Saturday, June 26, 2010

Anjem Choudary on Violence in Islam

If Choudary's group fails in the U.K., they can always seek a career in law enforcement. I suspect Choudary would be a perfect match for the Dearborn Police Department, which is already actively enforcing certain elements of Sharia. Since the current Chief of Police (Ronald Haddad) is now advising Homeland Security, he may need someone else to step in for him and continue his campaign of harassment and oppression of Christians.


1211 said...

Wow thanks for sharing this news story David. No denying what we are truly fighting against. We need to be sure we let everyone know what this muslim leader wants to do and what others want to bring right here in the US. We can't sit back and ignore it or we will end up with the same situation here that Britain has!

Anonymous said...

to be heard one must name their sins to God then be washed of sin so have all to do such and then shall God hear. In God there is no unrighteousness so to be heard u must name your sins to God in the Name of His Son who is the way to His Father then shall God hear.

1MoreMuslim said...

That is the guy who said that Haiti was struck by the earthquake because they made a pact with devil 200 years ago? Keep making good analysis, that will lead you to the fall the USA.

hugh watt said...

1moremuslim, what are your views on "Anjem Choudary on Violence in Islam!" Perhaps you agree, but would rather post something about; "..the guy who said that Haiti was struck
by the earthquake because they made a pact with devil 200 years ago."

Tizita said...

O WOW! I was watching this last night on the news and was gonna send it to you but, i'm glade yuo posted it.
Now a muslim is telling ppl the truth and yet the American ppl still think we the Christians are the problem.
But lets see what the Bible says abt what will happen when we are in the last days: People will accept the truth for a lie and a lie for truth! AMAZING!
If ppl dont listen God/Jesus will let them have what they want, and it will not be pretty.

Radical Moderate said...

This is so yesterday news, we all know this guy living off the welfare of the UK believes in true Islam. Now what would be news is if this man was stripped of his UK citizenship and sent back to what ever Islamic kraptakistan he is from.

Fernando said...

1moremuslim asked withe common ignorance: «That is the guy who said that Haiti was struck by the earthquake because they made a pact with devil 200 years ago?»...

perhaps you're reffering to those islamic clerics andschoolars thate saide thate short-skirts were teh cause for all the World's earthquakes... you know: those who beliebe, like thate ignorant false-propher off yours, believe thate mountains prevents earthquakes: «And He has set up on the earth mountains standing firm, lest it should shake with you; and rivers and roads; that ye may guide yourselves»... dude...

christishere said...

Dear Editor of this Blog.


Dear Erick

You are right. Islam is not for PEACE and you also right that they tell you something and tells the opposite to the fellow Muslims! Your appeal for Muslims to come ahead and tell is taking place in FULL SPEED in the Middle East. You need to understand Arabic to discover that the Quran would never been created by GOD. ALLAH is NOT GOD.

The battle is on and only a fool ignores it.

LOT of conversion from Islam is taking place. The West must listen to what is going on in the Middle East and start to understand that Christians must stand united to stop what I call "THE BIGGEST LIES IN HISTORY".

For more than 1400 no one dare to challenge the Quran in the Arabic World.

For the first time, thanks to the Internet, and the sites that are published by SAUDI ARABIA for the Quran and all its AHADIS, researchers are able to refute each verse and discover the ambiguity of what was previously known as the "MIRACLE OF QURAN".

The strongest evidence is coming from the Quran itself. It is very poor written with evidence of:
- hates to mankind
- contradiction
- historical falsifications
- against Jews and Christians
- very low moral
- disrespect to human rights
- encouraging INCEST to a large scale
- encouraging adultery and protect those who committed it
- and the list goes on endlessly!

We need to put all things under a one roof in order to show the deceived Muslims that they follow a wrong Religion. This could be done from within. Only when the Muslims are discovering how they were driven by wrong book peace will be restored.

So, we have to open the eyes and calmly use the great work of the researchers and translate and communicate it to the whole world.

The new thing is to show from within how the Quran is wrong and to document this with full reference.

What is going now is the beginning of the end of Islam.

The West is part of the battle. Every serious Research ought to be translated to all languages and presented to all Muslims around the World. We call Christian thinkers and Christian Politics not to sale their Soul.


Please have a look at:
and tour the World.

Please be aware that lot of coordination are needed to convey the truth.