Saturday, August 14, 2010

Kort Gatterdam, Attorney for Rifqa Bary, Discusses Her Trial

Muslims around the world (including groups like CAIR) mercilessly attacked Rifqa Bary's reputation and her story. Throughout the ordeal, Rifqa's attorney Kort Gatterdam was under gag order not to discuss the case. Now that Rifqa is 18 years old, Gatterdam is free to speak.




Fisher said...

Muslims around the world (including groups like CAIR) mercilessly attacked Rifqa Bary's reputation and her story.

I find it very troubling that all of these Muslims are involved in one massive smear campaign to discredit anybody and everybody who converts from Islam to Christianity and/or criticizes Islamic beliefs. Many of these people truly have no sense of decency of integrity in them.

Sam said...

Fisher, why would that shock you seeing who their examples are, namely Allah and his messenger? Have you ever read about the life of Muhammad? If you have that the Muslim reaction should not surpise you.

getrealman said...

wow, what a great video recap.

The attorney seems like a really good guy. Can you imagine the time and effort and expenses he has incurred without any desire for compensation? There really are some good brothers and sisters out there that serve as great examples. God bless this man!

Tizita said...

Ugggg! it is so hard to be a follower of Jesus, satan throws arrows at u from every corner possible.

But Jesus has promised: No eyes have seen, no ears have heard and no mind can comprehend what the Lord has prepared for those that Love Him!

Your flesh might not take the suffering we go through here on earth but the reword (being with Jesus forever) is worth it all!!!!!!!!!

I recently read on a blog abt a Saudi woman who found out abt Jesus through online chat and became born again. Her brother found out, by reading her notes on her computer, that she had become born again shot and killed her the next day.

Here is her last letter she wrote to her online friends before she died on August (forgot the date):

The Peace of our Lord and our God and Jesus the Messiah,

I am in big trouble. My family started to doubt me because of a religious argument yesterday evening with my mother and brothers. And I insulted Islam without feeling in a fit of anger, saying for example, "because I am greatly distressed in thought as I live without any religious freedom at all." The main thing is that I said that the way of Christ is purer than the way of the Messenger and there is a great difference between them. The argument intensified to a level where my brother said "Repent! Otherwise you have blasphemed!" I said to them, "I ask forgiveness from God, and I promised that it was a fit of anger." I received a flood of insults from my brother and he said, "This internet changed you, changed your behavior, and changed your religion." The important thing is that we went to my paternal uncle's house, and when I returned at 1:00 I found my room open and my laptop wasn't there. After a quarter of an hour, I discovered that it was with my brother. And he was in it, looking through Christian thoughts that I wrote and a symbol of the corss, and notes some of which were in colloquial dialect...and I asked him "Why did you take my laptop?" He said, "I was forced to open it and connect to the internet because my computer is not working!!" And he looked at me with a sharp look, and I smiled in his face and locked myself in the room till this moment. I am sure that he read the notes and saw the picture of the cross because the evidence was out in plain site in the desk, and also why else would he open my room? And the key is with me, so how did he get a copy of the key? I am afraid as I have spent 4 hrs in my room as I distrusted him and his looks scared me greatly...pray for me please. If I am away for a while, don't worry as "The Lord is with me. He is my light and salvation so from whom do I fear?" I will try to distance myself from the internet so that no one will doubt me.

You can visit this mans face book to read more of the letters she wrote on line: Mubarak Al-Mubarak
Please always pray for ur brothers and sisters in Christ who are suffering ALWAYS! Remember we are a body and we share the pain and anguish they all go through. Jesus bless

Fisher said...

Sam: I am aware of the less than noble demeanor of the so-called "prophet" of Islam. I just can't help but shake my head at all of these Islamic propagandists who abandon whatever sense of humanity they may have in order to follow this pretender's sunnah.

Lydia McGrew said...

A rumor has arisen from a single poster at Pamela Geller's blog that Rifqa has received special juvenile immigration status. But I have been unable to confirm this. If anyone finds a reliable source to this effect, please post it. Gatterdam does sound a bit concerned in these videos that she might not get the immigration status they've applied for.

Anonymous said...

God be with her!

WomanForTruth101 said...

Aside from the facts that Rifqa continues to update her testimony and contradict herself, which is why the Florida judge had a tough time to figure out what to do with her, what do you all think of Rifqa claiming she's a Prophet of god?

It's also interesting to note how evangelical lawyers have been with Rifqa? You know that one who claimed the Columbus mosque had terror-ties? In which an investigation showed nothing?

WomanForTruth101 said...

Lydia, do me a favour and don't follow Pamela Geller. She supports white supremacy groups and hates transgenders. Her work is complete nonsense (i.e "Nazi's adopted Jihad"). She denies hate crimes against Muslims exist and the genocide of Bosnian Muslims. Also her SIOA rally had 5000 people come out, according to her site. But police estimates showed only 300. She's just looking for attention.
I find it wierd how she makes it onto the Joy Behar show every few weeks. Totally ruined CNN.

