Friday, August 27, 2010

Nabeel vs. Osama Tonight at 8:00 P.M. (EST)

Nabeel will have a televised debate with Osama Abdallah on the preservation of the Qur'an tonight at 8:00 (Eastern Standard Time). Be sure to watch it live on ABN.


VJ said...

omg its osama again?
so long i was wondering who cud be the opponent..and it turns out to be the great abdallah :D
anyways its a victory before the debate begins,osama has demonstrated that before..

BTW ethesham gulam also showed some new low standards with James white,lately i wud rate osama 0.5% better than him.
i don't know why he even bothered to turn up with only 1 book and that too of bart ehrman,i hear hes a historian,lol
maybe its time for him to join 1st grade history again

Anonymous said...

Once again Osama proves he is the world's worst debater with this "check it out at answering DASH Christianity DOT com" and the ever popular "point refuted"

Osama total inability or unwilliness to answer direct questions is teally getting tiresome

The Muslims must beginning to think why don't David and Nabeel pick on somebody their own size.

Anonymous said...

Just another point I an glad Osama is on their side and not outs.

mkvine said...

I thought Osama Abdullah was retired from debating.

Radical Moderate said...

I was only able to catch the Q and A section. I loved Osma's rambiling nonsensical response to Dr Whites Question. Classic Osama.

Guys can you talk to those at ABN and see if they can stream these programs to a Android friendly app so I can stream it to my EVO.

VJ said...

agreed with Bartimaeus

seems like the best islam can offer after all joker naik is afraid and is letting these men defend his faith instead of him.

its interesting that gulam made a comment on aomin facebook page to as to why his humiliating debate was hidden by James white?
i suggest everyone to have a glance at that discussion and decide if that's the best Islam has to offer.....
so much for gulam to be eager to see his and Islam's humiliating footage

Unknown said...

how long was this debate? I went to the abn website at 9:30 EST and there was nothing. was it only an hour? is it going to be uploaded somewhere?

Fisher said...

Osama has a very interesting way of proving that the Qur'an is perfectly preserved...

"You see, the Qur'an has been perfectly preserved because of..... PULSARS AND GAMMA RAYS!

Lol. I still get a crack out of that one.

minoria said...

Hello guys:
I did not see the debate,unfortunately,nor did I know there was one between Gulam and James White.I can not judge on the merits but it distresses me that Gulam and Osama are called names,it is not following the Golden Rule.The emphasis should be on why their ideas were inadequate or bad or wrong.I will try to see the Gulam and White debate if it is there somewhere.
I recently saw again the Mary Jo Sharp vs Tabassum debate.In one part,to my surprise,Tabassum accepted that Mohammed had sex with Aisha at age 9.GULP!
She is a neurosurgeon and she accepts that from he who they say is the greatest man who ever lived.He was over 50 years old.

Anthony Rogers said...


Unfortunately, I missed the debate as well. However, I was told it could be up at ABN as early as Monday.

Fernando said...

Hei brother Fisher... yes: thats a classic one; almost as classic as when he saide, iff I well remember, thate the qur'an is whel preserved because so many people saide so... butt he's a good folk: he has some problems -- something about one uncle off him -- as you might habe figured it out, butt he is a good fellow...

John Park said...

I wonder, how Muslims could claim that the Quran has been preserved, whilst believing that there are seven different recitations of the Quran.
Yet, more importantly, they are not willing to produce a critical edition of the Quran, which examines the different variations which are found with the earliest manuscripts.

btw, check this video out:

minoria said...

I have been hearing some of the White vs Gulam debate on youtube.There are things Gulam said that go against what we know,that show him to be wrong.He said MARK does not mention the VIRGIN BIRTH and that MARK does NOT say Jesus saying he is God.

MARK has Jesus saying he is God ACCORDING to JEWISH STANDARDS in:

1.MARK 6:45-52,Jesus says,exact Greek used:"Do not fear,I AM"(when he should have said:"Do not fear,it is I."MATTHEW,to avoid saying GOD,changes the expression KINGDOM of GOD to KINGDOM of HEAVEN,and in Jesus' trial changes MARK's "I AM" to "You have said it"(to avoid using one of the names of God)
MARK is written in BAD GREEK,one could say MARK 6:45-52 was a GRAMMATICAL ERROR.Usually MATTHEW IMPROVES his grammar and syntax but MATTHEW 14:22-33 repeats the I AM.It is obvious he wanted to show that MARK had NOT commited a grammatical error,but actually had Jesus identifying himself as God.

