Saturday, October 30, 2010

Bomb Materials from Yemen Headed to Jewish Places of Worship

I think we should all tell ourselves, over and over again, that this has nothing to do with Islam. Perhaps saying it enough times will make it true.

Suspicious packages discovered in Dubai and England in air cargo shipments to the U.S. contained explosive materials and appeared headed for Jewish places of worship in Chicago, President Obama confirmed Thursday afternoon.

Obama's remarks in a brief address to reporters capped a tense daylong drama, in which federal authorities grounded UPS planes at airports in Newark, N.J., and Philadelphia to inspect packages based on fears of a terrorist threat originating from Yemen.

The Yemen-based Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula is suspected, and U.S. officials told the Associated Press that the chemical used, PETN, was also used in the failed Christmas Day airline bombing that was tied to the same group.

President Obama, confirming that authorities had uncovered a "credible terrorist threat," spoke shortly after military jets escorted a passenger jet from the United Arab Emirates to New York's JFK airport as a precautionary measure because it was carrying a package from Yemen.

"We will continue to pursue additional protective measures for as long as it takes to ensure the safety and security of our citizens," Obama said. Read more.


aussie christian said...

osama binliner has called for us here in Aust to be bombed, but our govt, so blind as they are can't seem to figure out that we are a target as well. It seems political blindness and refusal to reconise or acknowledge the threat is prolific no matter what western country we live in.

Someone said...

In Response to: "Farooque Ahmed Arrested in Washington D.C. Area Terror Plot"

Bismillah Al-Rehman Al-Raheem.

May Allah guide us to the Straight Path.

On the blog which I started a few hours ago, a very temporary blog of only forever one post because I neither have the time or the resources to maintain my writing, I have responded to the news in quite the detail. So, for the curious, you are free to visit or not as the case may be.

Interestingly, I did get a chance to skim some comments, not many or most, in the other blog post’s Comment section and saw varying responses from subtly written insults to forthright insults and also commendation. So, this I write for you whom I read: I neither seek nor want your high opinion. Your insults do not diminish me nor does your high opinion or words of praise honor me.

I do not hold myself accountable to you. And I openly dislike the prejudices, bigotry, and vain assumptions that comprise the bulk of this blog. Moreover, I dislike more the fact that people who openly claim to love Jesus (peace be upon him) behave in the way they do on this blog and more so because they present themselves as peace-loving Christians.

Also, who I am is not important but my message is. Thus, the reason I came and for no other reason would I revisit that which is abhorrent. And nothing is more abhorrent to me than anything that seeks to sever my concentration on the Creator, and as such, this Insha-Allah will be my last response on this site to you.

May those who sincerely seek to understand what I write be guided and may those who do not stay with the poverty of their minds and souls. Ameen.

And for the Muslim visitors, you’ll find in the blog post what I’ve written of relevance to you Insha-Allah and that part especially which lies towards the end of my written treatise. May Allah preserve you and keep you steadfast on this deen. Ameen.

Jabari said...

President Obama, taking on the ostrich approach to this situation isn't going to keep terrorist attacks from happening. The sooner you acknowledge that Islam is the source of what happened on September 11th, 2001 and at Fort Hood on November 5th, 2009, the sooner we can deal with Islam. Don't worry about being called an Islamophobe. When push comes to shove, political correctness will be the death of us.

Radical Moderate said...

So anyone think that a cell phone taped to water bottles a few weeks ago was just a mistake?

GreekAsianPanda said...

Oh, God, please guide the terrorists to the truth and help them see that what they do is not right! Please protect the targeted Jews, and also the Muslims in this country who might end up suffering because of what their more violent fellow Muslims do. Thank you, Father, that this plan has been foiled!

In Jesus' name I pray, amen.

otto said...

I neither seek nor want your high[?] opinion.

how come you keep writing things if you dont want anyones opinion?

ever consider other might not want your high opinoin?

the hippocracy never stops.