David Wood said...

Funny, WomanforTruth tells Lydia not to follow Pamela Gellar, right after she tells us to get our information about Rifqa from the Muslim hate site "Loon Watch." You can see from this how much Muslims hate apostates. They're still going after all 70 pounds of Rifqa! (And they've started going after all 4'11" of Negeen.) They don't get to kill them, so they try to kill their reputations.

WomanForTruth101 said...

Aha David did you call Loonwatch a Muslim hate site? Care to explain this?

The loonwatch links I gave had actual sources to the Orlando Sentinel. While Pamela Geller gives no links at all.
You should do a post on answering our responses to Rifqa Barry. Instead of saying how much we want to "kill" her, why not answer what we've brought up?

David Wood said...

The Orlando Sentinel??? I'm not sure where you're from, but the Orlando Sentinel is recognized as one of the most pro-Islam, bend over backwards to please Muslims, throw apostates under the bus newspapers on the planet. It's not surprising that you would support them.

But let's examine the facts.

(1) Rifqa converted to Christianity.
(2) The penalty for female apostasy in Islam is either death or torture (depending on which school you follow).
(3) Rifqa's father abused her.
(4) Rifqa's father threatened to kill her.
(5) Rifqa's father threatened Rifqa's guardian if she testified on Rifqa's behalf.

Anyone who isn't filled with hatred of apostates would immediately recognize that Rifqa needed to be protected from her father. But due to the Muslim hatred of apostates, you attack her no matter what, in an effort to kill her reputation.

Why would Muslims be so desperate to attack a little girl like Rifqa? Don't you have better things to do? Can't you just leave her alone and live her life?

No. Because you believe you must teach her a lesson, as a warning to any other girls who are thinking about leaving Islam due to things like (1) Muhammad allowing the rape of female captives, (2) Muhammad allowing the beating of rebellious wives, (3) Muhammad claiming that women are stupid, etc.

Zack_Tiang said...

WomanForTruth101 said..
"You should do a post on answering our responses to Rifqa Barry. Instead of saying how much we want to "kill" her, why not answer what we've brought up?"

Yes indeed, I have to agree with David..

She's just a young girl.. who just turned 18 by now...
And you ppl are so bent on destroying her reputation (if not ' "kill" ' her)........ WHY?

Joshua Evans was an ex-Christian Youth Ministry and converted to Islam... was there a near majority of Christianity that were so bent on destroying his reputation? let alone threatened to kill him?? Heck no.

Bart Ehrman became an Atheist after wahtever 'scholarly' research he did on Christianity and the bible.. Did a near majority of Christianity even bother to destroy his reputation or threaten his life? Heck no.

Why is there even a need to destroy her reputation? If Islam is the true religion of God (and a religion of peace), what are you all doing trying to silent or 'destroy' those who apostate?

Zack_Tiang said...

In case my questions were dodged as inapplicable...

If Islam is the true religion of God.... or religion of peace..
Why are Muslims bothering to silent or 'destroy' those who apostate?

Why is there even a need for you to destroy or make irrelevant Rifqa's testimony?
If she's lying, then she's lying and the court will eventually figure it out.. one way or another.
Why is there a need for you to 'bring up' something against her testimony in the first place?

WomanForTruth101 said...

I live in Canada but I was born in Long Beach.

So I guess whatever media outlet that posts something non-negative about Islam is all all of a sudden against Christianity and pro-Muslim? I should have mentioned the Columbus Dispatch reported the same things as the OS. But it seems to me you're just mimicking Pamela Geller's work.

The facts are David, Rifqa's father never abused her. There is no evidence for her claims. She comes up with a new excuse everyday. First it was Mohammed Barry forced his daughter to wear hijab, then the next day it was that she was forced to wear burka. She said she got punched for not following his rules. Yet the FBI found only pictures of Rifqa wearing cheerleader outitfs throughout their home. Furthermore Rifqa's mom objected to her being a cheerleader while her father let her.
There was an article on Atlas Shrugs about Rifqa's brother's countless DUI's. Pamela had a snapshot of the brother's facebook page with a picture of him gulping vodka. Now Mr. Wood can you tell me does this family seem the perfect representations of Islam to you?

And nice red herring's on the bottom of your comment. I find it strange you put the posiiton of female's only apostasizing? I suggest you stick to the topic of Rifqa.

P.S Loonwatch and Islamophobia Watch are run entirely by non-Muslims.

WomanForTruth101 said...

I'm not trying to destroy anyone's reputation. If people want to leave Islam then let them. It doesn't make sense to force someone to believe in a faith that they don't want to. But if a person doesn't give straight answers and throws around false accusations, shouldn't they be questioned?
Joshua evans by the way recieved white powder in the mail. This could have been toxic. And this came a week after his mosque was firebombed.