2.MARK 2:23-38 has Jesus saying he is the LORD of the SABBATH.In JUDAISM only God is the Lord of the Sabbath.

3.MARK 2:1-12 has Jesus saying he forgives the sins of others who have not wronged him.IN FACT,the text has the Jewish religious experts thinking right way that he was claiming to be God,according to JEWISH STANDARDS.

VIRGIN BIRTH:It is true MARK does not say "he was born of a virgin".But he does say Jesus HAD A MOTHER and BROTHERS and SISTERS and that Jesus was God.But the virgin birth is implied,since according to Jewish standards,you can not be God and have a BIOLOGICAL FATHER.

John Lollard said...

I kinda feel the same way about Osama Abdallah as Lucy felt about Reepicheep in the Dawn Treader. I think if I ever saw him in person, and it wouldn't insult him personally, I'd really want to give him a hug. I don't know why. Maybe I'm crazy.

Adam said...

Hi VJ vijay and other brothers... please send this message across to all muslims... I think this is the right time for muslims to know their demi gods like Dr. Zakir Naik & Co.

Osama Abdallah said...

"Osama has a very interesting way of proving that the Qur'an is perfectly preserved...

"You see, the Qur'an has been perfectly preserved because of..... PULSARS AND GAMMA RAYS!

Lol. I still get a crack out of that one."

What is so funny about demonstrating Scientific Miracles that only existed in the Glorious Quran and are in 100% agreement with Science? And I did demonstrate from the Glorious Quran how Allah Almighty Himself Said that He will Compile the Quran the Way He wants it to be compiled, and I showed the Numerical Miracles that only Computers today could demonstrate that testify to the accuracy of the Glorious Quran's Verses and Chapters (Surahs).

What is so hilarious and cracking up about this? I mean, LOL, compare this to your Scientific absurdities in the Bible where only William Campbell, and lately Tony Costa had the balls to debate and go refuted badly on. See my last debate with Tony. You can also visit: NEITHER NABEEL NOR DAVID WOOD have the courage to debate the Bible's accuracy on Science. They know the bible is the most ridiculous and ludicrous book when it comes to Scientific accuracy. They are both here and they both can comment on this.

Osama Abdallah

minoria said...

I was seeing the Gulam-White debate a bit more and Gulam makes the claim that the gospels are by unknown authors,of unknown date and even unreliable.

My answer to some of it would be that when you analyse all the information one can say they are reliable.First:

The REASON why they are dated as being written from 70-85(for the Synoptics) is because MARK,MATTHEW nd LUKE have Jesus saying the TEMPLE would be destroyed.That happened in 70 AD.If it did not have it then INTERNAL EVIDENCE(Luke stopping the book LUKE-ACTS at 61 or 62 AD with Paul alive)would have scholars say they were written from 50-62 AD.

SECOND:the gospels have about 15 incidents that are counter-productive to a propaganda work(then why include them?).The answer is the church leaders(and the authors also) had a tradition of FIDELITY to what really happened.

THIRD:Further proof is that,based on oral tradition,Christian leaders said 2 of the books were by people who did NOT know Jesus:MARK and LUKE.
That is AGAINST propaganda purposes.They should have said the gospels were by PETER,PAUL,JOHN and MATTHEW.That shows FIDELITY to the truth.

Osama Abdallah said...

David Wood,

You are a despicable coward for preventing my post from being published.
May the Curse of Allah Almighty be upon you and your ministry. Ameen.

Osama Abdallah

Traeh said...

Osama wasn't a great debater, especially with the silly number manipulations. I thought Nabeel was outstanding. His demeanor during the debate -- the combination of kindness, clarity, and time management -- were remarkable.

Traeh said...

There is a Muslim on the internet who goes by "Danios" who might be more interesting for a debate, if he'd do it. Over at he writes stuff defending Islam sometimes. He has a piece on apostasy in Islam here. I'd love to see David Wood debate him.

minoria said...

Hello Adam:
I posted 2 links to SAKSHI,the Indian apologetics website,one included the link with the article about Zakir Naik(with a brief description),in the comment section in the article-video "Ce que les musulmans regardent"(what Muslims watch).Thanks for the information.

flow said...

