Sunday, April 4, 2010

Awesome Interview

I wish there were 10,000 more like this guy in the Middle East.


Adam said...

Mumbai police check flare-up, act against provocative posters

Mumbai: Quick action by officers of the Agripada police station put the brakes on a communal situation that could have spiralled out of control on Friday.

Christian worshippers in Central Mumbai were stunned to find posters displaying objectionable material against their community pasted on the outer walls of churches.

The pamphlets carried telephone numbers and the name of the trust that distributed the posters.

Members of St Andrew’s Marathi Church, Agripada, informed the police. Enquiries revealed that posters were also found at churches in Umerkhadi, Bandra, Dongri, and Byculla.

Police arrested two trustees, Imran Sheikh and Salim Sheikh. Pravin Gosavi, senior inspector of the Agripada police station, said an inquiry was in progress.

Adam said...

Handbills denying crucifixion of Christ shock churchgoers

On Good Friday last week, when parishioners of St Andrew’s Marathi Church at Agripada walked in for the mass to mark the day of Christ’s crucifixion, they found handbills in English and Hindi stuck on the walls telling them that Jesus was not crucified and that Good Friday was a false observance.

St Andrew’s Marathi Church at Agripada where the handbills were stuck on the walls
When the shocked congregation entered the church, they found more such handbills stuffed in the letter box. Later during the day, after a churchgoer filed a complaint, the Agripada police arrested two members of a group that has its office in Pathanwadi near Saat Rasta.

A complaint has also been filed at Dongri Police Station, after complaints that similar pamphlets were distributed in a church in that area too. There are also reports that pamphlets had been stuck on walls of a church in Byculla as well.

Members of the Agripada church, which is part of the Church of North India denomination, said they were disturbed by the incident. “We were walking in for afternoon mass when we noticed the pamphlets. We have never faced this kind of assault on our beliefs. We had a meeting later to discuss the matter,” said a parishioner, Cyril Dara, who later filed a police complaint on behalf of his congregation.

Another church member Sandeep Gaiwkad said, “Christ’s crucifixion forms the core of Christian beliefs. It is what makes us Christians. While we have no problem with people criticising our religion, we feel that this is an act that can create mutual suspicion among different communities.”

A representative of the group accused of printing the handbills, agreed that they had produced a poster that had information about Good Friday. “These (handbills) were meant for providing information to our Christian friends who may want to know more about the subject. But we do not know that the pamphlets were distributed on Good Friday at so many churches. We are trying to find out how it happened. Police are interrogating two people from our organisations,” he said.

A senior police officer, whose area of jurisdiction covers Dongri and Agripada, said, “The posters had references from some holy books to justify their claim. We have learnt that similar posters were also distributed in Dongri. We are interrogating the accused as it is a serious issue.”

thegrandverbalizer19 said...

With the name of God, Peace be unto you. David it was courageous of you to post this video.

Your not the only one who wishes there were 10,000 such people in the middle east.

minoria said...

Hello Adam:
I wonder who it was,most probably Muslims.I hope whoever did it will one day really research about the thing.I say Muslims because you said the paper denied "the crucifixion of Jesus".Who else does that but Muslims?
Fortunately we have reason on our side.In Muslim countries it's really self-defeating.For example:in 2006 in ALGERIA they passed a law that if you left Islam you would go to jail.
The same in MALAYSIA(a "moderate"Muslim country).
In TURKEY,an "example" for the world,if you change religion or become an atheist you can be punished,legally sanctioned.Wow,what progress.

Yet the Turkish,Malaysian and Algerian immigrants,legal and ilegal,ordinary immigrants and refugees,in the WEST,are,in general,in favor of sanctions AGAINST WEsterners in their OWN Western countries,if Westerners criticized their religion("Islamophobia").
And those same people are the first to say "violation of human rights"if the SAME rules that are applied in their Muslim countries were applied(but in reverse)on Muslims.As VOLTAIRE would say:"A perfect example of reason and tolerance by them."

hugh watt said...

