Monday, January 25, 2010

Pakistan: Twelve-Year-Old Christian Girl Raped and Killed by Muslim Employer

Lahore (AsiaNews/Agencies) – A 12-year-old Christian girl died on Friday as a result of physical violence inflicted by her employer, a rich and powerful Muslim lawyer in Lahore. The case has led to protests by the Christian community, which demonstrated before the provincial assembly of Punjab in Lahore. The authorities are trying to appease people and have pledged that justice shall be done. Pakistani President Zardari has also promised to pay compensation to the family.

A Protestant NGO, Sharing Life Ministry Life (SLMP), reported the case of Shazia Bashir, 12, who was employed for the past eight months as a domestic worker in the household of Chaudhry Muhammad Naeem, a lawyer and former president of the Lahore Bar Association.

Local Christians say that during that period the girl was the victim of constant harassment, and that she was raped and tortured before she was killed.

SLMP chief coordinator Sohail Johnson said the girl worked under constant stress and experienced emotional and psychological trauma. She was also denied the agreed salary (Rs 1,000 or about US$ 12 per month).

Shazia “would get insults whenever she raised the subject of payment,” the Christian activist said.

Three days before her death, her employer tortured her, he noted. Afterwards, he tried to have her treated at his home without informing the parents of her health situation. In the end, the medical care she did get proved inadequate and she had to go to Lahore’s Meo Hospital.

"Shazia's parents were not allowed to meet her. They did not know what she was going through," said Razia Bibi, the girl’s 44-year-old uncle.

Shazia died last Friday from her injuries.

Sohail Johnson said that her body showed signs of torture with at least 12 marks of injury. "Shazia was admitted to the hospital with a broken jaw," he said.

Initially, Chaudhry Muhammad Naeem’s family tried to pay off Shazia’s parents with Rs 20,000 (US$ 250) to stop them from filing a case against them. Eventually they fled, but were arrested yesterday under pressure from the federal government.

On Saturday, Christians demonstrated in front of the Punjab Provincial Assembly.

The Lahore Bar Association has instead sided with the powerful Muslim lawyer.

Local Christians have expressed scepticism about the impartiality and efficacy of the police investigation; however, Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah said that outside interference would not be tolerated and that justice would be done.

Sohail Johnson (pictured with the girl’s body) said that 99 per cent of Christian girls from poor families are hired by wealthy Muslims, and are often physically, psychologically and sexually abused.

“In some cases, their employers marry them off to Muslim servants, and forcibly convert them to Islam,” he said.

“These vulnerable Christian girls do not have any state protection. We urge the government to ensure protection of these disadvantaged girls,” the SLMP coordinator said.

Pakistani President Asif Ali Zardari has promised Rs 500,000 (US$ 6,000) in compensation to the girl’s family and urged the Punjab government to provide financial help as well. The money is expected to cover the cost of Shazia Bashir’s funeral, which is scheduled for today in Lahore. Source.


Christopher said...

I am absolutely disgusted and bewildered by the way unbelievers in Islam are treated by the islamic establishment under Shariah Law. There appears to be no shame in the islamic community for such ghastily acts. I'm sure Muhammad would be proud of his followers actions in humiliating, demeaning, debasing, and subjugating unbelievers to Allah's Will. As believers WE MUST stand up to such barbaric behaviours and voice our direct concern against the forces of darkness. To all believers in Yeshua HaMashiach let us continue to pray (as well as give of our resources) for our persecuted brethren in oppressive countries that do NOT value THE TRUTH.

Bro. Christopher

mkvine said...

Wow, that man is an animal, I hope they bring him to justice.

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

This makes me absolutely mad

There are thousands of similar cases (in Pakistan alone) involving murder, torture and rape---you will all see, the perpetrators will walk free; Islam teaches that the blood of a Muslim is more valuable than that of a Christian

Its demonic

Well, the revenge belongs to the God, if justice is escaped yet again, fire and torture still awaits on the day of judgements

Let's just consider the facts as the are.

Fernando said...

