Monday, October 11, 2010

Controversy Over British Muslim Cop Guarding the Israeli Embassy

Alternatively, there is a different perspective here:

What are your thoughts?


Jabari said...

We CAN NOT allow Sharia law to dominate America. I'm scared that there will be more cases like that of my sister-in-Christ Rifqa Bary and we will lose our freedom of speech and freedom of religion, if Sharia does take over the United States.

Wake Up America!!!! Please Wake Up.

Radical Moderate said...

Does that now mean that a Muslim cop doesn't have to arrest a Muslim husband for beating his wife?

Or investigate and or arrest A Jihadi terrorist cell?

Jim Hughes said...

You lose credibility by using Fox News as a primary source. From what I've read online, the full story may be more complex.

Lydia McGrew said...

Jim H, I just googled this and found _nothing_ more complicated. I found a UK news site that said the police dept. had confirmed that he'd requested the change of duty.

Do tell: What are these complexities in the case that make it different from what is reported here, and where can we read about them?

Michelle Qureshi said...

Duly noted, Jim. I'd like to note that Fox news isn't alone on this one; the Sun in England initially noted that the policeman refused to guard the embassy on account of Israel's war on Lebanon.

In the interest of fairly presenting the views, however, I have revamped the title and included a link to an opinion blog as well.

otto said...

“It’s important to know Islam personally,” Shayestah told a group of about 120 people inside Christian Community Church in Vicksburg.

America’s weakness, he said, is that it continues to listen to the lies propagated by Muslims about their religion.

“They don’t understand Islam,” he said, calling Americans “fully ignorant.”

“Islam is not the Islam you learn in America,” Shayestah said. “There is not a single word of peace (in the Quran), yet they call Islam a peaceful religion.”

Shayestah referred to President Barack Obama as “blind,” saying he speaks of Islam more than he does Christianity.

And the Christians are losing ground on the fight.

Ex-radical: No peace in Quran

Confident Christianity said...

I looked into this issue a little and the head of the Metro Police who called for an investigation into the incident surrounding this event, Sir Ian Blair, has stepped down from his post as of 2008 due to several concerning allegations. So perhaps this issue has not seen resolve yet due to other issues in the Metro police department needing attention?

Here are some relevant stories:
Sir Ian Blair Resigns: Downfall of the PC pc

As far as the facts concerning the original issue:

Here's the London Evening Standard from 2006 (the grammatical errors bother me, but here it is): Met chief orders inquiry into Muslim PC Embassy Row
and the Telegraph's story from 2006, now hosted on the Free Republic's site: Muslim police officer excused Israel guard duty

Here's a commentary on the issue from the Telegraph in 2006:
Police can't pick and choose which duties they will fulfill

And Nabeel posted a recent (2010) commentary on the issue up above: Muslim Police officer refuses to guard Israeli embassy: What are your thoughts?

But I haven't found any resolution on the matter. So apparently, this is still up in the air four years later. If anyone has an update they can source, please post a link.


Anonymous said...

Does a Jewish cop have the right to refuse to guard the Saudia or Iranian embassies?

Traeh said...

Watching the Fox editorial, at first I thought, wow, what the editorialist is saying is good. Then I clicked on Nabeel's link to the "other take" at Sodahead. Having read that, it looks like the Fox editorialist did not know several critical details in the story. So:

As long as the officer was only making a request, not a demand, and as long as he did not make the request because of his own political or religious beliefs, but only because he has relatives in Syria or somewhere who could be victimized if it were found out he was guarding the Israeli embassy, I think there's nothing wrong with his request. He is in no way seeking to obey sharia or Islam by that request. The request is merely for the safety of his family. That's different from what the Fox editorialist told us about this story.

M.C. said...

Did you see the interview O'Reilly did with Andy Cooper on CNN? The interview seemed reasonable, but he still says that you heavily edited the footage from the Arab festival from last year. Man, Dave --- you really need to have a one on one with this guy. It is unfortunate that he thinks that your video is still heavily edited up till now, when the evidence proves the contrary. Keep trying, we're with you.

Osama Abdallah said...
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Callie Scott Grady said...

I heard a pastor say this morning, " when a country turns and refuses to live by what He commands, He will turn them over to their enemy. Like a purging fire to remove to dross-
1.waste matter; refuse.
2. a waste product taken off molten metal during smelting.
To remove that which is not on a firm foundation.

Haecceitas said...

M.C., so the Dearborn incident was covered by CNN and they decided to show only one side of the story (the mayor's side)?

Anonymous said...


Did you honestly expect fair and honest coverage from CNN the Cresent News Network? You lkow that the state controllled media and the drive bys are not interested in rporting the facts. All they are interested in is msking sure that those Obama"s dhimmies are relelected and this was nothing more than a partasian political attack on Sharan Angal. nd of course Mayor Jack "Pontious Pilate" O"Reilley willlie through his teeth to maintain his base of support.

Callie Scott Grady said...

I heard Fox was owned by a Saudi tycoon and he only allows so much to be said about any Islamic news.

Unknown said...

@ odo your knowledge is limited on the Quran- here you are quoting others who themselves have been quoting others who also quoted others and so on..... your real reason for discriminating Islam is more of a personal issue than what you are t pretending is- You need a justified reason to validate your hatred so you make a frivolous attempt to increase your poison- Unlike you and your kind saying/writing/reading the word "peace" doesn't prove you are a peaceful person- The Quran explains wholly how to attain peace internally and externally not only does it guide one to this it also protects one from non peaceful acts- Peace is not only for you are just me its for everyone so in order to gain this objective you must understand and fully comprehend its complexities and diversification. The glorious Quran is totally promoting and giving peace as the true source of PEACE- peace means different things to many different people so read the Quran then you will truly understand Peace-

Unknown said...

many people really do not know Islam- It is real peace not the selfish peace many seek at the expense of others just to benefit their own