Monday, June 14, 2010

I'm Waiting for the International Muslim Outrage (But Not Holding My Breath)

Draw a cartoon of Muhammad, and you'll see international Muslim outrage. Defend yourself when Muslims are beating you with pipes, and there will be demonstrations around the world. But why is it that Muslims never seem to care when their fellow Muslims oppress non-Muslims? Could it be because Allah does not love unbelievers (Qur'an 3:32) and because unbelievers are the worst of creatures (Qur'an 98:6)?

Khanewal (AsiaNews / Agencies) – There are still cases of religious persecution in Pakistan, a large majority Muslim nation where religious minorities are often victims of abuse and violence. In Punjab a group of 14 Muslims attacked a Protestant pastor and his wife who was expecting a baby. In a district of the same province, the Muslim village chief has ordered 250 Christian families to flee their homes because "Christian women and girls have reported repeated sexual abuse." In Sindh province, finally, a couple was indicted for blasphemy and threatened with the death penalty.

International Christian Concern (ICC) reports that on 3 June in Sahiwal, Punjab, 14 Muslims attacked a Protestant pastor, his pregnant wife and his brother. At the base of the attack were charges of "evangelizing" against Mumtaz Masih, pastor of the Full Gospel Church of Pakistan and his wife Noreen. Imam Ahmed Maqsood led the punitive expedition, injuring the man's legs, and his wife in the stomach and hand. His brother was assaulted while trying to help his relatives. The couple complained to the police, but the police do not want to open an investigation.

Jonathan Racho, ICC chief for South Asia, strongly condemns "the violence against pastor Mumtaz and his family." He adds that Pakistani Christians are victims of assault "because they express their faith in Christ", but the faithful want to stay "with vigour" in their homeland "despite the persecution."

In Khanewal district, also in Punjab, the chief of a village with a Muslim majority has ordered 250 Christian families to leave the area because "they are too vigorously denouncing sexual violence by Muslims against women and girls”. Most Christians in the area are labourers on Muslim owned land and the women domestic servants in homes. The abuses were occurring in homes, almost "daily." "Christians - denounce the displaced - are totally at the mercy of the will of Muslims."

Finally in the town of Gulshan-e-Iqbal, a suburb of Karachi (Sindh), two Christians couples must answer charges of blasphemy. A crowd of Muslims ransacked the garbage of the four, saying they had found torn pages of the Koran. The court issued an arrest warrant and the police started searches. The two pairs of Christians have abandoned the rented house and are still at large. Christian sources complain that officials have threatened the family, to reveal the place where the four are hidden. In Pakistan the crime of blasphemy carries life imprisonment or even death. Source.


ned said...

Thanks David for bringing this one in light. Surely allah does not love non believers and muslims every day show it with their actions. The spirit of aggression and violence is given to them through quran and muslims do not waste time to prove the teachings of quran. Like Jesus said and makes the matter so simple that the tree is known by the fruit it bears; what mistake one can make about the agenda and teachings of quran and islam and sunnah.
The Christians of Pakistan are always under immense pressure at the hands of the few who use quran to subdue Christians. The majority is always silent having no guts at all to speak against the oppression by minority. Judiciary and police are also supporting the false Islamic sentiments as the innocent are being crushed. The same Pakistani muslims come to west and sow the seed of aggression and violence here, at the same time they show height of hypocrisy here by throwing deceptive verses of quran. Where ever you go in the world Pakistani muslim is behind a terrorist attack or plan.
I think it is time that we should at least speak for the innocent Christians that are being crushed in Pakistan after all we go long ways to fight the wars in the name of democracy and allow muslims to abuse the human rights in US and west. We should give those folks a chance so that they know that beside there are some fellows on the face of earth who understand their suffering and pain.

I am not against muslims but I do not think anything I have written is wrong.

minoria said...


I read Muslim website,secretly against human rights).They practice DECEPTION.


They had a little article about Facebook being prohibited in Pakistan BUT...never said ONE WORD about WHY it all came about,not in any article...not one word about the death threats by Revolution Muslim in a VIDEO.Their French readers were left with INCOMLETE info.

They are selective,manipulate the info.


Not ONE WORD about the video showing the Israeli soldiers being attacked without provocation,or the terrorist links of IHH(Turkish group that organized it),or that Israel had offered to let them first go to port there and after a checkup take the aid to Gaza(Egypt had made a similar offer).They are not honest.

ParadigmKnight said...

Bigots around the world behave the same way. They always abuse and attack those they feel have less power and strength to stand up. All religions and non-religions (Atheists, Agnostics) share the commonality of the Golden Rule. Our maintenance of the Global Economic and Familial Class System, creates the threat of deprivation of resources and well-being of people over people, groups over other groups and we have to change that. To do otherwise, damms our souls against our beliefs.

Fernando said...

ParadigmKnight said: «All religions and non-religions (Atheists, Agnostics) share the commonality of the Golden Rule»...

can you, please, provide a contextual evidence off this claim from islam? thankes...

hugh watt said...


Just what do you believe?

Ari said...

Not quite sure how to share this with you guys (no need to publish this comment)