Where is WomenforTruth or her avatar Ali?

this, unfortunatelly, is common practice in a country where our Christian brothres and sisters are treated below zero...

islam is a most diabolical ideology thate eber existed... neither nazism, nor stalinism eber got closed to the degree off un-humanity thate islam shows everyday...

but more astoneshingue is the image off God thate those actions expresses... how can someone beliebe in a realigion thate, from its core message, supports these actions?

islam is a desease;
islam is the black-hole off humanity;
islam is the devil in disguise or, as someone as saide, the devil wheares muslim clothes...

Tom ta tum Tom said...

Too sickening for words...

But yet, it looks to me as if the enemy is asking us "Will you allow me to do any evil I wish? Or... Will you come together as communities of faith to stop me?"

On Planet Earth, at present there are more non-Muslims than Muslims; a LOT more. Can we come together to stop Islam?

Can we Christians ignore the pleas of the Hindus and the Sikhs being victimized by Islam? Can we fail to respond to the plight of the Jews who daily are under attack from the slaves of the pseudo-Prophet? Will we continue to ignore the cries of the Animists, Pagans and Jainists being exterminated by the minions of evil - JUST BECAUSE they're not Muslims?

May God have mercy on us and fill our hearts with compassion for each other and especially for those being victimized by Muslims and for those Muslims who want to leave the wretchedness of Islam.

And may God fill us with a passion for the well-being of each other and a willingness to "expend ourselves on behalf of the poor" (Isaiah 58:10) so that He (The Father/Son/Spirit) may bind us together against the enemy. If we cannot in hope share what we have with each other then believe it when I say that Islam will TAKE what you have in your despair.

To all of you contributing and commenting here: I want to believe the work of David and Semper and Hogan and others - with YOUR participation - represents the waking of our world. PLEASE do all that you can to build connections with communities of faith and justice all over the web - and in your own communities. I want to believe you're already doing this.

The Muslims can work more of their evil if we refuse to connect with each other. The precious child murdered by the wretch in the article could be the last one - if we'll just come together. We have much to do but we can do much together.

I remain Kafir and grateful to God in Jesus Christ who is Lord over the Ummat al-Kuffar and Lord over ALL!

ned said...

Yet another act of aggression and terrorism against Christian minority in Pakistan. A few months ago in 2009 8 Christian were burnt alive Gojra and another young boy was killed in Sialkot. To in my knowledge nothing has been done against the culprits so far. I am sure based on the historical facts, where Christians are time and again terrorized; nothing will done to do justice.

Justice for the little innocent girl will go begging bringing nothing but shame to the family of the deceased girl. This is how justice is is practised in pakistan. If you have money to bribe police or judges there is a chance you can win the case, if the opposite party doesn’t raise the bid.

I am sorry for the girl and she did not deserve it and I pray to God that Peace of Lord Jesus be upon the grieved. At the same note I pray to God to provide His justice during this time and let the Light of Lord Jesus shine upon the murderer so he can come forward and confess his sins.

hugh watt said...

i felt a righteous anger when i read what happened. the depths that people will sink to in Allah's name. they think they are doing God service by killing His people. praise God He sees it all, He will judge all murderers who do not repent. i pray the Church will grow in persecution. for strength for all.that nothing seperates us from the love of God. for courage, hope, peace and a love for those who persecute us. His grace is sufficient. that sinners will repent before it is too late. thank God for the privilege of suffering for Christ's Name. for Christians not to be overwhelmed when the enemy comes in like a flood. that God will do a work in governments to change policy where such evil is rampant. thank God for His faithfulness, He has overcome the world. if this temple is destroyed God will raise it up on the last day. to God be glory in Christ's Name. Amen!

minoria said...

I was also disgusted by what happened.The Muslim world is no place for a non-Muslim.So much fanaticism and specially Jew-hatred.The Muslim community in the West is INDIFFERENT to it all.Very few care.Instead they talk alot more about ISLAMOPHBIA.When you explain to them Islamophobia(criticism of Koran and Mohammed) is no more a crime than CAPITALISMOPHOBIA(criticism of globalization and the free market) or COMMUNISMOPHOBIA(criticism of the ideas of Marx and his economico-political ideas) since they are SIMPLY IDEAS,not PERSONS,what do the Western Muslims do?

