Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Victory for Rifqa!

Praise the Lord for delivering our sister Rifqa from those who want to kill her. Today, Rifqa's parents agreed to leave her in the custody of the state of Ohio until she turns 18.


hugh watt said...

well PTL,been praying for my dear sister in Christ.praise God for the victory and that many more will come to know the truth that sets sinners free.this is my 1st post ever,i'm so glad for Rifqa and will continue praying for her family(may God bless and be merciful to them).may God bless you Acts 17 we speak the truth in love to our dear Muslim friends in Christ's Name.

hugh watt said...

Thank God for Rifqa.been praying for her for some time and her family that all may know the Truth that sets sinners free.thank God He is removing the veil that's blinded so many souls.Hugh Watt.

Anthony Rogers said...

This is great news. Praise the Lord.

Negeen Mayel said...


Tom ta tum Tom said...

Beloved in Christ, please do NOT stop praying for Rifqa. Celebrate this step, yes; stop uplifting her in prayer, no.

Pray for our beloved teacher, David Wood, who tries SO hard to wring logic and reason from interactions with people infected with a nightmare disease of mindlessness and godlessness.

Pray for our precious, BRAVE young brother: Jamal Jivanjee. Jamal has exemplified strength, valor, grace and just plain ole' decency through all of this. (I praise God for you, Jamal). Pray that Jamal will continue to be strengthened and drawn even closer to Christ Jesus.

Pray that Rifqa's Mom and Dad and siblings will come to a saving, transforming relationship with Jesus Christ.

Pray that our Heavenly Father will break the teeth of the evil spirit that rules in C.A.I.R. and in the Mosque from which Rifqa fled. Pray that entire Ohio MOSQUE will be surrendered to Jesus Christ as Lord and God! Claim it, Lord Jesus! May that Mosque be surrounded with the prayers of Loving Christians until that unclean spirit departs!

Pray that hearts and eyes will be OPENED to the evil of Islam and to its impotence. Pray that people can find their way OUT of the madness of Islam.

Pray for Rifqa's legal staff and her guardians. Pray that their own relationships with Christ Jesus will be deepened and strengthened on going, by virtue of their association with Rifqa.

Pray that Rifqa can be surrounded by loving, watchful, prayerful and surrendered Christians and with our own prayers.

And of course, pray for our little Paul Revere: Rifqa Bary, who has done and is doing everything in her power to warn us, to rally us and to give us new reason to know that God is Love.

Pray that we can all continue in prayer for Rifqa and pray for both the lesson we have been given and also for the opportunity we still own. Pray that we will use that opportunity to God's Glory and for His coming Kingdom on Earth.

Thank you, David, for all that you dare for us. Thanks to all of you visitors and commenters. You have shared strength in ways you don't even understand. MAY JESUS CHRIST BE PRAISED! I remain Kafir and grateful to God in Jesus Christ!

minoria said...

I could not believe it when I first read it,but it seems things are doing well.I am happy for her but also vigilant.The news makes me feel better,I was and still am very worried about her.God help us all.

aussie christian said...

Now that the family and cair has suddenly stopped fighting, I personally fear more now for Rifqa.

Now that they have become silent this says to me they are planning on kidnapping her or sending in an assassin. Seeing as they have given her the warnings and the punishments, they have gone silent, this bodes an ill wind in my humble opinion.

My hope is that the people helping Rifqa will see this islamic deseption and hide her quickly quietly and effecently.

having had anti-terrorist training, I find too often I see what the islamics are doing before they do it as they only have a limited number of operatis mandis.

Peace and Love.

hugh watt said...

dear Tom and all.may your prayer request not just be for Rifqa but Negeen also. know that God sets the boundaries,Psalm 91 etc.He knows the end from the beginning and can take care of His children. may His peace be with these dear ones which passes all understanding. if i had not known it personally i would not bother saying it. Satan desired to sift Peter,Jesus interceded for him and is doing so for us now at the right hand of God. zealots wanted to destroy Paul but could not until the appointed time,then Paul glorified God through his martyrdom. the enemy will try to intimidate those who stand up and expose him,he has to. God has him on a leash. Matt 10v28-31.

IslamSINS said...

This court decision is just a minute part of Rifqa's "freedom". Since the death penalty will always remain on her head, she'll possibly live a life of looking over her shoulder.

