Friday, May 21, 2010

The Next 10 Years of Free Speech in a 10 Minute Microcosm

I'm calling it now. Unless we actually stand up for free speech and enforce it, we will see this 10 minute video played out in our lives over the next 10 years.

*Note: Some of the images in this video are mildly offensive, and the language used by the Muslims is filthy. You may have to sign into YouTube to watch this.

1 - Lars Vilks attempts to show a film (yes, it was offensive; no, it wasn't pornography)
2 - 20 seconds into the film, a Muslim yells "Stop the Film!"
3 - 8 seconds later, some kid flies over the desk and attacks Vilks
4- All chaos breaks loose, greeted by Muslims cheering "Allahu Akbar!"
5 - At the 3:55 mark, a man says "I said 'stop the film', and you didn't stop it!"
6 - Muslims greet this by cheering "Muhammad! Muhammad!"
7 - At 5 minutes, the man is still asking "Why didn't you stop the film?" to which the cop responds "I'll explain that later"
8 - At 5:20, the Muslims start saying "We pay taxes, Sweden is our country, why didn't you stop the film? If you stopped the film, this wouldn't have happened!"
9 - At the 6 minute mark, Muslims start saying to security "If you draw your gun, we'll report you!" People continue yelling insults and being aggressive towards the security.
10 - At the 7:20 mark, the first and only rational Muslim voice speaks up and says "No aggression towards the police, respect the cops, they are here to do their jobs.
11 - At the 8:45 mark, an official gets up and says they will stop showing the film due to security reasons.
12 - Muslims burst into celebration over their victory
13 - At 9:15, a lone voice speaks up and says to the crowd that they are compromising free speech
14 - Immediately, the Muslim crowd is riled up in anger over this proclamation
15 - Everyone is dismissed
16 - People exit the room amidst chants of the Shahada.

I want to call your attention to some of the things that happened here. First, note how the Muslim man in the audience think his voice is enough to dictate what everyone else does. He thinks simply by saying "Stop the film!" the whole auditorium should fall in line with his sentiment. This is exactly what we see in the world; a handful of Muslims would seek to change the practices of a nation, and they really feel like it's their God-given right, completely ignoring the fact that their whims are not any more important than anyone else's.

Then, violence and chaos break out, and the Muslims are ecstatic that they were able to interrupt the film by one means or another. This is what happened with the Danish cartoonists a few years ago, it's what is happened with Theo Van Gogh, it's what they're trying to do to Molly Norris, and it's what they're doing to Lars Vilks.

Not too long after, the Muslims start saying "This is our country - you must listen to us!" Yes, you've come to the country, but as long as you keep fighting the principles it stands for (i.e. free speech), then it's not your country. No one there should listen to you.

Another scary parallel, the Muslims then say "If you had listened to us", that is, if the security had appeased them by caving in and cutting off the film, "If you had listened to us, this wouldn't have happened!" Notice, the Muslims are blaming their insufferable actions of violence and chaosmongering on someone else, namely security. They know what they've done is bad, they just transpose the blame onto someone else. That's exactly how the Muslim world intimidates others into changing their behavior: "If you don't change, the death of those who receive our wrath will be your fault!" It's like they're the school bullies, pushing people around to boost their egos and their power.

Then, to further bully the security, a man says "If you draw your gun, I'll report you!" Notice again how blame is being shifted on others, people who are trying to keep the peace. That is exactly what happens when I, or David, or any other poster on this blog tries to point out what the Muslims are doing. The Muslims respond by saying we are the ones to blame! The same goes for Geert Wilders, Pam Geller, Robert Spencer, and anyone who tries to stand in the way of Muslims who go too far - they all get called out as if they are the bad guys.

Then, when everything is thoroughly out of hand, one Muslim stands up and defends what is right. I applaud him for doing so, but let no one think he represents the majority. The same happens in the world around us - when Muslims are going bonkers all around the world over Facebook, Nazam will say "But look at those who aren't!" or when riots and flag-burnings are happening around the world, a small Muslim contingency will stand and say "We should be peaceful!" It's a perfect parallel - yes, I'm glad there are those who are civil, but wake up and realize that you are not the ones steering the boat that is the modern Islamic movement!

