Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Roger Williams Revisited

Our lawyer has been requesting the written statement of Roger Williams for a while, and the City of Dearborn finally gave it to us (on the last business day before our hearing). After reading it, you'll see why the city didn't want to give it to us. According to Roger's official story, Amal Alslami had to round up a few people to "break through" the Acts 17 barrier and rescue him from our midst! Here's Roger's version of things (in his written report to police). Note: All spelling and grammatical errors are in the original.

On Friday evening, June 18th, 2010, I was volunteering at the International Arab Festival located in Dearborn MI. I had come into contact with two men that were going through the festival passing out literature. They both had backpacks on and they were filled with flyers. I explained to them both that they were not any literature inside of the festival. They both said no problem and left and took the backpacks offs. I saw them both about an hour later and one of them came up to me and apologize to me and let me know that he would not pass out anything and he just wanted to talk to some of the Arabic people. I shook his hand and thanked him and as he was leaving the men and a lady surrounded me with their cameras want to know why that those guys could not pass out flyers. I told them I was not willing to talk on camera and to turn the camera off. Then one got right behind and one on either side of me. I felt I was being trapped and felt as I was being threatened. I told them I would call security and they started saying, “tell me what law we broke?” I again told them that I am not speaking to them and to please turn the camera off. At this time one the Chamber workers, Amal had been watching the whole thing and called for one of the volunteers to take pictures of each one for identification purposes. She and a few others broke through their group and escorted me out from them. We then we to the police and made a complaint.

I have tried to put everything I remember exactly as it happened. I hope I did not leave anything out. If you need additional information please contact me at the phone number and address below.

Thank you

Roger A Williams

If you need to me come up there for any court as a witness I would be more than happy to. These guys are liars and try to insight riots. I have reviewed some stuff they have placed on You tube and no of it is accurate.

Once again, here's what really happened:

Contrary to Roger's delusional-in-the-extreme version of events, we didn't ask him why Luke couldn't hand out flyers, we did not surround him, Negeen was behind some tents (rather than surrounding him), he did not tell us to stop recording (let alone twice), Amal Alslami wasn't even there, and no one had to rescue him from us.

Even more shocking than Roger's fanciful rewriting of history, prosecuting attorney William DeBiasi is relying on Roger's testimony as part of his case against us! If that isn't enough, he's also calling on Amal Alslami as a witness of our supposed harassment of Roger, since Amal initially claimed to have witnessed it. Yet Amal later told a detective that she wasn't even there! And she's about to be one of the star witnesses! This just keeps getting weirder and weirder. I feel like I'm in the Twilight Zone.

In any other city, Roger would be in trouble for lying. Amal Alslami would be in trouble for lying. The police would be in trouble for lying. The mayor would be in trouble for lying. And William DeBiasi would be a laughingstock for throwing justice out the window in an effort to please the Muslim community. But this is Dearborn. The rules just don't apply.


Radical Moderate said...

You have got to be kidding me. Guys I hope your lawyer pressures the city attorney into filling charges against this clown.

I mean really this is just to much.

minoria said...

As I said before that Roger Williams is not well,or could even be in the pay of a Muslim,such suspicious behavior.Listen to the latest,IMAM RAUF rents apartaments in a building and this man who says he is so good treats his tenants like trash.They live is appalling conditions.In this article from AUG 30 he is called a SLUMLORD,"Mosque Slumlord:NJ Tenants rages at Ground Zero Imam :

Lydia McGrew said...

His accusations are contradicted by the video, and hopefully this will be enough for the judge to dismiss all charges.

But any lawyer should be practically licking his chops at the thought of cross-examining Roger Williams. It's like a gift.

TheTruth122112 said...

Recently, Fordson high school's football team practiced from 1130pm to 430am in the morning during the night time hours. This was due to ramadan a religious event. Keep in mind Fordson is a PUBLIC school. In order to have these practices they had to power the stadium light for 6 hours a night. The amount of money that it cost to run the lights is unknown, but in addition an engineer and athletic trainers have to be present. This is double time/overtime for these people. Where did the money come to fund these events due to a religious belief? It came from the tax payers who have no connection with islam. This event is unacceptable. If this was done due to any christian event there would have been protests for days.

Unknown said...

As a member of the LDS Church,I ASK ALL Christian denominations,to PLEASE STOP bickering about our churches theologies and UNITE so we could defend the FREEDOM that the revolutionary soldiers fought and died for, and I say this with pain in my heart, the enemy of Christianity WILL continue to take advantage of the fact that we as Christians DO not back each other up, and argue about theology, when WE should ALL forget our differences and become united as Christians to defend (by peaceful means of course) OUR freedom of speech and our freedom of religion.peace to all my Christian brothers and sisters!!!!!