Thursday, March 4, 2010

Dispatches: Britain's Islamic Republic

You're not going to believe this. New evidence shows that certain Muslim groups in the UK, while claiming to be moderate and tolerant, are actually working to overthrow the British government and establish Sharia law! Where in the world did these Muslims get the idea that they should deceive unbelievers and pretend to be friendly, all with the goal of conquering them? (Hint: Read the Qur'an and Hadith.)







Anonymous said...

Very quick note the Ottawa debates are available in MP3 format @ .

Radical Moderate said...

WOW I wonder what are friends from MDI, like Abulla have to say on this.

Radical Moderate said...

The last part is classic, "Any attack on the IEF is a attack on Islam but its the Muslims themselves who are standing up" I sense murder and mayhem coming soon.

Alex Albert said...

Sorry for going off-topic......but wanted you guys to see this Testimony --- Son of Hamas Leader Turns Back on Islam and Embraces Christianity,2933,402483,00.html

Have a great weekend.....!

minoria said...

Hello Alex.

I heard about it,he has written a book called SON OF HAMAS,to come out soon.I will buy it.He is the son of one of the FOUNDERS of Hamas.He is no longer a hater of the Jews like other Palestinians.

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

Sorry my post on this thread, should have been posted on the previous thread.

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

The British have been dhimmis for decades.

You can thank, liberalism, the conspiracy philosophy of political correctness, a high proportion of politicians who fail to protect their country and citizens, the 'jante law' and the disasterous effect of secularism upon life and values in general.

Hence England has throughout the last twenty years become a vaccum and an open ground for Islamic propagation.

I guess some British have begun to wake up, which obviously causes reaction and outrage among the Islamicists. Just take Yahya Snow's reaction when I described the supressive acts upon a dhimmi girl in Pakistan as demonic; Yahya Snow reacted in outrage because a fellow-brite (according to his words) no longer acted as a dhimmi who would normally submit to the act or remained silent, which is what the general British have done all these years.

Unfortunately however, a high proportion of those who react against Islam here in UK belong to factions with a racistic mindset.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting video. However, the "moderate" Muslims do not know their Islam. This group in the U.K. are the "true" Muslims and only doing what is required by the Quran and the Hadith to extablish the Islamic State in Britan

Unknown said...

"WOW I wonder what are friends from MDI, like Abulla have to say on this." Fatman

Speaker - Abdullah al Andalusi
Date Uploaded - August 2008
Target - Mainly Muslim Audience

Radical Moderate said...

I'm listing to the debate with Naeel and Osama. I used to laugh at Osama, but man this guy is going to HELL.

I feel real pain at this, I mean really this is a man who really hates GOD for no other reason that he hates God. This is no longer a mental exersise. I didn't even laugh when he quoted "The Second Tresies of the Great Seth"

This guy has no hope, this is just sad... Why do I feel this way?

Radical Moderate said...

I feel like Crying out "LEGION YOU WILL BE SILENT" after listing to this.

minoria said...

Part 1:

Hello Abdullah:

Glad you are still reading us.I have been considering your position on ROM 13 by Paul.I think you have misunderstood him.It's my view of how I think Paul himself would react to your position on ROM 13.

ROM 13

It has 14 verses.Not much but begins saying:"there is NO AUTHORITY that does not come from GOD and ALL authorities that exist have been established by GOD.That's why he who opposes authority opposes the order established by God."


Later it says "the magistrate is the servant of God for your good" and then again says "servant of God"/"the magistrates are the ministers of God."

minoria said...

Part 2:

The KEY words are SERVANT,of God,not of the DEVIL.When Paul talks of all authority having been established by God he refers to the Jewish position that God is in control,and those who are in power,whether good or bad,are there because he lets them be there...for the time being.


Paul by SERVANT of GOD,of ABDULLAH,as a Muslim would say,certainly meant the authority had moral obligations.People should obey them if they respected them.Notice Paul says:"being the SERVANT of God to carry out retribution and punish those who DO EVIL."He doesn't say the authority should DO EVIL.

minoria said...

Part 3:

Then ROM 13 has(verse 8):"Owe nothing to anybody unless it is to love one another,because he who loves has fulfilled the law(note:that would also apply to an AUTHORITY who is a "servant of God/abdullah").

In effect the commandments:"do not commit adultery,do not murder,do not steal,do not envy,and any other that exist,are summed up in:"love your neighbor like yourself."Love does not harm the neighbor.Love is therefore the fulfillment of the law."


"... So let us put aside the DEEDs of DARKNESS and put on the armor of light. Let us BEHAVE DECENTLY, as in the daytime, not in orgies and DRUNKENDNESS, not in SEXUAL IMMORALITY and DEBAUCHERY, not in DISSENSION and JEALOUSY. Rather, clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the SINFUL nature."


I believe Paul would say authority should also hold to such high standards and if not then since they are not "servants of God" it is allowed to rebel and dissent.

minoria said...

Part 4:


Because Paul put God FIRST,and if authority is trying to force others to go against God by stealing,killing,idolatry,etc then they are no longer on God's side but on the Devil's.No serious scholar would say:"In ROM 13 Paul is telling us that if authority told Christians to commit IDOLATRY(which is against God)then they should do it and go against God."