We need to keep this young woman on our prayer list until Jesus comes. Pray that her family will come to the risen Lord through this trial, and more Muslims will be won to the Kingdom.

God is not willing that any should perish, and we know His word will not return void.

I could weep for joy over this victory, with no reservation, were Islam not such a vicious, pernicious, relentless, vengeful cult of death.

Anonymous said...

Since taqqiya is a common practice, we should not think that things are alright.. Well, yes on the onset at the moment but is that really?

I kind of in agreement with aussie christian.. They knew they would not win legally thus they used different strategy. Had they known they would have won, would you have thought they would back off? Not in a million years.

Thus, pray for those who work day and night for Rifqa that they would be given wisdom to protect her.

She would be greatly used by God for His ministry.

Love in Christ

OLJingoist said...

Now with that accomplished on Aug. 11,2010 Rifga should be given political refugie status and her parents and brother should be picked up have an ice hold on them. And then deport them.

minoria said...

You're right,Hugh, Negeen could be in danger also.We must pray for her,all of us.She's still only 17 also.And let us hope for the best for GEERT WILDERS,that he win his trial,and win for freedom of speech.

aussie christian said...

If Rifqa really needs to be safe, she needs to move countries.

As for myself and my lovely wife, we would feel proud to have her stay in our house until arrangments could be made for a permanent solution in our country, where islam has a very small amount of influence, especially in my state.

But if she chooses to stay in America, I pray for her and those who are helping her escape the evil of satans seed.

If you are reading this Rifqa, or Rifqa's people, we all send our love and support to you.

Peace and Love.

Sepher Shalom said...

Wonderful news! Praise Adonai Yeshua!

I agree with many of the posters above....It's not over for Rifqa. Let's continue to keep her in our prayers.

She may indeed need to act as someone in witness protection, or as one who testified against the Mafia. After all, in many ways Islam acts as Muhammad's crime syndicate, where plundering from non-members is justified, 1/5 of the plunder goes to the organization, and no is supposed to get out of their life-time membership alive.

minoria said...


Reading atlasshrugs.com the most disgusting news came out:as many perhaps know,there were 3 star witnesses in the CAIR team against Rifqa:Brian Smith and 2 others who were of the church of Pastor Lorenz.They had fired him and were saying he was a liar on this,on that.


Now they have been discovered to have been working with CAIR's lawyer and on top of that have stolen $30,000 that people had sent for Rifqa's legal defense.And they had confiscated all the mail sent to Pastor Lorenz,never telling him mail had come for him.But they have been discovered and now we know why CAIR's lawyer all of a sudden stopped the fight against her.It's utterly disgusting how 3 people who were supposed to help Rifqa betrayed her and Pastor Lorenz.They will go to jail if there is justice in the US.

hugh watt said...

Geert Wilders? Is this Dutch politician who was banned from entering the U.K, Minoria? 2 Timothy 1v7. when i first began studying Islam Satan tried to convince me it was true. i was a new Christian but wanted to reach Muslims. the spiritual attacks are not something i will forget. even though i absolutely knew the Truth and knew Islam to be false Satan kept firng those darts. God is able to protect His children. relax Christians if Satan can get you to focus on him you'll lose your peace, remember the disciples in the storm!

minoria said...

Hello Hugh Watt,

Sorry for the delay in replying.Yes,Geert was banned from the UK but for no good reason.Only for a valid criticism of Islam.But he is a good man.I hope one day he gets to know Jesus.And it's true one has doubts and I tell you Hugh,for JESUS DOUBTS are OK.Really.


MARK 9:23-25 is AWESOME.A man tells Jesus to help his son "IF you CAN do something.",Jesus says:"If I can?All is possible to he who has FAITH."

The man says:"I BELIEVE but HELP ME in my INCREDULITY(Note:he had his DOUBTS)."
Also translated as:"HELP me OVERCOME my UNBELIEF."

Did Jesus curse him or rebuke him for doubting?Not at all,he helped him.

LESSON LEARNED:it's ok for Jesus to doubt even when you still have faith,or have faith yet entertain doubts.

minoria said...


Here is my view of another supposed NT contradiction:


MATT 27:3-8 tells us because Judas took money and betrayed Jesus. It was BLOOD MONEY and since the Jewish priests bought the field in JUDAS' NAME, it was called the FIELD of BLOOD ( blood-money ).

