Saturday, October 9, 2010

ABC News Promotes Revolution Muslim as America's First Line of Defense against Terrorism

ABC News recently did a 20/20 special titled "Islam: Questions and Answers," with Diane Sawyer, Bill Weir, and Lama Hasan. The program drew attention to moderate Muslims who will serve as America's "first line of defense" against terrorism. Unfortunately, one of the moderate Muslims presented by ABC isn't so moderate.


Jabari said...

David I'm getting scared. If they are using Revolution Muslim as a line of defense against terrorism, it's only a matter of time before they turn against the U.S. and start shooting Open Fire like Nidal Malik Hassan did last year at Fort Hood.

Also when are you and Sam Shamoun going to be on Jesus or Muhammad? When is there going to be another show??

Anonymous said...


Once again you hit one out of the park. This is again one of the best and most informative videos that you have ever done. Please please please keep up the good work and maybe just maybe some one in the state controlled media will have the courage to speak out against Islam.

Ken said...

That was good, David. Keep up the good work and good journalism.

Christianne Amanpour did the same thing, in a different way in her hour long debate - do some posts on that. At least she had one of the radicals on the program (Ajam Khouri) and at least she gave Franklin Graham and Robert Spencer a small chance to say some little thing.

The big problem is confusing "Islam" (doctrine, system, religion and state together, Sharia) and "Muslims" (people, not all are consistent, many don't follow Islam consistently, and the ones that gave the loudest voice and got the most applause were the liberal, open-minded, nice, westernized Muslims like Nafiseh and Reza Aslan.

The big problem is the question was framed, "Should Americans fear Islam?"

and yet the answers from the western, nice Muslims was about Muslims as people; and that there were lots of versions of Islam. Christiann Amanpour is half Iranian and doesn't even understand what real Islam is. Amazing!

Ajam Khouri at least was consistent (but his version of Islam is indeed scarry ! = Sharia) and rebuked Daisy Khan for not wearing the Hijab or some kind of head-covering. I wonder if she or Reza Aslan or Nafiseh pray 5 times a day or even the Shiite 3 times a day or have been to Mecca on Haj or give Zakat or believe in the doctrines of Islam?

Nafiseh and Reza Aslan are the modern, peaceful liberal Muslims, but they are not true Muslims, since they don't follow Islam - wearing the hijab/chador, etc.

Ken said...

Sorry, I spelled the radical Muslim in England's name wrong - it is

Amjad Choudri

Ajam Khouri

Anonymous said...

I saw that show and thought it was very slanted toward Islam, but I expected it to be. Common sense is dead in the West. Liberals only embrace one religion, and it is Islam. Of all the religions for them to champion, that has to be the most baffling choice. But liberals are typically contrarians who will like something simply because pragmatic people are against it. There really seems to be no other reason apparent, or else why would they defend a religion that promotes misogyny, cruelty, oppression and violence?

Radical Moderate said...

Captain Kaboom said...
I saw that show and thought it was very slanted toward Islam

Slanted?????? that was a total FLUFF PIECE. Gave me the warm and fuzzy's about Islam.

I especially loved the attack on the bible. Did you catch it.

They talk about the Islamic practice of Stoning woman, even show parts of the video that was on this blog as well as other footage. But did you catch it, while they are showing this video they BLAME THE BIBLE. Thats right stoning is not mentioned in the Quran but it is in the BIBLE.

Thats right folks the reason Muslims stone their adulterous whoring hajabi hottie and burka babe woman is because of the BIBLE.

Radical Moderate said...

For those of you that missed the 20/20 Fluff piece you can view it on HULU.

Warning you will yell at your computer while watching it.


mkvine said...

Hey while ABC's at it, they should also say that Revolution Muslim should work for the Department of Homeland Security as well! Heck, they should make Sadiq the General of the US armed forces. Yeah, that should take care of things around here....

Anonymous said...

Wow, ABC!

If the American government is responsible for attacks that occur on its own soil, then why would we need a "first line of defense" against terrorists? If what Sadik said was true, then we would not need to worry about any terrorist organizations, as we would have more to fear from our own government.

Also, if America does not operate on the rights of its citizens (which includes freedom of speech), as he claims, then how did he get his anti-American tirade broadcast on American television? He did not suffer arrest or violence for expressing his views, did he? Of course, if he ever converts to Christianity and preaches in Dearborn, that might be another story.