They say nothing and later on,knowing better,continue to talk of "There is Islamophobia in the West,it is terrible,it can NOT be tolerated." Hmmm,the conclusion is...INTELLECTUAL BANKRUPCY of Western Muslims.And if they want to be taken seriously then they should first of all reject their objections to Islamophobia.Will they?No,I am too realistic to expect it.Then they wonder:"Why are we MUSLIMS and ISLAM so DESPISED by Westerners?"And the Muslims become bitter and resentful,but it's their doing.

Tom ta tum Tom said...

Minoria, I'm with you. They DO bring it on themselves. And I think you're right on target when you try to make a comparison to them of their "capitalismophobia".

And what about the "Kafir-a-phobia" so rampant among the Muslims? What about the Jewish-phobia that results in their seething hatred of the Jews? What about the Muslims' "democracy-phobia" that leads them to want to establish sharia? Even while Sharia is entirely ineffectual as a means of creating a moral-compass for a society; yet the Muslims cry out for it.

The murder of this child is just more evidence to me that Muslims SO TOTALLY do not value others as they value themselves. We have to wake up our politicians and our media to the fact that Islam JUST DOES NOT fit in with human civilization. Islam is simply "social poison" and the only redemption for it is crucifixion w/Christ Jesus. I think all of the non-Muslims of the world are gonna have to stand together AGAINST Islam.

Welcome Muslims? Yes, if they're willing to leave Islam behind them and join the free world. Otherwise, I believe the free world must do everything possible to keep Islam separate from the people we love and the nations we cherish. I think there can be no compromise.

I remain Kafir and GRATEFUL to God in Jesus Christ who is LORD over the Ummat al-Kuffar and LORD over all.

Radical Moderate said...

Is this new? Did't we already read about a Christian girl who was raped and killed by a muslim?

minoria said...

Hello Tom:

Thank you for the comment.Things are tough.I know French so I also read OUMMA.COM which seems to be the most popular Muslim website in French.They are for Sharia law,one can tell.They pretend they are liberal and for human rights but it's not so.One notices it.


A few days ago a video appeared there where a Frenchman spoke about Muslims and said "ANTI-MUSLIM RACISM".I wrote a short comment using the name Minoria saying it was illogical,since MUSLIMS are NOT a RACE,that it was as illogical as saying "ANTI-CATHOLIC RACISM",since CATHOLICS are NOT a RACE.2 days have passed and they have not accepted my comment(they filter).
A Christian(he himself said he was) made a comment there that CHRISTIANS and MUSLIMS worship the SAME God.I wrote a short comment to him saying it was not so,that the Christian God was Trinitarian and the Muslim one wasn't,so by logic there was the God of Christianity and the God of Islam.2 days have passed and nothing,it was not accepted.I didn't insult or use foul language.It's obvious they are not interested in REAL DIALOGUE.So goes the world.


I think it was good all the same.AT LEAST the MUSLIM CENSOR READ the IDEAS(new ideas for him I suppose).Really,MAYBE,just maybe HE will reconsider things.In the future I will send a comment recommending answeringmuslims (saying it has real,intense Muslim-Christian debates for those who know English) and also answeringislam.


MAYBE,just maybe(I know it won't appear in their comment section)the Muslim censor will checkout the websites(if he knows English,or ask somebody who does to check them out).Maybe,it's a 1 in a million,but who knows?And maybe he will read and get convinced.Though I don't think he will read,but who knows?

Fernando said...

Our beloved sister Rifqa Bary is in danger again affter her parents dismised the agreement they made some weeks ago... lets pray for her... whate happend to this Christian children mighte be her future iff Rifqa returns to Sri Lanka...

Fernando said...

Dear Professor Wood... I've been seing many days without updates in teh comments... I hoppe tahte everythingue is OK withe you and your family... my prayers are withe you...

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

I have read that the Pakistani investigators have denied that the girl has been tortured and abused, despite the nails missing and all the marks covering her body.

It's obvious, its a Muslim who has killed a Christian, according to Islamic law, no punishmnent is to be enforced, secondly, its easy for a rich lawyer simply to buy himself out of it.

