Thursday, August 26, 2010

ABN TV Special, Court Appearance, and Support Needed

Dearborn Police assumed they would get away with violating our rights because most people won't bother spending thousands of dollars hiring lawyers, traveling to another state, etc., in order to fight misdemeanor charges. It's easier to simply give in. But giving in is what leads to further violations of civil rights, and that just won't work. We're thankful that the Thomas More Law Center took our case free of charge.

Nabeel and I are heading back to Michigan on Friday. Our hearing is on Monday, but we have some work to do in Dearborn over the weekend (more on this next week). Nabeel also has a televised debate on Friday.

On Saturday, we'll be heading to ABN to do a TV show on the Dearborn catastrophe. Be sure to tune in at 10:30 P.M. (Eastern Standard Time). We'll be showing video clips, responding to accusations, and taking phone calls. If you don't get ABN via satellite, you can watch live on the internet here.

We need some help covering expenses. Plane tickets, hotel room, and rental car are more than we can cover. Please chip in here:


Christie said...

Praying for yall!

Anonymous said...

I am making no promises but I am really going to try and phone in ant tell what I saw.

It is so important that the truth comes out about this and that some of the Christians think that the Dearborn 4 are hateful and unkind be given the facts

God bless the Dearborn 4 for the courages stand they are taking.

Tizita said...

Whoa........Ya'll check this out!!!

The first Muslim university in America has opened in Berkley, CA. Lovely!

Most people are worried abt the mosque in N.Y. while here in CA. another muslim institute is being opened under freedom of religion. I live in CA. and im not liking this......

Here is the link for more info. w/ a video.

Fernando said...

Doctor Wood: whate is the total amount of money you all need? I made my maths and got something around 3.000 dolares... this is quite much... I hope, and pray, God will make people to help you all... your effords are imbelivable important...

Tom ta tum Tom said...

Beloved in Christ,

Please let me join in with Christie and Bartimaeus by saying:

David and crew are giving themselves - literally - to the cause of God's reconciliation. But not only for the reconciliation of Muslims to the One Living God, but also for the reconciliation of ALL of us, by the Blood of the Lamb.

Believe me when I say they have already paid dearly for their work on our behalf. PLEASE chip in to help protect them and PLEASE spend the coming days in prayer for them.

May God be glorified in all of this! May eyes be opened, may hearts be turned and may lives be changed for the Kingdom of the Only Living God in Christ.

Nabeel, Negeen, Paul & David you have demonstrated to us how far ALL of us must go to rescue Muslim people (and the future of humanity) from death by the poison of Islam. There can be no turning back. Please come home to us safely.

Kafir, fasting and praying! MAY JESUS CHRIST BE PRAISED!!

Unknown said...

Guys, I wish I were in a place to offer cash. I am praying, of course. Your heart is my heart. I will be in touch.

David Wood said...


$3000? Things are expensive, but not that expensive. $1000 should easily cover the entire trip. Not sure we'll get that much through donations, but everything helps.

Silvy Mendonsa said...

What time is Nabeels debate on Friday ? Will it be on ABNSAT ?

abel said...

David & Co.,

May the Almighty God who sent us his only son Jesus Christ bless you and your family.

Anthony Rogers said...

The debate is at 8:00 (EST), I bedlieve.

minoria said...

Hello David:
I am almost sure you will win,and you are doing the right thing,otherwise the Muslims there will continue with their harassment.Not all but certainly influential ones.People are waking up,recently Christopher Hitchens,who before was for the Ground Zero Mosque,is now against it,for solid reason,he has seen Rauf's true colors.It is sad that he is now dying of cancer,due to years of excessive drinking and smoking.

Hello Tizita:
I saw the video,it is sad in the sense that they will teach people the rosy version of Islamic history and always throw the blame on the non-Muslims.I am sure they will say not a word about the death of 50 Christians in Cordoba between 850-855 for speaking negatively about Islam(and that ws in the "GOLDEN AGE" of Christian-Muslim coexistence in Spain,from 711-1031 AD)Or if they do they will say it was their fault.The Muslim leaders are very dishonest intellectualy.And if somebody shows that historical detail he will be called a "hatemonger".Their behaviour is very predictable.

Anonymous said...

May God save us all from the masochist muslims.