Thursday, August 12, 2010

Tony Costa vs. Bassam Zawadi: "Was Muhammad Assured of His Salvation?"

Two of my favorite debaters go at it on whether Muhammad had assurance of his salvation.



For more, visit their websites:

Tony Costa
Bassam Zawadi


Sam said...

Did you get to hear it yet?

Anonymous said...

I am so happy this debate is up. The sound quality isnt the best but we used an expensive camera.

As a note I have opportunity have furher dialogue with the other co moderator. I would like to state that we have very good relations with the folks at NAMF and they are interested in furhter debates.

Bfoali said...

The sound is terrible. Is there an alternative?

Anonymous said...


Buy a top of the line canera and sound system for these debates and we get better sound quality

Anonymous said...

I finished watching the debate between Tony and the world's worst debater Osama Sdullah. Bassam though I certianly do not agree with was polite and scholarly. Osama on the other had used the same ole template. I font know hy he even bothered to show up he should just played a recording of ramblings and inane statements. Basically it was a repeat of of any debate I have heard from him. He proves once again he is ignorant and uninformed.

If I were a Muslim I would be embarassed by Osama debating skills.

Zack_Tiang said...

"If I were a Muslim I would be embarassed by Osama debating skills."

I concurred.. really. If any of my Muslim friends use his articles.. I immediately beg them to use some other resource for their argument.. haha...

Then again.. may be he's a blessing in disguise instead for us Christians.. hahah