Monday, February 8, 2010

Yahya Snow's Video on Hogan Elijah Hagbard

For those who are interested Yahya Snow just uploaded a video of criticism against me. I intend to respond to Yahya and some of the points he is raising by writing and probably a Youtube video in near future.

You can watch Yahya's video by clicking the link, which links you to Yahya's blog:

The dialogue between me and Yahya on this matter began on my blog 'Christian Apologetics' which can be viewed here:


aussie christian said...

Well yahya:

If alchohol is the best and only argument you can come up with to defend islam, you are so screwed to the wall.

The Jesus you claim to follow is not the Jesus of the Bible because you deny the crusifixion.

The god you follow is not the God of Abraham, Moses, Jesus.

If you believed in the God of Abraham Moses, Jesus, your book would not call for the distruction of Israel, Jews and Christians.

And for your information, the Bible tells us not to intake anything which will damage our bodies, which Jesus calls the temple of God, because God the creator made each and every one of us.

So yahya, you can claim anything you want, you can say anything you want as truth, but the fact is, islam the koran/hadith/sura are all proven to be from satan thereby proving that islam is a satanic cult, and anyone who chooses to follow such a doctrine is thus labled quite correctly as satanic and demonic.

come unto Christ Jesus, the son of YWHW the one true God. leave islam the religeon of satan the devil. choose life not eternal death and distruction.

Peace and Love.

Anthony Rogers said...
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Anthony Rogers said...

So Yahya has done a video responding to Hogan's remark that Islam is demonic?

With all the blog posts, comments, video responses and what not coming from Yahya it looks to me like he has a lot of time on his hands.

Yahya, did you forget about my debate challenge?

Yahya, would it put some pep in your step if I said the devil or the spirit of anti-Christ is at work in your religion since it denies the Trinity and the deity of Christ?

"Dear friends, do not believe every spirit, but test the spirits to see whether they are from God, because many false prophets have gone out into the world. This is how you can recognize the Spirit of God: Every spirit that acknowledges that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh is from God, but every spirit that does not acknowledge Jesus is not from God. This is the spirit of the antichrist, which you have heard is coming and even now is already in the world." (1 John 4:1-3)

Sepher Shalom said...

I'm not sure why Yahya wants to huff and puff about this. Isn't it obvious that as non Muslims we believe Islam to be a false religion, and as believers in the Gospel of Yeshua found in the Bible, see false religions that take people away from Salvation to be demonic?

Stop trying to play the victim Yahya.

Jeff said...

Yahya seems like a nice fellow after listening to a couple of minutes of his video.

I'm not sure about the alcohol argument, but as a Christian the wider question does interest me.

If Islam is demonic, why does it mandate sexual continence? Why does it forbid adultery? Why does it enjoin modesty? Why does it forbid the killing of girl children? Why does it encourage mercy and kindness in many instances?

I wonder if it can be as simple as that. It seems to me much likelier that Islam is human rather than demonic, in any direct sense.

It is the product of a great human religious genius who was inspired by many of the features of Judaism and Christianity and sought to imitate them.

Nakdimon said...

DON'T tell me that this guy is relying on Nadir Ahmed's argumentation!

This guy claims that alcohol, even in moderation, leads to cancer! Not so! Alcohol in moderation, is life expanding! I just think Yahya Snow, or anyone that makes the argument that alcohol prohibition proves non-satanic influences, is a waste of time.

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

Rather than limiting themselve to alcohol Muslim should consider drinks on the wider spectrum, coke or bottled drinks have greatly increased the risk of cancer.

Muhammad and early Muslim even drank camel urine, today I am pretty sure a Muslim would choose a glas of vine above a drink that contained animal urine.

Or how about smoking in the London debates last summer I was amazed how many of these muslim debators were smoking. I am pretty sure that smoking causes as many deaths as drinking, and smoking existed in Muhammad's time. Does the Qur'an warn explicitly against smoking? In all honesty I am more worried about a person smoking than a person who two-three glasses of wine pr week.

The Qur'an does not even prohibit alcohol comsumption in Sura 4: 43, but simply commands Muslims not to pray when they are drunk.

Interestingly, being drunk and hence being probited from coming to prayer is in this passage a conduct equally to having touched a women.