Great video!

minoria said...

I loved the video,it was brilliant,the idea making it like an interview was pure genius,I laughed in the middle of it.


Here is something I wrote to Ehtesham in Mary Jo's blog.It is a summary of the latest article in French in

Listen,read chapter 18:83-98 of the Koran,it has about Two-Horned or Dhul-Qarnayn.It says:
1.He was a prophet of God.
2.Had 2 horns.
3.Went west and found the sun went into water.
4.Went to where the sun rises(east) and found a people.
5.Later found a gate and barrier and GOG and MAGOG.

In the 3rd cent AD somebody wrote a fictional life of ALexander the Great called The Romance of Alexander.In the late 6th or early 7th century a CHRISTIAN VERSION appeared which had ALL that is in chapter 18:83-98.The only EXTRA detail is that it says
the NAME of the man:Alexander.


NO.But he heard the same story orally.At the same time another heard it also and wrote his Christian Legend of the Romance of Alexander.Chapter 18:83 even says "They will ASK YOU about TWO-HORNED"(so it proves the story of two-horned was around among the people).

The problem is that the real ALexander the Great was NOT a prophet of God,a monotheist,never met Gog and Magog,or do any of the things in the Koran.Of course Two-Horned is the same as the Two-Horned-ALexander of the Christian Romance of Alexander.Here is a historical error in the Koran.

You can read the whole Christian Romance of Alex here to see if it is true:

minoria said...


There is a website called WIKILSLAM that has some articles that would show she really was 9.It was posted by someone in info is absorbing:

It says that according to the ARABIC language itself,sura 65:4 really does mean a prepuberty girl(and not just an adult WOMAN who never had a menstruation for X reason).It is very interesting because many Muslims say "We reject the hadiths and only accept the Koran and it does not say it":

"About her being 9 in the hadiths":


More on the same thing,but better organized,plus more info:,_Hadith_and_Scholars:Aisha

"Refutation of Muslim Arguments that she was NOT 9":

You have all heard that according to X hadith we have that she was really 16,17,18 at the age of consummation:

hugh watt said...


"They talk about the Islamic practice of Stoning woman, even show parts of the video that was on this blog as well as other footage. But did you catch it, while they are showing this video they BLAME THE BIBLE. Thats right stoning is not mentioned in the Quran but it is in the BIBLE."

Depends which Koran you're using.

"..This punishment is for unmarried persons guilty of the above crime, (fornication) but if married persons commit it (illegal sex), the punishment is to stone them to death, according to Allah's Law."

hugh watt said...

Sorry. Hilali/Khan Koran.

Peter said...

Hello everbody,

@Jabari:pls dont get scared, those hard core muslims like "the santa claus on crack" in the video is the best thing can happen, because you can easily see their true colors. We got one like that in germany, but he appears much more peacfully on the outside and that still fools ppl. But on the end of the day, muslims will always show their hate and anger, because they just cant hide the evil spirit which works in them.

Thank you david for the good work, show the whole world the true nature of islam and how it uses lost souls to do its dirty work.

God Bless you

Peter Stefan Schmidt

hugh watt said...


Careful not to tar all Muslims with the same brush.

ben malik said...

Minoria, can I ask you a question? Why do you always post tons of irrelevant comments in almost every thread here on answering muslims? I really would like to know.

Ree said...

Relax, America, we're safe. The fox is guarding the henhouse.

Unknown said...

I commented on ABC blog about it being a sugar coated report and they deleted it ..posted it in fact 3 times they kept deleting it and then blocked me!>>!>!

Walter Phillips said...

Just for clarification. Those who have honestly studied the Bible and the Qur'an have found that there is harmony between their principle teachings, without compromising any teadching in either book. (Fro example, See

The problem is not with the Qur'an, it is in Islam's interpretation of it.

hugh watt said...


Can you point out the harmony between the principle teachings of women's rights in the 2 books. It would be interesting to see how you harmonize these.

The nature of God. Triune or not, in the case of Islam?

Christ. Son of God, or not?

Gabriel, an angel or Muhammad?

Israel. The Jews homeland?

Believers in Yeshua. A royal priesthood or the "worst of creatures?"

That's just for starters.