Volume 3, Book 41, Number 601:
Narrated 'Umar bin Al-Khattab:

I heard Hisham bin Hakim bin Hizam reciting Surat-al-Furqan in a way different to that of mine. Allah's Apostle had taught it to me (in a different way). So, I was about to quarrel with him (during the prayer) but I waited till he finished, then I tied his garment round his neck and seized him by it and brought him to Allah's Apostle and said, "I have heard him reciting Surat-al-Furqan in a way different to the way you taught it to me." The Prophet ordered me to release him and asked Hisham to recite it. When he recited it, Allah s Apostle said, "It was revealed in this way." He then asked me to recite it. When I recited it, he said, "It was revealed in this way. The Qur'an has been revealed in seven different ways, so recite it in the way that is easier for you."

I have called in and asked osama that which one of these two recitations of Surat-al-Furqan is in Qur’an? He didn't answer the question. The text is very clear that Allah’s Apostle approved both men’s way of reading of Surat-al Furqan by saying that,”It was revealed in this way”. So if Surat-al-Furqan is REVEALED in two different ways then it has to be in two different ways in Qur’an. Allah’s Apostle knows the best? Right. No argument about that. Then, why there is only one way of Surat-al- Furqan is Qur’an?

“The Qur'an has been revealed in seven different ways, so recite it in the way that is easier for you." Says Allah’s Apostle. Where are remaining six?

minoria said...

Hello Traeh:
I just saw your link.I had commented in that same post under the name Maturin.I stopped when I sent an objection to a statement of his,one by Danios...and it was rejected,it didn't appear.
He had said that a hadith about Mohammed was misunderstood.His position is that when Moh. in the hadiths says "he who leaves Islam,kill him"Mohammed and Islamic law meant ONLY for a person who was urging revolt against the state...the equivalent of TREASON,and that it wouldn't apply to Rifqa.
I said that a hadith by Mohammed about the LAST DAYS showed HE meant it for APOSTASY IN GENERAL,that the hadith said NOTHING about revolting agaisnt the state.He had earlier said it had been misunderstood and I wrote a reply quoting the Hadith WORD for WORD and let readers see Mohammed said that in the future msome YOUNG MUSLIMS(like RIFQA) would leave Islam and to kill them...NO CONDITIONS of only if it is trying to overthrow the state mentioned.
Here is the source:
"Allah's Apostle: 'During the LAST DAYS there will appear SOME YOUNG FOOLISH PEOPLE(sounds like applying to Rifqa,for a Muslim)) who will say the best words but their faith will not go beyond their throats (i.e. they will have no faith) and will go out from (leave) their religion as an arrow goes out of the game. So, WHEREVER YOU FIND THEM,KILL THEM, for WHOEVER KILLS THEM shall have REWARD on the DAY of RESURRECTION.'"
Now THAT,my friend,applies to RIFQA!He didn't post it,as you can see his whole argument is wrong.

minoria said...

I forgot to add the citation is from BUKHARI Book 84,number 64,volume 9.

Anonymous said...

Seriously, I am sick and tired of seeing Osama get beaten on. He is got the same exact arguments over and over again and never really answers any questions. He keeps referring to this verse 79:30 and the word dahaha as if it means that the earth is circular where in fact the word means flat.

There is one verse that is very clear in the Quran on the shape of the earth, and that is verse 88:20 which says "wa ela al-ard kaifa sutehat" which means "and to the earth how it's flattened" (I speak Arabic,and the word sutehat means Flattened exactly). I wish Nabeel mentioned this in the debate.

Osama, if you're reading this, you are just wandering with the Arabic language and making new meanings for words to make your quran seem miraculous. the word Dahaha in 79:30 means made it flat just like the word Sutehat in aya 88:20, so please stop wandering with the Arabic as if you have something to say when in fact you never actually answer any questions and the topic wasn't about Islamic miracles anyways of which I have never found a single miracle in the Quran and I can read the Arabic.

minoria said...

I would like to add a comment on the DEEDAT claim that nowhere in the gospels does Jesus' say "I am God,worship me."
I think Gulam made a reference to it in his debate with White,though I am not 100% sure.Even if he had said it Deedat certainly knew that in the OT men are called "god"(eloh).It is just an expression for mighty man,powerful,important man.Like today we call a Beautiful Woman a "goddess".
Jesus spoke Aramaic,the word PELAKH/pelach can mean "to serve"or "to worship"(when refering to religion).The point is that even if Jesus had said it Deedat would not have accepted it,but yet he rejected Jesus' reference to being God(according to Jewish standards).Bad scholarship by him.

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

This was a clear devastation of Osama Abdallah.