Finally, after the violence and a great deal of chaos, security capitulates to the demands of the Muslims. The Muslims are ecstatic over the death of free speech and the victory of their own whims. When someone tries to defend free speech, her message is thwarted instantly. I tell you, if 20 people had stood up with her and demanded that the film be played, it would have.

Ladies and gentlemen, this is what's happening in our world. Muslims are changing what can and can't be said, free speech is dying, they are applauding, and we are sitting by and doing nothing. Let us stand, all of us, on the side of free speech, before we lose it. And lose it we will, amidst cheers of "La Illaha Il-Allah", unless we take a stand now.


Reconciled! said...

The most amazing thing that I find in this video are the europeans who are the naturalized citizens of their country just sitting idly by almost dumb-founded by the chaos that ensued. They are clearly afraid to use their voices and object about the immoral behaviour of the muslims. If the muslims are offended about the material being viewed, they can simply leave; but I suspect they had planned in advance that they were going to make a statement by violent means. Most if not all European countries are in dire straits if they do not stand up against those who have been given the freedom to live within their borders and have decided to "Bind the Strong Man within their own country". This is a reference by Yeshua regarding people being "bound by Satan". This is true to life. Islam is INVADING like a ferocious Dragon.

I applaud THE LONE INDIVIDUAL who decided to speak up among the overwhelming SILENT MAJORITY to say that this is NOT right. Those of us who recognize the evils of Islam represent "the one" among the "silent majority" who are too afraid or too ignorant to stand up for themselves or others. Let us ALL continue to stand for THE TRUTH despite The Dragon who stands within our midst endeavouring to destroy us by deception, intimidation, lies, and The Spirit of The Antichrist System. Let us all be encouraged by Our LORD AND SAVIOUR YESHUA HAMASCHIACH WHO IS OUR ROCK AND VINDICATOR.


David Wood said...

WOOD'S PREDICTION: Since Nabeel has posted a video which contains part of Vilks's program, Yahya Snow will now go all over the internet proclaiming that Nabeel is a pornographer who plasters pornography all over Answering Muslims. (The goal for Yahya, and for many other Muslims, is to shut down the flow of information about Islam.)

Kirk said...

Angry Muslim mob. You can't reason with that intellect. I don't want to speculate what would have happened if the old lady in the front row spoke up. Though the majority in the room seemed to be native europeans...

Nabeel Said:

"If you had listened to us, this wouldn't have happened!" Notice, the Muslims are blaming their insufferable actions of violence and chaosmongering on someone else, namely security. They know what they've done is bad, they just transpose the blame onto someone else. That's exactly how the Muslim world intimidates others into changing their behavior: "If you don't change, the death of those who receive our wrath will be your fault!" It's like they're the school bullies, pushing people around to boost their egos and their power.

Ditto. Must Muslim actions remind me of the selfish desires of adolescent children. The focus is on self, without regard, or forethought as to their desire and what impact it will have. There is no desire to even understand a viewpoint of another for the purpose of opening a forum of debate, in hopes of winning some intellectually. No, strictly brute force will do. Though, they will not have the minds of those they oppress.

Yusuf Alamo said...

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem.

What a shame.

Dk said...

Regarding the non-Muslim audiences lack of action, I can think of a few main reasons the average joe blogs wouldn't act as opposed to someone for example working for the military or other highly physical career, or someone who teaches or leads in some area of life.

Firstly western culture. We have a culture of "spectatorism", yeah Oprah is cool and fun and all, but we are utterly ABSORBED in it day in night, e.g. go to music concert, *watch others*, go home after work/university *watch t.v./computer screen*, go to sports game *watch others*, go to movie *watch others on screen*, go to religious service *watch sermon*, listen to debate *watch others*

People are trained to watch dramas unfold and not be a participator. A large portion of our lives are based like this.