I know that Muslims say that the Qur'an later abrogates this passage.

Yet my question remains to Yahya and Nadir Ahmed and all our Muslim friends why the permission to drink alcohol is even included in God's holy eternal book.

Anthony Rogers said...


Islam does not teach continence or forbid adultery. Being allowed up to four wives (and additional sex-slaves) is worlds apart from what God's law requires. Just because Muhammad said his followers could imitate him up to the point of marrying 3 more women in addition to their first and only true wives doesn't mean it somehow becomes right in God's eyes. Dung by any other name still reaks; and polygamous relationships called "marriage" are still a stench in God's nostrils, something He finds detestable.

In addition, some Muslims believe they can engage in temporary marriages with a woman for the sole purpose of having sex with her. After the dirty deed they divorce and go their separate ways. This is nothing more than serial adultery and prostitution.

Given the above, I'm sure you can see one reason why Islam forbids killing female children. Can't stack up the wives and slave girls if you are killing them off when they are young.

In fact, you illustrate the point of the devilish nature of Islam, it seems to me. It just wouldn't be devilish if it wasn't subtle enough to dupe the naive. The fact that you bought into its flowery veneer and couldn't discern from the putrid stench that it isn't a flower at all goes a long way in showing the nature of the Islamic ideology.

Jeff said...

Semper Paratus:

I agree that concubinage and polytheism break down the barrier between marital fidelity and adultery. So, for that matter, does divorce.

But I don't think they abolish it. Otherwise we couldn't venerate the patriarchs as we do.

Look: Muslims following their understanding of Islam try to control their sexual impulses. I see them doing it, talking about their struggles, trying to do better day by day, asking their imams for guidance in how to do better, etc.

It's not that I'm buying into "flowery veneer". I'm simply talking about what I see Muslims believing and trying to do.

I don't think the girl child example works. Polygamy and the killing of girl children coexisted before Mohammed in Arabia. And Mohammed taught not to kill female children.

I'm afraid this would be an example of the devil being too clever by half. Too many non-devilish things in Islam for me to have an easy time believing it was all inspired by Satan.

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...


I do see where you come from, but think of it this way: if Satan was to create a new counterfeit religious movement to compete with the truth of the Gospel, such a religion would obviously contain truth and falsehood intermingled, such as moral and ethics including elements of sinful nature that would drive the multitudes to adhere by it.

The most dangerous lie is not a full lie, a lie that is so obvious that is easy to expose but a half-lie that is less easy to differentiate from truth.

Jeff said...

I agree, Hogan.

The problem is that if Satan DID inspire it, he inspired a lot of people to do a lot of good things.

I don't think Satan is happy with people believing that only One God created the universe or that people are called to be merciful, for example. Yet these are truths that Islam teaches, despite everything negative said about it.

Anthony Rogers said...

Jeff said: "But I don't think they [polygamy and concubinage] abolish it. Otherwise we couldn't venerate the patriarchs as we do."

You've bought into Muhammadan propoganda here, Jeff.

Just what "patriarchs" are you referring to when you speak of the practice of polygamy and concubinage?

Adam? Couldn't be. Adam had only one wife.

Enoch? No mention of multiple wives.

Noah? Couldn't be. He, too, had only one wife.

Abraham? Nope, not him either. He had only one wife. He married Keturah after the death of Sarah. (As for Hagar, she was Sarah's maidservant, not Abraham's concubine. And there is no indication that they had relations beyond the incident that took place at Sarah's behest and that resulted in the conception of Ishmael. Furthermore, God Himself commanded that she be sent away.)

Joseph? Nope, no record that he had multiple wives.

Jacob is an exception. But this is an exception that proves the rule.

Where are these patriarchs that you are talking about? You need many to establish a precedent here. Especially if you are going to try and pretend that Muhammad was a stand up fellow for: 1) declaring in the name of God that taking many wives and sex slaves is acceptable to God; and 2) exceeding the limits that he imposed upon others, as if he had a special indulgence from God for doing so.

This isn't a case of the Devil being too clever by half; it is a case of you being ignorant and naive to the second power.

Anthony Rogers said...

Did I forget Isaac? Doesn't matter...he only had one wife as well.