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...


dear brother

You are doing a good job

Can I encourage you to keep on posting on this blog, but at the same time gather all your information (which is excellent) on your own personal blog, and link to it.

God bless bro

minoria said...

Hello Fernando:

I read about that also,in commentator who knows about the law said it would be difficult for her parents to have the dependency decision overturned.It has already been done,she will be with foster parents.That is what gives hope.

minoria said...


There is a very interesting debate that shows Muslim-Christian cooperation:

Go to youtube and write:"Theist vs Atheist:Does God NOT Exist?"

It's a fascinating one between ATHEISTS RICHARD CARRIER and DAN BARKER (ex-Christian) on one side and MUSLIM HASSANAIN RAJABAL and CHRISTIAN MICHAEL COREY (who is very good in his defense of the scientific evidence in favor of God.)

Check it out.

Tom ta tum Tom said...

Wow, Minoria - thanks for this info!

I remain Kafir and GRATEFUL to God in Jesus Christ!

minoria said...

Hello Tom:

I think you refer to the atheist-theist debate.It was some debate,I tell you,though in one part MICHAEL COREY said a strange thing and said Mohammed had given a scientific miracle in the Koran(I think about the universe expanding).He is a Christian but how much I don't know.But he knows alot about science.


He gave a good reply at the end to CARRIER's defense of LEE SMOLIN's MULTIPLE UNIVERSES theory as a alternative explanation to the BIG BANG theory.In effect,SMOLIN's theory has no evidence and it seems we'll never be able to verify it(while the BIG BANG does).


It says that 15 billion years ago there was NOTHING( no time,no space,no matter) and then there was a big explosion from a tiny point that has been getting bigger and bigger like an ICE-CREAM CONE (the UNIVERSE).What existed BEFORE and what CAUSED it all we don't know.It seems it was God.


It's uncertain if Hitler was an atheist or not.He wasn't Christian.Not all ATHEISTS are bad,most are good,but just like ATHEISTS STALIN (killed 20 million in PEACETIME,10% of Russia's population)and MAO (killed 70 million in PEACETIME,10% of China's population)so we have that ATHEISTS were among Hitler's BEST and CLOSEST collaborators:

HIMMLER(atheist)/EICHMANN(atheist)/GOEBBELS(atheist)/BORMANN(atheist)/ALFRED ROSENBERG(atheist,he wrote THE MYTH OF THE 20TH CENTURY,which was the SECOND most influential Nazi book after MEIN KAMPF and was the editor of the Nazi party's newspaper).


He was an avowed ATHEIST yet he was in favor of a movement called POSITIVE CHRISTIANITY where Jesus was an ARYAN and other ideas.It's obvious ROSENBERG didn't believe in it,it was a tool to destroy a Jewish Jesus.

hugh watt said...

Minoria, thanks for your recommendation. When 2 blind groups meet. (Barker & Rajabal).

minoria said...

Hello Hugh,

Yes,DAN BARKER is an atheistic debater against Christianity.He is an ex-Christian.He was a true believer for many years,so I believe he is saved.After he became an atheist he convinced his father and mother to become atheists also.He says,to my surprise,that he is a native American Indian.He is descended to some extent from one tribe but he's obviously at least 90% white.


He has based much of his ideas on BARBARA WALKER,who has been discredited as a serious scholar.Yet it seems he doesn't want to accept the verict on her.JAMES WHITE has written an article on BARKER in the Alpha and Omega Ministries Blog on 09/28/2009titled:"Dan Barker:Yes,I've Made the Same Argument for 17 years.So What?", where he refers to BARBARA WALKER and BARKER's use of her ideas.


They had a debate rather recently.Write in youtube:"WAS JESUS A MYTH? Part 1".It's in 2 parts.There JAMES WHITE began his opening statement citing ideas from one of Barker's books and Barker interrupted him and said he didn't want him to do it since he had/or may have changed his position since then.There was a debate about it,Barker was against White citing from his book.Another time in the debate Barker broke one of the rules by intervening while White was talking but he said he was happy to do so,even though he knew he technically had no right.All in all,SOME DEBATE.

minoria said...