The second cause is anything that gives us the slightest feeling of *discomfort* we will avoid like a plague, these feelings are very powerful. they should actually do tests on this, it's mind blowing, how stiffled our emotions make us. The fear is literally crippling and paralyzing, it's like that same extreme feeling you get when your about to jump off the plane, you haven't jumped off yet, but BOY do you feel it. or same feeling you get infront of a bunch of strangers when your on stage.

thirdly, humans emulate one another, if there is no leader telling them what to do, or source of structure they will look to others and follow their lead.

So note:

1) looking to others/emulating others = everyone is sitting on their chair waiting and they see everyone else sitting on their chair waitng (copycat!)

2)Follow the leader = as soon as the guy upfront says it's time to be quiet and it's time to leave, it's a done deal, but no one takes responsibility for themselves before hand, this is strong dependence on others, which is very common

I'm willing to gurantee if you just put one guy ...say:Sam Shamoun in there to rally the troops you would of had a completely different outcome.

How many people can take the intiative for themselves though? not many because to many people are caught up in their own thoughts, rather than giving themselves permission to do what is right and take action

Dk said...

Yusuf Hamza - could you be a little more specific?

A shame, that the man couldn't finish his "porn film" due to the Muslim outrage?

Or a shame that he was trying to play it in the first place because of "free speech"?

Radical Moderate said...


Yusuf Alamo said...

Dk said...
"Yusuf Hamza - could you be a little more specific?"

I don't understand exactly what you mean sir.

Dk said...
"A shame, that the man couldn't finish his "porn film" due to the Muslim outrage?"

When did I ever call Mr. Vilk's film "porn"? I never said that.

Dk said...
"Or a shame that he was trying to play it in the first place because of "free speech"?"

When did I ever call Mr. Vilk's film "free speech"? I never said that either.

I'm trying to understand what you're getting at in concerns to me personally.

Look, I'm from NYC. People say things ALL the time. Who have I hurt? Nobody.

If you're trying to insinuate something about my character that is other than what I have demonstrated to you and others on this blog, then you are severely mistaken, sir.

Sir, I believe that I have shown my quality even within matters of disagreement.

It would be appreciated if you remember that I'm you're fellow human being and an American.

To her credit, Minoria has already spoken up in regards to me about this matter.

Please also consider this when asking me a question. If you're going to judge me, then judge me according to my honesty and the content of my character.

You have my word that I will reciprocate the same honorable and respectful treatment towards you.

Earnestly, Yusuf

John Lollard said...

I just read "The Hiding Place" by Corrie ten Boom. Amazing read. What struck me, is she would describe the radio transmissions from Germany as not just shouting, but screaming. I see more and more the evil that is Islam lurking right in plain sight that everyone is refusing to see, and just how similar this is to the situation with Germany before WWII.

It is really heartbreaking to see the product of a religion of rules without love, built on threats and maintained by threats with nowhere room for the God who is Father, Brother, Friend and Lover (all considered shirk). What we're seeing in this video are the desperate calls from the victims of the enemy, who is not flesh and blood.

I hope we can all receive Grace enough to love them, even if they are blasphemers and persecutors and violent men (1 Timothy 1:13).

And this whole situation is a shame. Islam is a shame, the unloved hearts it causes is a shame, the violence it causes is a shame, that secularists respond to the senseless depression of Islam with offense and provocation is a shame, and that Christ crucified seems all but forgotten in the Christian response to the bloodshed and oppression caused by Islam is also a shame.

The whole thing is a shame. God help us all.

Love in Christ,

Tizita said...

Ok first of all, what i don't understand is, why did the Muslims show up to view a video by some one whom they KNEW was hostile to their belief? where they trying to instigate a problem, and use that as an opportunity to go ballistic? in my opinion YES they were.
Now lets see what a Christian would have done: Politely walked out, tell Lars it was offensive after the video was over, would have NOT attended any event that blasphemed Jesus, and prayed for the person. WOW! what a difference between Islam and Christianity! I LOVE JESUS!!!!

John Lollard said...

Yusuf, I'm sorry if you feel Dk's remarks overly aggressive in tone. I thought that, too, and I was going to say something to him about it. You present yourself as a courteous and respectable young Muslim.

But then I looked at your blog to try to defend your respectability, and saw that it was entirely videos from Revolution Islam. Not like that annuls what I perceive to be your character, but it made me wonder if Dk knew more about you than I did.

