Tuesday, September 21, 2010


State Rep. Tom McMillin today made a procedural move to try to get action on a resolution regarding the case of four Christians who were arrested at the Arab Festival in Dearborn for discussing religion with attendees.

McMillin introduced the measure in July condemning the City of Dearborn's assault on freedom of speech and calling on the attorney general's office to investigate the incident, but the House of Representatives has not considered it.

The four are currently standing trial in Dearborn after being arrested for disorderly conduct.

"These four Christians were exercising their First Amendment rights to freedom of speech on public property and they were arrested for doing so," said McMillin, R-Rochester Hills. "Having attended a couple of the pre-trial hearings, it's clear to me that this has more to do with persecution of Christians than anything else."

Today, McMillin submitted a formal notice to discharge House Resolution 313 from the House Judiciary Committee. Source.

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