In his opening statement in "Was Jesus a Myth?" the strongest argument by BARKER was that MARK had COPIED HOMER.In other words,he invented things and made them look similar to what is in the ODYSSEY and ILLIAD.He relied on a scholar's book to the effect that "historians work in PROBABILITIES" and the mathematical probability all the similarities between MARK and HOMER "is virtually zero.Mark copied Homer."He argues from DENNIS MACDONALD's "The Homeric Epics and the Gospel of Mark."


That the ODYSSEY has Odysseus as a carpenter,who multiplied food,calmed a storm,walked on water,had a last supper,told stories on a boat.Also that MARK copied from more Greek mythology,and that the SONS OF ZEBEDEE in MARK are copied from Castor and Pollux.

minoria said...



I disagree.The argument sounds impressive IF we ONLY had MARK.But we have MATT,LUKE and JOHN.Therefore the PROBABILITIES become alot less.


MATT copied 90% of Mark(Mark is the shortest of the gospels)plus added alot more.LUKE copied 50% of Mark,plus added alot more.We have 5 SOURCES:

2.Q:230 verses COMMON to MARK and LUKE but absent from MARK.
3.MATT(what is ONLY from MATT,not found in Q or LUKE).
4.LUKE(what is ONLY from LUKE,not found in Q or MATT).
5.JOHN(about 50% of scholars say he used the Synoptics,the others say he is independent).


Ok,let's say it's true,MARK copied from HOMER,invented things.But LUKE and MATT VERIFIED if what Mark had said was true.LUKE 1:1-4:"SEVERAL have WRITTEN(note:and Luke had read Mark)a narrative of the events...having INVESTIGATED CAREFULLY all these things from the that you will know the CERTITUDE of the teachings you have received."


So what is the PROBABILITY that TWO authors (Luke and Matt)who verify the CONTENTS of a source (Mark)would ACCEPT inventions by MARK knowing they were lies(multiplying bread,Jesus walking on water,calming a storm,last supper,dealing with the supernatural).


In fact JOHN also has the WALKING ON WATER story (JOHN 6:16-21/also in MATT 14:22-34,but not in LUKE) and MULTIPLICATION OF FOOD story (JOHN 6:1-15/also in MATT 14:13-21/LUKE 9:10-17),which MARK supposedly COPIED from HOMER's ODYSSEY.

So the probabilities that THREE authors are going to NOT verify the veracity of those stories COPIED from HOMER by MARK is even less.

bangrudy said...

I'm a muslim. Islam is my way. Islam never teach me doing Bad things. I really don't agree with the mad acts. Punish him send him into the jail. Even kill him in public area for Qishas. Fuck him. Damn him. Rascall him. Na'uzubillah.

Tom ta tum Tom said...

@bangrudy - though I really can't speak for others here (I'm just one of the commenters), I want to welcome you in Jesus Name to this blog. All of us here are learning more about Islam and I want to encourage you to learn more about Jesus Christ.
Jesus is far more than just a prophet.
Jesus really does know you and loves you.
Jesus really is alive today and He really does want a personal relationship with you.
Jesus Christ really can change people from the inside out - even the man that committed the horrible crime written about in this post on which you've commented.
I personally am someone who is having his own life transformed by Jesus Christ. Jesus is my best friend and my Master. I love Him and serve Him only.

Please ask me about Jesus or ask some of the other commenters here about the Love of Jesus Christ. What have you got to loose? We are here learning more about Islam. PLEASE be bold and brave and learn more about Jesus. You will NOT regret it.

THANKS, Bangrudy! I am Kafir and Grateful to God in Jesus Christ!

minoria said...

Hello Bangrudy:

I agree with Tom.Please do learn more about Jesus as saviour.When I first began investigating I was overwhelmed by all I had to read.Too much and one needed willpower.I didn't even know who the son of Abraham was(I wasn't sure if it was Isaac or somebody else).I knew nothing of what Paul had written.It was all new and so much to learn.Check out for the best Christian-Muslim internet debates.

