Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Cartoon: Dearborn Police vs. the Gospel

A couple of people sent me a link to this cartoon over at the Sacred Sandwich. Not much commentary needed.

Let's just hope that the Dearborn Police Department handles cartoons better than certain other groups.


Erastus said...

Let's hope Acts 17 can also handle a few jabs at David's occasional sarcasm, satire, or exaggerations.

Great photos from the protest rally at Dearborn City Hall on Monday in your honor.

Glenn Hendrickson said...

Yeah, it's a cartoon, but I'll bet that's what it feels like

Thanks for the link to those pictures, Erastus! I'm enjoying them :)

Glenn Hendrickson

David Wood said...

Erastus said: "Let's hope Acts 17 can also handle a few jabs at David's occasional sarcasm, satire, or exaggerations."

I'd find it more interesting if people would criticize us based on our actual claims, rather than on the straw man that's been set up (namely, that we've somehow said that all Christians in Dearborn are constantly harassed).

Imagine a Jew walking down the street in Dearborn. A Muslim walks up to him and says, "I hate Jews," and hits him with a baseball bat. The Jew complains that he's the victim of a hate crime.

The Detroit Free Press would then issue an immediate response: "We interviewed several Jews in Dearborn who were not victims of hate crimes. This shows that claims of anti-semitism are groundless."

I think a logic class would help here.

Haecceitas said...

There's no reason to expect that all Christians would be mistreated if we are talking about an early stage in a move toward more anti-Christian policies and attitudes. But at the same time, I think I've heard David say that many Christians in the Dearborn in fact have experienced all kinds of mistreatment. (And one can understand why people who live there might not want to identify themselves in this regard.)

Letitia (The Damsel) said...

Thankfully, it's not a cartoon of Muhammad. Oh, the humanity!

el Lobo said...

David said:

I think a logic class would help here.

As always you argue from a presupposition that the reason the muslim says he hates jews and chooses to hit him cant be explained in terms of some previus encounter or something the jew did on the occasion he was hit. Moreover, in order to obtain circumstantial evidence that there is no trend among muslims in the specific community towards beating jews out of the blue, the press might very well be wise to not take the jews word for it that muslims in Dearborn go around hitting jews, especially if the Jew has a history of deceit and hatemongering.
Master David I suggest you take a class in logic. It might do you some good.

David Wood said...

Lupus said: "Master David I suggest you take a class in logic. It might do you some good."

I've taught logic classes.

And I think you're the only one who completely missed the point of my comment. It wasn't about Jews or anti-semitism. It was about the ridiculous response being given by our critics. "I've found Christians who weren't harassed; therefore, you Christians weren't harassed." Silly. But not quite as silly as your comment.

el Lobo said...

Master David

You're attacking a straw man. Give one example of people who have said: "I've found Christians who weren't harassed; therefore, you Christians weren't harassed."

Glenn Hendrickson said...


I took a formal logic class at a JC. Now I'm no pro but I just drew this picture for you to help explain how I see it.

Glenn Hendrickson

David Wood said...


Now you're just trying to waste our time. (So now you can go do it someplace else.)

The constant cry of our critics, from the beginning, has been, "But Josh McDowell is a Christian, and he wasn't harassed." Even the "jab" that Erastus just posted at the beginning of the comments section here uses this response (i.e. this Christian is free to preach; therefore Acts 17 obviously wasn't targeted).

Christie said...

Nice! Love the cartoon!

Hiwot said...


From the video clips and others testimony on Face Book and on some blogs, I would push the dark circle a little bit to the middle (just my opinion).

David Wood said...


I would have made the diagram a little different.

I would have had three circles. One is "Christians," the next is "People who expose injustice with video cameras," and the third is "People who demand their Constitutional rights." The overlap area would be us, and we were obviously targeted. Other Christians, but not all, were harassed as well. But Dearborn obviously had something special in mind for us.

Glenn Hendrickson said...


Yes, i would generally agree. The diagram was not drawn to scale.

Glenn Hendrickson

Glenn Hendrickson said...


Good point! That is why you teach logic classes and I blog in my free time! :)

I added color to this one: See Venn Diagram

Glenn Hendrickson

Tom ta tum Tom said...