Do you maybe see how being a supported of an organization that has threatened people with death for depicting Muhammad, and that has worked to stop the debates of David Wood with Islamic apologists, how maybe that would throw up a red flag in someone about your intentions? I'm not saying that I'm willing to jump to conclusions, just it seems reasonable to me why someone would jump to those conclusions.

I just wanted to bring all of that to your attention. May Christ's love transform us all into the children He desires us to be.

In Christ,

Michelle Qureshi said...


DK is just asking you what you're referring to when you say "What a shame". There are many things that could be considered a shame in this video. E.g., that Lars Vilks was hit, that the video was not shown, that people acted inappropriately in general, etc. I think DK was simply asking what moved you to say "What a shame."


Radical Moderate said...



Unknown said...

This would happen in USA soon. Swedish govt don't have spine!!! nor do the so called secular population.

John Lollard said...

Frency's comments just reminded me. Has anyone here read much C.S. Lewis? There's a great book of his titled 'The Pilgrim's Regress" that I think captures the situation of secular Europe vs. Islam very, very well. He depicts this "town" of three pale starving men, living off of tin rations in a frozen, barren wasteland, and their neighbor to the north, a giant who lives inside of a volcano with an army of dwarves and drinks wine out of a goblet of a human skull. One of them goes up to see the giant, and comes back with a steak which the giant sent to fatten them up so that the men will bleed more when run through. All of the pale men comment on how interesting this giant is, and they go about farming the frozen tundra.

It is going to break my heart to watch how little resistance our secular friends will be able to give when the moment comes, and how little left they will have.

ned said...

Muslims could have handled it more respectfully but that’s the way they are told to do by their book. They are on the attack all the time in west, using the freedom and rights to their best advantage. Nothing that i saw was shocking as that was perfect muslim response; they cannot do better than that unless they are taught that things can be handled in peaceful way.
At the same note i would say they are like the camel that was asked in the tent but later wanted to throw the owner out of the tent. The countries who allowed them in made a huge error in knowing their potential of disrupting society values and rudeness towards others on the issues of religious differences.
Back home in their own original countries they give no rights to non muslim minorities and deal them poorly to the extent of using judiciary for creating inhuman laws like blasphemy laws to torture the Christians and non believers. Just pray for them, they are just doing what is written in their book.

Michelle Qureshi said...

I disagree - I think it's good that western countries allow Muslims in. After all, had they not, I would never have been born. So I guess there's a conflict of interest :-)

I think that we shouldn't block them from entering, but rather we should be firm on our values. The real issue is the compromise of freedoms we cherish - the government can preserve them without blocking the Muslims, simply by enforcing them without equivocation.

That's what I'm hoping for.

minoria said...

Hello The Fat Man:
I read about what Facebook did in Ali Sina's website.But you did a great thing in continuing the idea started by Molly Norris(who betrayed hers faster than you can say Freedom of Speech).For freedom of speech.Long live human rights!

He wrote an article about FACEBOOK today.HE wanted to be in it to have thousands of fans and Facebook did NOT let him.They asked for his PERSONAL ID info.To know his REAL name.
How shameful!We ALL know if he gave it he would be killed by fanatics.Facebook is worthless.

Ali Sina said he fears for those who write against Islam and are in FACEBOOK.Facebook KNOWS their identities,they can get killed.What will take?For the president of Facebook to get killed before they show spine.

Fernando said...

This (wahte muslims did) is pure filth... pure filth...

Royal Son said...

Dk, I totally agree with you.

RacSlider said...

cryLets not go off here 1/2 cocked.
First, Yeah, we see the Muslims jumping up and gettin gpissed off - What eles is new? But here's my question....and it should be th equestion of EVERYONE becuase as we know..Some words and a video can make it LOOK like something its not.

1) WHY WOULD MUSLIMS attend thes event? I mean really...Do you think, based on their reaction to the film that they would have attented? Were they "dupped" into thinking they were going to be watching something else?