When you look at the things COMMON to MATT 27:3-8 and ACTS 1:18-19 you see 2 things: the idea of BLOOD MONEY and the name FIELD OF BLOOD. But in ACTS we also have the BLOOD FROM JUDAS' STOMACH. I do not see why the name Field of Blood can not be due to BOTH details: the blood-money and Judas' blood.

THE ACTS 1:18-19 TEXT:

We have 2 things:

" 1) With the REWARD ( NOTE: the blood money ) he got for his wickedness, Judas bought a field; there he fell headlong, 2) his body BURST OPEN ( NOTE: blood came out ) and all his intestines spilled out.

Everyone in Jerusalem heard about THIS ( NOTE: only about the stomach incident, or about BOTH, the blood-money and the stomach? ), so they called that field in their language Akeldama, that is, Field of Blood. "

hugh watt said...

hi Minoria. point taken. Satan uses temptation and fear to paralyse people whether it be in advertising or religion. when Jesus said to put our truust in Him,Satan whips up a storm and says,"lets see if you really believe all that stuff". what happened to Job is something every Christian will go through to some degree. James knew this when he spoke about faith being tested .only when the disciples looked upon Jesus did they have peace not when they were focused on the storm. perfect love casts out fear, thats why Islam(and others) uses fear to keep people bound. i was never a Muslim but i know Satan keeps trying his age old tactics. God is still on His throne and forever will be! He will never leave us nor forsake us. so lets keep praying for these dear ones and their families, that the angels will rejoice over any who repents. Bless.

minoria said...

Hello Hugh:

You are absolutely right.For my part I try my best.I have already given the film LEFT BEHIND to a non-Christian,who really liked it,and now she even knows how to get saved.I will soon give her LEFT BEHIND II.She has already,on her own,read the ANNE RICE book CHRIST THE LORD:THE ROAD TO CANA,which she said was well-written.So God just wants us to do something to convince others,and I try my best,limited though it is.

minoria said...


I would like to add a bit more about JUDAS and the FIELD of BLOOD.MATT says he threw the 30 shekels on the floor and left.The priests could not accept it in the treasury and bought a field with it.End of information.

ACTS has Peter say "Judas bought a field".Technically speaking,the priests could have bought the field IN JUDAS' NAME.It was his,though I suspect they knew he was already dead.


Now there are 2 ways of looking at this.Peter and the others had been hiding for days and had heard little or nothing about Judas for days or weeks.Then they heard of a field that was said to belong to Judas and they thought he had personally bought it,so Peter said he bought it.The info is part of a conversation which may contain TRUE or FALSE info.


If Peter had said "China is the size of Italy" he would be repeating false info but he was human,I have no problem with that.Now if instead we have:"And Paul later went to China,which is the size of Italy,and there he said:"...",THEN we have a different situation.There is an error in the account where there shouldn't be since it's NOT a QUOTATION of a HISTORICAL CONVERSATION.

minoria said...



It could be Peter knew Judas had NOT bought a field but that the priests had bought it IN HIS NAME,and so technically it was Judas' field.So when he said "Judas bought a field" he was being expressive.His hearers knew it could mean both things:X personally bought it or it was bought for X in his/her name.

minoria said...

Finally I would like to add that the person of AVRAIDIRE.EU,the French-language blog that is Christian has accepted my suggestion that he add links to answering-islam.org and faithfreedom.org in his blog.In a second email to me he said he would and he has already.God bless him for it.Again,as I have learned,one must never ASSUME.I KNOW answeringislam and faithfreedom are very famous,but there are people and places where they are utterly unknown and WHO KNOWS?,maybe by mere chance a Muslim or skeptic who knows French and can read alot of English will by chance discover them through a French-language blog and be saved.Even if ONLY ONE person gets saved that way in 10 years,it was worth it.

Anonymous said...

God Bless her this made my day. Wow whats wrong Islam? between the swiss and now this looks like islam has been tried and found guilty God has started to poor out his wrath upon islam. My advice to muslims is leave islam because God is working on exposing and destroying it.

Jabari said...

I praise Jesus Christ for her Victory. We still need to pray for her because her family and possibly C.A.I.R. may be still trying to kill her. Furthermore, she has recently been diagnosed with cancer. We must pray that the Lord heals her.