Thanks for hooking us up with "Sacred Sandwich". Shame on me for being away from there for so long but BLESS YOU for the reminder. LOVE th' 'toon! YES! God's only Holy Word IS a lethal weapon against evil forces and injustice... so, the little Barney Fife character in the 'toon is prob'bly TERRIFIED that the Christian will turn it on HIM! (the cop) LOL! THANK YOU, DAVID! You BLESS us all! KAFIR AND PROUD AND LAFFIN' OUT LOUD!

Ryan S said...


Notice that Acts17 is getting more and more attention? Do you know why? because their cause is JUST, and God loves Justice! but your stubbornness as a Muslim will always frustrate you!

Think about this Since nothing happens out of "allah's will, why are not the muslims being elevated in all this rather then the so called idolterous Christians?

So sit and be frustrated while your Allah makes Acts17 look good LOL

Zack_Tiang said...

I agree... Lupus is wasting everyone's time here with his obviously oblivious/ignorant remarks...

Anthony Rogers said...


It is obvious that the only reason the people protesting didn't get arrested is because Mayor O'Reilly and Chief Haddad, apart from whose command the STF does not move a finger, were on a much needed vacation. (That makes me wonder: What is the whether like in Saudi Arabia this time of year?)

Anthony Rogers said...

Okay, that wasn't fair; I know they aren't really vacationing in Saudi Arabia. I did read, however, that they were both attending some kind of training sessions. (And no, I am not sure where the Madrasah is located)

Traeh said...

Like others, I try to learn to increase my tolerance of opposing views. I agree with David and Zack that, at least in this instance, Lupus was not merely taking an opposing view however. He was also starting to pay ridiculously little attention to comments that his opponent had just made, and therefore Lupus' opposition was not just possibly right or wrong; it was becoming silly, a little like a certain scene in the comedy film Stripes, where a soldier named Howard, who has an entertainingly idiotic way about him, is introducing himself to his platoon.

At the time portrayed by the film, there has been no military draft in the U.S. for many years. Howard introduces himself to the platoon and explains why he has just joined the army: "...I thought I better join up before I got drafted."

(Everybody else in the platoon looks at each other as if to say, "What's wrong with that guy?")

Sargeant: "Uh...son...there ain't no draft no more."

Without missing a beat, Howard replies: "There was one?"

* * *

I don't mean to offend Lupus or pretend he is stupid, though. I'm only saying that for a moment his response got almost as ridiculous as Howard's.

Yusuf Alamo said...

In The Name of Allaah,
The Most Gracious,
The Most Merciful.

I have to admit, the picture is funny, but only because it projects a scenario that didn't happen.

I mean come on, did any police officers pull out a gun on you or your group?

I understand that you claim that the police assaulted you according to what may be considered assault in the state of Michigan.

However, I don't remember hearing you specify how exactly. In your videos, you just claim to being assaulted without mentioning the legal specifics as to how this is defined in the state of Michigan.

It seems ambiguous on your part and it may leave too much room for your viewers to believe that you were beaten to the point of requiring medical attention.

Did any of you suffer any injuries from the alleged assault?

Did you suffer any bruises or broken bones from your alleged ordeal?

Did you lose any blood whatsoever?

I'm not saying that it's impossible that you could have been assaulted in Deerborn by the police or the locals there.

I believe that anything is possible when it comes to these kinds of cases.

If (within the boundaries of a non-Muslim country) someone did actually physically harm you for no other reason than handing someone a piece of paper they could have easily refused, then logic would dictate that that such persons should be dealt with according to the law of the land.

However, please don't continue to (erroneously) lead your viewers to believe that you were victims of vicious police officers who are working under the guidelines of 'Shari'ah'.

I doubt very highly that any Deerborn Police Officer's Manual contains even one Islaamic ruling.

The first time you mentioned 'Shari'ah' and 'Deerborn' in the same sentence, my brothers and I choked on our breakfast with laughter.

The Berean Search said...


How familiar are you with political satire? I'm not trying to be rude here, but hyperbole is inseparable from political satire.

Why do so many of the Muslims I dialogue with over the internet completely miss the forest for staring at the trees?....