As a Catholic, If I were invited to "see a movie" Yet, not know what this movie was...Then when the movie played and it was something like "THE HERO'S OF PLANNED PARENTHOOD"...I might be inclined to jump up and yell too...BUT...I would never attend this event if that's what I know what it was in the first place. ANd if that's the case...Well don't be all surpised they jumped up and got pissed off,too.

2) If they (The Muslims) stop blowing shit up and try to live in the world instead of ruling it...I might have more sympathy for them..But, I don't. Yes - Catholics do bad things too but they don't yell LOVE LIVE THE POPE!!!

This sort of thing then makes people think the POPE and the behavior are one in the same...Hey..Muslims don't want to get tagged as Radicals? Fine...Stop the violence..However if they don't want their RELEGION to be targeted with this violence, then they should stop using ISLAM or ALLAH or some reference to their belief to suggest this is the REASON for their actions....Sheesh!

Will the AUTHOR of this BLG "really" allow my post? Ummm..Not sure

Radical Moderate said...


I just got a email from FB, asking for the same information.

Does anyone have any contacts with the media, I would like to send this to them and find out if anyone else from the group has had the same thing happen to them

Joel said...

In my opinion the security should have escorted the protesters out of the showing; and continued the film to the end. To capitulate by not finishing the film only sends the message that censorship and violent attacks are acceptable if one finds another individuals free speech 'offensive,' and encourages such further reactions in the future.

Dk said...

Thanks Nabeel

Yusuf and John completely misunderstood me, I don't know Yusuf so i'm not making any personal remarks. But I do know some Muslims would agree with what happened and some wouldn't, so that's why I am asking Yusuf to be more specific when he says "what a shame". I don't know to what he is referrin to, the "outrage" or the fact that the movie was allowed to be played in the first place. And i'm not attributing any of the questions as what you think Yusuf, they are just questions.

GreekAsianPanda said...

The movie Lars Vilks made is terrible, but what's even more terrible is the reaction of the Muslims at the viewing. I simply cannot believe how much damage some Muslims are causing to free speech.

What made me really angry was how they rejoiced when they won...

Mike Felker said...

Simply amazing. It seems that the only group who will win the fight for free speech in the end will be Muslims! And any Muslim who stands for this should be ashamed.

minoria said...

Hello The Fat Man:
I know nobody in the media nor of anybody who has had the same experience as yours.Facebook is unreliable.I bet Muslim extremists are hacking their way.

In Muslim countries they simply kill those who criticize Islam.In EGYPT it is against the law,the POLICE does it anyway.In PAKISTAN the same,no morality,no shame.

Jacob said...

Yes, this is an example of how free speech is silenced, and yes the actions recorded there are frightening, but you are wrong about one thing: that was indeed pornographic. Just because it doesn't show intercourse or genitalia doesn't mean it isn't pornographic and within the category of pornea, the Greek root of the word and as used by the apostles in the New Testament.

Michelle Qureshi said...


The Muslims knew what they were coming to -- Lars Vilks is well known in Sweden for having drawn these cartoons, and they came to hear him speak on artistic freedom. They passed through metal detectors, and police were standing guard, because everyone knew this could get violent.

The fact of the matter is, they came to do what they did. This was their purpose in coming to "hear" Lars Vilks.


ned said...

Well if we take out the incidents where a muslim accpeted Jesus as Saviour we are left with the deception work and aggression. I do not know if there are ministries declaring the word of God to muslims in US.
Whereas we should have open hearted to them but should take up the challenge against the question related to faith.

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Michelle Qureshi said...


That's what we're doing.


Letitia (The Damsel) said...

I'm going to ask a questions that might sound a little naive:

If Muslims are so peaceloving and tolerant, then why would the Islamic holy scriptures teach that someone should be killed by Muslims if he says or does anything negative about Islam (like make a film)?

Why didn't the Muslim crowd tolerate Lars Vilks?

Why are the Muslims entitled to free speech but not anyone else?

No one can draw cartoons of Muhammad? I can understand if Muslims are prohibited from drawing Muhammad, but everyone else too? Why should non-Muslims obey Muslim rules?