Fernando said...

Brother minoria saide: «Glad you (Abdullah) are still reading us.I have been considering your position on ROM 13 by Paul.I think you have misunderstood him.»...

I tottalie agrre he's arounde here after his deblacle on John Chrisostumous in the past...

Then: whate is the surprise to see a muslim misunderstanging, willingly misunderstanding, biblical texts?

Finally: Abdullah: I misss your Star Wars costumes a lot... they were an enourmous contribution to your presentation parafrenalia...

hugh watt said...

Minoria. Well said.

Radical Moderate said...

Abdullah Abdulla Abudulla
Thank you for that insightful video.

It's refreshing to hear such honesty coming from a Muslim.

VJ said...


i checked the debates and saw osama getting wild this time...hes really interested in his virgin in paradise ,that's why implementing taquia n stage..

now i can truly conclude.he will get the worst debater award in history..


sam said...

to abdulla

have u read the interview of son of Hamas leader? maybe that wud help solving some issues ur having with christianity. or maybe not. perhaps he was forced in the by christians or taken advantage of?

Radical Moderate said...

I used to listing to Muslims rail against GOD. Like a train wreck, you dont want to watch but you can't look away.

The energy they spend to think up some of the dumbest things a man or woman can utter is just amazing.

Well I realized that they are going to hell. It is frighting to me really frighting to me.

I cant watch this train wreck anymore.

minoria said...

Hello Fernando and Hugh:

Thank you for the feedback.I often write also in the blog called AVRAIDIRE.EU.It has an English part and a French part.So it has articles in both languages.Check it out.Now it has from 150-300 visitors daily.

i tried to download the debate with all 4 people,the first one with Nabeel,Osama,Farhan and Tony but the system kept breaking down.I will have to wait for the video.It sounds good.

Radical Moderate said...

hugh watt said...

Minoria. Tried that site you suggested, can't get on there. Sure you spelt it correctly?
Q. You've read/seen the 'Left Behind' series haven't you? I could never figure out the significance of '216' in regards Carpathia's plane. What is it?

minoria said...

Hello Darkeyed:

I tried to post the following comment on your blog but the system was too slow,so here it is:

In my view belief in God has an element of faith.It can't be proved 100% he exists but for me there is like 95% proof he does:the Big Bang theory,fine-tuning of the universe,etc.A good book to read about it is LEE STROBEL's "The Case for a Creator."Very clear.
I don't know if Jesus will ever convince you but you should see the video debates on another time,happy spring.

minoria said...

Hello Hugh:

Yes,it is

And on the home page on the top is "avraidire in english".Try to get to it with google.Due to circumstances I am now actually writing articles that appear there in French and English.I have written/copied from my notepad, like 7,I think,in like 10 days under the name Esperanto,though in the comment section I write minoria/minoria-esperanto.Later I thought it would be deception to use Esperanto but the article had already been posted.So I let it that way and later it was told to the readers by the blog creator that Esperanto=minoria,so that was for the best.

It all began when I was writing comments there in French arguing against what 2 Muslims called curebien and aladin wrote.The creator of the blog very graciously asked me if I would like to write articles.At first I said no but I would give info,then I decided to submit one,and then others.In fact,today I submitted one under the title "Mohammed in Isaiah?".C'est la vie.

I have not really read the Left Behind series books,but I saw the movie.You said 216?I have no idea what it can mean.I wrote an article in French giving due credit to Nabeel and David and answeringmuslims and even having a link to Nabeel's testimony in youtube.The article repeated their argument (as found in the Koran)about that Jesus' disicples would be ABOVE/SUPERIOR till the DAY of RESURRECTION and also how a part of the Children of Israel believed in Jesus and PREVAILED.

Sometimes one feels,I think we all do,like going back to our PRE-ISLAM life,when we knew nothing,and be like the 99% of non-Muslims and forget trying to convince Muslims and relax for the rest of our lives,but when I saw that more than 30 had read Nabeel-David's argument(for the first time in their lives)then it was in that sense worth it.

minoria said...


I forgot to add that the article where I repeated and credited Nabeel-David's argument is "Le Coran el l'histoire du message de Jesus."

hugh watt said...

Minoria, i got on there. Give me some guidance here. How do i find you? Looked and saw list of posts but not 'Esperanto' nor 'Minoria'.
Oh, don't worry about whether people are responding or not. Personally, this is easy. Watching Muslims trying to wriggle out of obvious faults, well.

minoria said...

Hello Hugh:

Most of my comments in the comment section are in French.The word Esperanto(yes,I got it from the name of the artificial language that means "he who hopes"in Esperanto)appears at the bottom of the articles.Others are by other authors.It's a strange world,I never thought I would be in something like this but if it helps then it's worth it.Others helpalso,Nakdimon has his videos in youtube,Mary Jo has her seminars,all together the impact is greater.

hugh watt said...

Hi Minoria. I'm new to all this so whatever help you can give i'd appreciate it.And yes, if it helps, praise God!

Heath Trivett said...

Minoria. Tried that site you suggested, can't get on there. Sure you spelt it correctly?
Q. You've read/seen the 'Left Behind' series haven't you? I could never figure out the significance of '216' in regards Carpathia's plane. What is it? We are a reliable and afforadable trucking comapany.