Friday, June 25, 2010

David Wood and Robert Muise on Fox News

This is a short clip. They were off on one of the details. Distributing the Gospel of John outside the festival had nothing to do with our arrest. We were arrested while having a peaceful dialogue with a group of Muslims. I'd love to clarify this detail by posting the actual footage of our arrest, but the Dearborn Police refuse to give back our cameras (despite the fact that they were illegally seized and that we have a Constitutional right to information that exonerates us).

Free Speech or Breach of Peace?


Fernando said...

Out of thread...

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mkvine said...

This is amazing, I'm glad you had the opportunity to tell your story on the news. Hopefully americans will see the injustices that are going on in Dearborn. I pray that Fox News will follow up on this story.

Ryan S said...

Bravo Acts17!

To the naysayers out there, if Good men do SOMETHING evil will not prevail! Im glad you guys made a stand on this issue, its going to be a real embarassment(as if there hasnt been enough) to the Muslim community, their Gang like mentality must be exposed and we Christians must never allow any Muslim community intimidate us against our Constitutional Rights here in America.

1211 said...

By not returning the video and camera it makes the police dept look more guilty that they have something to hide if you ask me. I'm glad you guys are getting the national coverage on this injustice that is deserved. Hopefully it will put more pressure on the authorities there.

Lydia McGrew said...

I know. The original error came in apparently at Powerline blog. Now, a lot of people read Powerline, so it got a very wide hearing from there and was reposted from there, with the incorrect statement that the video of your being approached by the policemen while distributing the Gospel of John _was_ the arrest. I wrote to the guys at Powerline, and they have now posted a somewhat confusing addendum at the bottom of the post. Redstate picked up on it today. I am in contact with someone at Redstate, so when he sent me the link, I sent the correction. They've now linked to my correct article at What's Wrong With the World.

What nobody has done is to put "Update" at the top of a blog post and then _correct the error in detail_ in actual _words_ in the post.

And the video of your being stopped from passing out Gospels of John is very compelling and very disturbing. Legitimately so. So it's an understandable mistake. But I wish people would clear it up. I keep running around the Internet explaining, but probably this confusion will become entrenched at this point.

If anything the actual arrest was more shocking because a) there wasn't even any lit-passing going on and b) you were all handcuffed and c) you were taken away to jail for a whole night, not just to the security booth for a little while.

Unknown said...

Good to see you on Fox. If I may just add a few words,
I am sure that Chief Ron Haddad who is an Arab American reads your posts. It has been reported that some of the officers apologized and said they were only following orders.

Doesn't it make you wonder who issued the orders?

It is a common and written law that officers can refuse to obey an unlawful order from his or her command. A subordinate who executes an unlawful order becomes a participant to a criminal violation.

Arrests are complaints signed by a peace officer and are made under oath. A peace officer who, makes a materially false statement in a complaint for an arrest signed under oath is guilty of perjury, and in The State of Michigan, is a felony, punishable by imprisonment for not more than 15 years, and in addition, is in contempt of court.

Mr. Haddad how can you effectively serve locally and on the federal level?

GBowling said...

You fellows have handled this situation honorably.This was clearly a false arrest as well as an illegal siezure of your property.I am praying this turns out well for all of you in court and the following civil action.
I am a police officer and I always try to give the benefit of the doubt to officers, but in this case they had absolutely no right to seize your cameras.Law enforcement cannot confiscate cameras or make you turn them off because it may contain detrimental testimony about them.I am very interested in seeing how this rules in court.
With so many officers approaching you at once when you were standing outside the festival, it appears that they were on the lookout to deal with you on sight.It also makes me suspicious with the number of officers that approached your group that these officers were following orders from higher up.
I know in most states (certainly the one in which I work) misdemeanors have to take place in view of the arresting officer.An arrest cannot be made for someone just saying that your group was being belligerent.The officer has to physically see it and be able to testify to it in court as an eyewitness.
I as a Christian will never arrest anyone for the free peaceful expression of ideas.Officers as well as anyone else are protected by this under title VII (so they could have refused to arrest you if any claimed to be Christian).Keep preaching the Gospel.I for one have been thoroughly educated from your debates.Christ be with all of you in this ordeal.

Traeh said...

Outstanding. Thank you, David Wood! Thank you, Thomas More Law Center! Thank you, Acts17! You guys are the best!

Unknown said...

I'm really glad you were able to get Fox to cover this. I actually wrote them this week (California FOXNews, Bill Oreilly and Kelly, America Live) to request looking into, commenting, and reporting this situation. I was going to call them next week if I didn't hear back by today. Then I checked your webpage for an update. I'm glad ox News said they will be following this. I am willing to help in any way I can. I am deeply concerned. Deeply. You are doing the right thing.

Fernando said...

Whate can you do, doctor Wood, to habe your cameras (withe the pictures in them) back? I habe been talking around here aboutte this events and more and more are becomming sick by the day...

John Lollard said...

I'm actually kind of annoyed.

Why on earth did you not correct them about the reason for your arrest? The anchor said several times that you were arrested for handing out pamphlets! Now that disinformation is going out to a national audience!

Neither you nor your attorney corrected that misstatement!


... maybe you will have to go on again to correct the confusion? ;)

Love in Christ,

David Wood said...


We were caught off guard by the error, and it would have taken the entire clip to correct the misunderstanding.

But yes, they're going to have us back on to clear things up.

proof for God said...

Freedom comes from God and is expressed as civil law in the US Constitution. Americans, Christians in particular, must wake up and defend liberty; additionally we should share the truth in Christ and pray for our persecuted brothers in the US and in Muslim countries.

B George said...

If you're getting new cameras until your confiscated ones are returned, you ought to consider getting some radio transmitting equipment, such that any video you make is instantly posted on your website, or at least to a remote location, and then if they rip off your camera again, you will have the video already, safely elsewhere. Don't tell them though; let them make public statements that can be proven false, and their lies can be made known.

The fact that the Dearborn chief has been nominated for federal advisory work speaks VOLUMES about the thug-like antics of this current administration.