How un-Islamic this man's comments are! Muslims in the west who enjoy a 'modern' Islam know they could not have the same freedoms to express themselves individually as this man points out.
How sad to be imprisoned psycologically over 1400 yrs after the death of Muhammad. What fear he still has over them.

hugh watt said...

I wonder how his comments went down in Islamic countries. To admit the Judeo/Christian west is far more advanced intellectually than the Arab world! That is some admittance. Brave man indeed. To admit 7th centurionism is not good intellectually for society as a whole,..I think Muslims know this. Still, i ask the Q' i've yet to receive an answer for. In what way has Islam improved the world?

Anthony Rogers said...

I love the reply: "It is the spirit of a herd, not of a team."

Roger Sharp said...

Herd VS. Team FTW!

Radical Moderate said...

This is a very dangerous man. He is very dangerous. To bad the Muslims will not listen to him.

Traeh said...

Not ten thousand. There should be ten or a hundred million.

What does it mean that a man can make such a speech on Arab television? How many others among the educated, the professionals, and the governing elites believe what he believes? Ten percent? Twenty percent?

Adam said...

Hello Bro Minoria,

Media is too Bias or afraid to use the name islam.

yes this was done by muslims. This act was done by Dr.zakir competitors comapany called Telimul islam

Their email :

These are cheap trick to become famous and rich, Christian s are their soft target. These Handbills were folded and inserted daily news papers across Bombay City. But Only one church took action. Rest Coward Christians feared.


sam said...

hey folks

i just got the news on friday that my house back in pakistan was attacked by muslims. thanks to the source pakistan christian post. if u all can keep my relatives and other christians in ur prayers.

hugh watt said...

Pray also for Rifqa who may have to battle deportation from the U.S back to Sri Lanka.

John Park said...

This guys is interesting:

Radical Moderate said...

I disagree with everyone who wishes more Muslims were like this man.

This is a very dangerous man, he is more threating to our way of life then all of the Muslim missionary groups (Al Quida, Hamas, Hezbullah, Islamic Jihad etc...) combined with Nuclear weapons.

Muslims do not listen to this man.

hugh watt said...

Fat Man, will you expand upon your comments.

Radical Moderate said...

Hugh Watts sorry for the late reply.
I'm using reverse psychology. :)

I find it interesting when I tell Muslims that I want them to practice Islam on themselves and the quote from their Quran, Hadeeths and now the Reliance on the Travelor. They all call me a hater for wishing such things on them. LOL

hugh watt said...

The,(Fat Man), hope you don't mind me calling you by your first
What i got from the clip was; Islam does not have what it takes to advance society, but hey, the Judeo/Christian west does. Japan was given as an example to prove this. This Q of mine just isn't getting an answer from Muslims, and i'm sure some are reading this, so here it is again. In way has Islam improved society/the world?
The person in the clip whether wittingly or unwittingly acknowledged Islam's intellectual inability!

Hiwot said...

"Islam's intellectual inability!" Great point Hugh

The Fat Man, your reverse psychology reminds me my two-year-old niece who often don’t like to do things you tell her to do. Her parents would say don’t do it when indeed they want her to do it. Then, she would start eating or doing what they tell her not to eat or do.

aussie christian said...

I hope this poor fellow stays alive long enough to inform the world a lot more on what the real islam has to offer ie: death distruction, death, more death and if that dont kill you, death.

But I agree whole heartedly with Fat Man, lets give muslims here in the west a taste of sharia law. if we start seeing a lot of muslims disapear then reapear with limbs and eyeballs missing the outcry from the human rights mob would be deafening, then we can tell them to go to islam and preach their human rights platform, good way to rid the west of both unwanted wastes of space.

hugh watt said...

Hiwot, that 'psychology' thing there has many shades to it. In the context of Islam where Muhammad told people, 'did God say not to eat from that tree?' Or,'did God say He has a Son?' Satan uses this tactic to successfully destroy lives.
By God's grace He is reaching out to soul's who sense things are not as they are presented in Islam.

Aussie, you mentioned 'death' a lot in your post. Is everything alright with you? Lie back on the couch, i'm listening.