Sunday, May 16, 2010

The Great Debate Series Michigan: June 18th-21st

You don't want to miss this series.

***7:00 P.M.***
David Wood vs. Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Awal
Topic: "Crucifixion or Cruci-fiction?"

***2:30 P.M.***
Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Awal vs. Sam Shamoun
Topic: "Was Muhammad Predicted in the Bible?"

***6:00 P.M.***
Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Awal vs. David Wood
Topic: "Does Science Show That Islam Is True?"

***3:00 P.M.***
James White vs. Sheikh Mohammad Jowad Al-Ansari
Topic: "Has the Bible Been Corrupted?"

***6:30 P.M.***
Sheikh Mohammad Jowad Al-Ansari vs. Sam Shamoun
Topic: "Has the Qur'an Been Corrupted?"

***7:00 P.M.***
Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Awal vs. James White
Topic: "Jesus: Prophet of Allah or Divine Son of God?"

The Center for Religious Debate
11338 Ozga Road, Romulus, MI 48174

$8 ($5 for Students) Per Debate, or
$15 ($10 for Students) for All Six Debates


leviMichealathan said...

finally some debates...very gud topics!

eagle said...

Hi David, I really admire your great character and your convincing way of speech. I want to tell you that I have learned a lot from you, and also I fell that my English is improving from listening to you. You are my online teacher. However, I want to ask you a question and I want to suggest something. I was looking for Negeen's testimony through your website (Answeringmuslims) but it says that this film is private and I couldn't see it on Youtube either. Why is that, and how can I see it again? I also want to confirm that Muslims cannot be convinced unless you prove your point from the Quran. Therefore, I suggest if you prove that the Holy Bible is not corrupted from the Quran as well. Because of course you know that the Quran is full of verses that testify to the holy bible (Old and New testament). Few months ago I made a presentation about this topic and it was really fruitful. Great topics. I wish if I can come.

dasize said...


Will these be recorded and posted for all to watch? I wish i lived near MI, i would love to be there for all of them. That would be the perfect vacation.

Michelle Qureshi said...

Sucks, but I'll be in Nicaragua with the youth on a mission trip. I'll watch the vids :-)

Reconciled! said...

Thank you for this information. I first came across it on James White website. By The Grace of God The Father, I would love to attend these series of debates, it will be a Great Testimony to The Father's Sovereignty and the stedfastness of His stewards. You, Sam, and James will NOT be alone as The Spirit of The Living God will use each of you as Vessels of Honour for His Glory, His Honour, His Praise - Hallelujah!

David, you had mentioned this past Saturday on Jesus or Muhammad that you would be involved in evangelistic efforts around the time of the debates. If I'm available and able to attend (in whole or in part)I would like to be of service during this time. I'm from Toronto, Canada and the State of Michigan is only about 4 hours drive away. I pray that I will be able to attend and participate in The Work of God. Let me know if I can be of any help. God bless all of you and your ministries.

Bro. Dwight

Anonymous said...

I am looking forward to this series even more that the one last year. The one great thing about this series is that Osama (check it out at my website Answering DASH Christianity) will be some place else.

David Wood said...


Due to persecution from the Muslim community in Negeen's area, we had to temporarily take down Negeen's testimony. (And I'm not inclined to stir up trouble when I know how certain Muslim men deal with girls who leave Islam.)


Yes, the debates will be recorded. I'll post my debates and Sam's debates here. I'll post James's debates if he puts them online.


Yes, we'll be doing an outreach. Training will begin on Wednesday the 16th. There will be trips to mosques and to the Arab Festival (where Nabeel, Mary Jo, and I were attacked last year). I think a couple of people will be coming down from Toronto, so you may be able to travel together.

dasize said...

Do you know of anyone will be travelling from Houston to the debates?

The Berean Search said...

I just listened to Dr. White on the Dividing Line playing some clips from one of Sheikh Awal's other debates in which he claimed:

1) Constantine wrote the Bible at the council of Nicaea
2) the codices of Sinaiticus, Alexandrinus and Vaticanus date to the 12th century

If he brings those types of claims to the debate things will not go very well for the Muslims.

I won't be able to travel to Michigan, but I will be praying for the defense of the Gospel and the word of God, and eagerly awaiting the posting of the debates!

Yusuf Alamo said...

Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem.

I pray to Allah for the guidance of all the people attending the event that night.


Yahya Snow said...

I pray Negeen is well

Radical Moderate said...

If I get my motor cycle licence I might just make the 5 hour drive to check that out.

hugh watt said...

Eagle: Problem is Muslims are selective in their use of the Quran, even those ayats that refer to the Bible.

Streeter said...

Br. Dwight how can we contact you if you are interested in going to Dearborn. A fellow Torontonian

kingh said...

Hi David, I really like the way you debate. I am looking forward to watch your debates and one thing more when you or sam or james will be debating Zakir Naik.