Ahmad Usman said...

Well first of all V V V extremly sad incident.i think the article is more exaggrated.there are few thing which is to be kept in mind.

1) The girl was not Raped at all.
2) Pakistan doesnt represent Sharia/Islamic law at all.Its a western type democracy.(Those who ask to implement Sharia Law,they kill and bombard them, like recently in Swat where Pak Army carried operation in which 3.5 Million displaced inside the country and also what happening in tribal areas as they want Sharia but Govt doesnt give them.)
3) Pak Media and journalists have highlighted this issue again and again against that cruel,Pig lawyer and infavour of that innocent little girl.But Pak Govt is so hypocrtite that they didnt take any action but rather they are engaged in their merry making life styles,corruption,appeasing USA etc.
4) if there would have a shariah law like that of Taliban in Afghanistan,that lawyer would have been put do death the next day of the girl murder,without wasting any time.
5) U cant blame Islam 4 this beacuse the whole Pak nation has severly condemened this cruel act and stood with that little innocent girl except Govt ministers and members and they doesnt represent Islam as they drink wine,commit adultery and other sins which are strickly prohibited in Islam.

imtiyaz said...

to all christians & followers of other religions, I want to tel u that this was a cruel & shameless crime and all of us condemn this, but as far as your comments against Islam is concerned it is highly disappointing that Islam is saying to do these kind of crimes.
I want to tell u something very common that this act was his personal thought not of islam or Muhammad PBUH, If u want to know about islam u have to read the books of ilam not the character of followers, I have also read a lot of crimes related with christians & others so this means I have to use bad words against JESUS (May ALLAH Protect), this is not the matter of islam and MUHAMMAD PBUH, this is the matter of one's own attitudem so please stop using these bad words and follow what u think good and if u want to prove ur religion against islam better come to one stage along with all of your supporters Insha Allah U will never be able to defeat Islam and its laws with proofs.

imtiyaz said...

raping is not islam this is one's own attitude, so please stop talking about islam & MUHAMMAD PBUH & if u want to prove ur religion better than islam come to one stage with ur supporters INSHA ALLAH u will never be able to prove it, the religion with multiple of editions of bible all fabricated by popes and others is challenging islam really ridiculus.

u cant blame whole religion by one's own act, I have also read a lot of news like this so what does it mean I have to use bad word againt JESUS PBUH (May ALLAH protect) if u want to know about islam read the islamic books dont read someones personal character.

For your information i want to inforn u that these days christians are the most cruel white coloured criminals who drops the bombs in innocent muslims, a no of innocent muslims have been killed and tortured by us uk and joint forces, many rapes were done in iraq afghanistan and other nations so plz dont dare to speak about islam ALLAH & MUHAMMAD PBUH.


hugh watt said...

Imtiyaz, I agree bad words should not be said for the sake of it. What if your own religion says things that you may consider offensive, do you keep doing what many Muslims do, that is, deny the sources that Islam says are the most authentic? Christians are not commanded anywhere to do as you suggested. That is ignorance on your part. However, you need to read some of the posts where Bukhari and others are quoted to prove what much is said about Islam/Muhammad/Quran. Personally i try to stick to those sources and make comment upon them. If you have a biased view about Muhammad/Quran/ etc, then that is what will come out in your responses.
Do you know how Muhammad got his wife Saffiya? Tell me if you know. Lets see if you relate the story accurately or put an Islamic spin on it.

Jarule Onyxstone said...

My guess is that if the president was to see the string of comments following this blog he would call it hate speech, including the post itself. That's the problem in America. It is politically incorrect to criticize Islam even if the brutal acts they commit are tied to their teachings and the Koran. My thought is, if you are a practicing Muslim, then you're by doctrine, a terrorist. I don't believe that there's a such thing as a "good Muslim." You can, however be a good Arab who doesn't practice Islamic teaching, but you can't follow any parts of the Koran without agreeing with everything that it says. That's fact, otherwise, if you even say that as a Mualim you don't agree with the Jihad and war against infidels, then you are, according to Muslims, a hypocrite. Therefore, if you're Muslim, then you're a terrorist. Point blank.