kill you all first", but that was not so shocking. There was posting of videos of Muslims burning people alive and cutting people heads off (even a kid did it) but that was not so shocking because I had seen most of the videos before. But what was shocking is that way more Muslims justified these horrendous acts than denounced them. I mean way more, in fact after five days of watching postings on those facebook pages I could not remember one Muslim who denounced the acts without also halfheartedly justifying them. So I have totally changed the focus of my ministry and have committed almost every waking hour to studying and posting about Islam. I used to think ignorance is our problem but now I believe that it is way bigger than that. Right now I am thinking that our problem is that too many people really hate freedom and democracy. In short, they want a New World Order based on socialism and are willing to bed with the Islamist to bring down our current world order - even though Islam would kill all of the secularist if they had the power to do so. As the violence continues, I hope more and more people will dedicate their lives to exposing Islam.


mkvine said...

This is abhorrent!!! How can someone do this to another human being? Where is the Muslim protest to this? May God show the light to these Muslims.

Sophie said...

The story about the Egyptian homes being burnt is on the BBC news website. The page has a link to a story from September about the Coptic pope apologising for insulting the Koran:

"The leader of Egypt's Coptic Christians has apologised for "inappropriate" comments by a bishop that cast doubt on the authenticity of some Koran verses.

"I'm very sorry that the feelings of our Muslim brethren have been hurt," Pope Shenouda III said on state TV.

Earlier, Bishop Bishoy had said that - contrary to Muslim belief - some verses of the Koran may have been inserted after the death of Prophet Muhammad.

Egypt's al-Azhar Islamic authority said the comments threatened national unity."

SEE?? The Christians provoked it!!! How can you blame those poor Egyptian Muslims? They are under such terrible threat from the Christians.

At least, that's what the BBC would have us believe:

"The incident [Christian homes being burnt] is a symptom of the wider tensions between the two communities, where rumours are quick to spread, and both sides fear attack by the other.

The situation in Egypt was even cited by those who carried out an attack on a church in Iraq recently, causing heavy loss of life."


1. The Coptic pope said that perhaps the Koran wasn't all written by God. He is considered a threat to national unity for doing so.

2. A Coptic man and a Muslim woman have some kind of rendezvous.

3. So, naturally, Coptics must die and have their homes burned, and over 50 Iraqi Christians are massacred.

"BOTH sides fear attack by the other". It's an issue of "sectarian violence", and this is the latest "flare up" of tensions.

Why can't we just call it what it is? Persecution.

Sophie said...


To answer your questions, this happened on November 16th this year and here are some more details:

"The security forces moved into the village of Dmas, which has a population of 60,000 people, including over 1000 Copts, surrounded the victims' house and deployed extra forces throughout the village.

The offenders were arrested together with the accused Yasser Ahmed Kassem and his friend, as well as the Copt Shehata Sabry who was held in custody in Dmas Hospital. The offenders were charged with deliberate homicide.

The body of Coptic victim Sabri Shehata was released for burial after prayers took place at the Church of Our Lady in the village of Dakados, which lies 20 kilometers from Dmas, amid a tight security siege.

A Muslim villager portrayed the incident as an honour killing stressing that it was because of Coptic Shehata Sabri teasing Yasser about a relationship he has with his sister, which prompted him and his friend to pour gasoline all over the Copt before setting him on fire. He denied that this incident will have an impact on the relations between the Muslims and Copts in the village.

The prosecution and the State Security Services are still investigating the incident amid media blackout."

In a separate article, the BBC says:

"Although Egypt's Muslims and Copts generally live in peace, tensions are on the rise over the construction of new churches and reported cases of conversions.

Copts make up six to 10% of the country's 80 million people and complain of systematic discrimination by the state."

I don't think there is much hope of justice being done here (to me, justice for killing means a long prison sentence, preferable whole life). This is because in most traditional understandings of sharia law, a non-Muslim's life is worth less than a Muslim's life. This principle is derived from the Qur'an (39:9, 13:16, 2:178,16:75-76).

GreekAsianPanda said...

I was utterly DISGUSTED when I read this. Let's pray that the man's brother will recover from his injuries and also that those Muslims will accept Jesus!

Unknown said...

I am not all surprised. Every year they sacrifice animals for EID, this year a christian !!! a big leap. anyways they want to eleminate christian from this world. this is a small step towards it. He is promised many virgin so its better to spend few years in jail compared with eternity with n virgins!!!!!!!!

merciless religion in lawless state !!!

NickM said...

Uh...someone should have pointed out that the murder of the Copt and his father happened in March 2009. It is horrible but it was not a byproduct of recent events in 2010. There is apparently tension going on right now about another Romeo-Juliet situation, but not specifically the one involving the murders.

The real problem here is lack of religious tolerance, religious hate, and unfair stereotyping about peoples based on their religious membership which is very often inherited. But, oh wait, stereotyping and religious hate is what this site thrives on. Oh well.

Yusuf Alamo said...

In The Name of Allaah,
The Most Gracious,
The Most Merciful.

Peace be unto you.

In your last post you commented:

"Uh...someone should have pointed out that the murder of the Copt and his father happened in March 2009. It is horrible but it was not a byproduct of recent events in 2010. There is apparently tension going on right now about another Romeo-Juliet situation, but not specifically the one involving the murders."

Hey, everybody's human. We all make mistakes. Maybe Sophie made an honest mistake and really thought the events took place on November 16th of this year.

With that in mind, whether the events took place last year or this year doesn't change the fact that taking the law into your own hands and killing someone over an unconfirmed rumor is wrong.

The Proof of this is from the speech of Allaah:

The Noble Qur'aan [49:6]
(O you who believe! If a rebellious evil person comes to you with a news, verify it, lest you harm people in ignorance, and afterwards you become regretful to what you have done.)

Even if both parties committed fornication, the accusers would still need up to four eyewitnesses that testify against the accused in a court of law.

The Proof of this is from the speech of Allaah:

The Noble Qur'aan [4:15]
(And those of your women who commit illegal sexual intercourse, take the evidence of four witnesses from amongst you against them; and if they testify, confine them (i.e. women) to houses until death comes to them or Allah ordains for them some (other) way.)

May Allaah guide us towards right moral conduct.


David Wayane Nombong said...

Yasser if you are married then I think Sheebta would like to get married too.He is a christian and your sister will be in loving hands.