Thursday, October 21, 2010

Outtakes of Our "Original Burn the Qur'an Day" Video

By popular demand, here's Nabeel's documentary revealing the long, difficult process of completing a video when it's late at night and we get the giggles.

In case you missed it, here's the finished product.


L2L said...

ha ha, this makes the KJV controversy look like child's paly.

Kirk said...

Did anyone see this movie trailer? I just saw it on apple movie trailers.

Four Lions:

Roger Sharp said...

Beat box worked great! Speaking of box, where'd I put those raisins.........

Confident Christianity said...

Ahahahaha!....oh my.

Haecceitas said...

Someone needs to do something like this with material from some of your latest and funniest videos. :-)

Tizita said...

WOW! Now i have totally new view of David Wood.....U always looked like (to me) a very strict, stern, and not a smiley person : )

But now i have a completely different view of u.

You guys also remind me, of me and my friends when we r studding for class.....we do the loud rehearsing thing. very funny!

Anonymous said...


Tom ta tum Tom said...

Love you guys! Please, PLEASE don't ever "grow up" (but I hope you ALL live to serve God and help Muslims escape from Islam for many MANY more years!)!



Traeh said...

Thanks for the inside view!

Enjoyed the video again, and the outtakes.

donna60 said...

There were a lot of blogs that Christians wrote on saying that they would never burn a Quran. But according to Acts, the 19, the Christian converts in Ephesus burned their books of magic. There is certainly no Christian law against the burning of books.

Kirk said...

@ donna60

Hey, Just wanted to comment on your comment. If it makes sense to destroy an idol, book, belief that previously ruled over you, it could make sense to burn them.

You should understand the burning is not truly destroying the "magic" or belief, but is merely a symbol of your denouncement of that view, and a dedication to not return. But, again, the early Christians did so for themselves, not to prove to others, or flamboyantly reject the faith of others.

Christians don't need to burn the Qur'an, though they don't believe in it. They need to respect Muslims as fellow human beings, in need of The Blood. Christ does not desire you to provoke Muslims to anger.

The Law of the Spirit, which all Christ followers are called to is Love and Truth revealed to others sacrificially. It is not puffed up, nor boastful, and does not seek an "I told you so" mentality. What it does do, is to recognize the audience you hold and address them as needed to properly explain Truth, knowing they are on a lost and troubled path.

If burning a Qur'an can destroy any possible opportunity to show The Truth to a Muslim, why would a true Christ follower do so?

If there is still that need, one might also consider publicly spend their life burning books and bridges with any written/belief/movies work contrary to the Christian Worldview. I think that might even include a certain popular trilogy including vampires and werewolves, "Evil" Force filled "Star Wars" Films, and for poops and giggles, lets throw in good old "Jurassic Park", which claims, if ever so subtly, the evolutionary theory.

There is a parable about getting a new wineskin before putting new wine in the old wineskin. I think the current Christian Culture is more concerned with old wineskins holding New Wine, though they cannot possibly retain it, they will burst.. In other words...hoping others would do good things rather than hoping peoples hearts would be transformed through the revelation of Jesus, the Christ. Once transformed the good works will flow.

Love the outtakes btw... you really can't stop that giggling, sir David.

Zack_Tiang said...

I am seriously frustrated and annoyed by the fact that I just got told off by a Christian on MSN and accused of being anti-Islamic, non-Christlike, mocking, antagonistic, etc.. for using the "cat can has 72 virgin" as my profile picture.. and posting the link for this blog post...

And then told to focus more on the Word, and Jesus Christ and never to bring up or focus on the negative side of other faiths... and only talk about the good of Jesus.
"Love our neighbors.. that's all we need to do and that's the only way to evangelize" he says (paraphrased & summarized)

Made my countering arguments and he just kept going on and on about petty details of my arguments and never address my main point of argument; that is if a person thinks he's in good health (let alone admit he is sick), why would he be interested in your "better alternative" to "good health" or your 'medicine'??

It's amazing how self-righteous these bunch can be... accused me of not being loving and not focusing on Christ, but yet, he himself did the exact same thing he accused me of doing.
Incredible... sorry.. but had to vent it out and share.