What I find most disturbing is that one Muslim blames the victim of violence (Mr. Vilks) for inciting the violence that the other Muslims were perfectly capable of avoiding. "Blaming the victim" is a classic mentality of an abuser (sexual abuse, child abuse, wife abuse, etc.). So, why should Muslims have a right to abuse other people?

(Just as an aside, I have yet to see any Muslim groups marching in protest of pornography or homosexuality. If the Muslim attenders were so offended by the "porn," I'd like to see them out protesting the next gay pride event instead of marching in protest of some ridiculous cartoons.)

M.C. said...

Hey David, you said that Nabeel posted part of the video of Lars V. Is it with them shouting or just the video itself? Please gimme the link, if u can.

Confident Christianity said...


I thought a similar thing when I saw this video: this is the abuser mentality. The gentlemen who said that the violence was the fault of the people who failed to stop the movie. Another example of this way of thinking is, "I had to hit you because you said bad things. You made me do it." If people (all people, Muslims included) will not shut down this type of behavior, they are enabling it to continue.

The irony here is that the reason these Muslims can protest and not be taken to jail (or worse) is because they have freedom of speech protected under the civil laws of Sweden. But it is that very freedom that they are attempting to shut down with their protest. "We are going to use our freedom of speech to stop your freedom of speech."

Now, I am not condoning what was being shown. I found it offensive. Yet, is common sense knowledge that people will eventually be offended by someone when when they live in a country with freedom of speech.

otto said...

Muslims got their way once AGAIN, the fat lady sung, the show did NOT go on.

It is infuriating to see all those people just sitting there like holy cows. Not one peep, nobody even screamed "if you don't like it, then get out (the venue)"

Thank God! for people like that blond heroine in the blue shirt! And did those Muslims swarm around her or what! LETS IMITATE THAT GIRL PEOPLE. Scream from the rooftops if need be.

Nabeel said: I tell you, if 20 people had stood up with her and demanded that the film be played, it would have.

That is so so true! I just wish more people would realize it!!!

hugh watt said...

Letitia said:

"If Muslims are so peaceloving and tolerant, then why would the Islamic holy scriptures teach that someone should be killed by Muslims if he says or does anything negative about Islam (like make a film)?"

Some years ago i watched a woman named Jane Elliot conduct an exercise based not on the color of peoples skin, but on eye color. The brown eyed were treated like white people in a racist society; they with blue, green etc, like black people. It was quite revealing to see how people responded to kindly behavior, and how the colored eyed behaved when treated like blacks in a racist society.
If you show respect you receive respect! What i see is Islam wants respect, but cares not about offending others. It's not too different from the KKK mentality. They have the master to slave mind which says, 'We ask, you give, or else!' When the slave stood up to the bully slave master, they were brutally put down. It's really not too different to Hitler's Nazi 'superior race.' Dhimmi's, lower class/ lesser human; non-German, 'sub-human.' Don't do what Hitler said, exterminated; don't do what Muhammad said, exterminated. Hitler set the rules, do what he said, fine. Muhammad, same thing. Those people aren't too dissimilar to Hitler's Nazi's. Hitler's gas chambers, Muhammad's sword for those who won't tow-the-line, same thing.

ned said...

Dear Brother in Christ Nabeel,

I praise God for you, David, pastor Shamoun and many other who have taken this challenge of declaring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to Muslims and others. My prayers and best wishes are for you all. I am not against muslims at all but certainly repel their attitude in west where they are using the benefits and rights to maximum but inside their hearts they are not sincere to US or west. I think US and West are showing too much tolerance to them and if they take any action based on the facts will certainly not be an act of aggression. You know what kind of rights Christians have in Egypt, Pakistan or other muslim countries. Based on their abuse of the system they should be asked to fill bonds and sureties when they immigrate and even the existing citizens that they will be loyal to the US and West and will not be involved in activities like harming innocent public. Especially people like the group you sometimes show here who are openly declaring rebellion against US government and public. These guys should not be shown any tolerance for even a single day because any tolerance to them encourages others.

I think i said more than i should have.

In Christ


Radical Moderate said...

I just want to know why Muslims brought there children to the event?

hugh watt said...

The Fat Man said...
"I just want to know why Muslims brought there children to the event?"