Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Those Radical Christians!

It's quite common to hear Western atheists (primarily fans of Richard Dawkins) say that radical Christianity is just as much of a threat as radical Islam. This video proves they're right.


Radical Moderate said...

OH CLASSIC, LOL oh that is to good

GreekAsianPanda said...

This is off topic, but David and Nabeel, did you know that you guys are in the acknowledgement section in the book Paul Meets Muhammad?!?

P.S. Funny video.

characterbuilder said...


I get the point of the video yet I take exception to the crude and crass manner in which it is communicated.

As believers we can do better... we need to be above reproach.

Please take the video down!

David Wood said...


I completely disagree. People in the West are constantly saying that Christianity is as much of a threat as Islam. And this is simply ridiculous, as the video shows.

You say that believers need to be above reproach, which is true. However, I object to the idea that being above reproach entails that we do not rebuke in a manner you would consider "crude and crass."

As an example, when Paul was rebuking the false teachers in Galatia, he said: "As for those agitators, I wish they would go the whole way and emasculate themselves!"

His point was that, if they are so intent on circumcision as a sign of religious devotion, why not be even more devoted and castrate themselves?

Do you object to Paul's words here (a method of rebuking we find often in the Bible)?

Anonymous said...


I still can't stop laughing at this video.
Why would anybody listen to Richard Dawkins. The guy is NUTS.

In his view over the world there is no GOOD and EVIL, but just characteristics of a specie.

But sad at the same time.

All I can say is this: The end of the world will come before this Christians will bomb something :P.


aussie christian said...

Well, I for one had a rip snorting rib crackingly good laugh at this, total slapstick.

Hey characterbuilder, lighten up mate, sometimes you just need to go over the top a bit to loosen up. If you dont laugh youll cry.

And also, yes this may be a bit rediculus so therefore you need to hit back with deliberate rediculus to show a point, kinda like mr David said.

Keep up the good work guys, and slip in a bit more silly humour every now and then, most of us do like it.

Peace and Love.

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

that's a good one

minoria said...

I first saw the video in jihadwatch.org yesterday.The last scene was a bit crude but the rest was pertinent.I think it highlights that NOT ENOUGH is being done in the mosques in the West to convince their people to reject the jihadists.


First,the mosque leaders should weekly tell their people:

1.How evil and why Hamas,Hizbulah,etc are.
2.Should never stop to state,with examples and evidence,how NON-MUSLIMS are DISCRIMINATED in Muslim countries.


Recently,this December,5 Christians were expelled from MOROCCO for trying to convert Muslims.The Muslims in the West rarely protest.Yet they would if the US,ENGLAND,FRANCE,etc did the same(violation of freedom of speech and religion).

3.Tell ALL that is in MUSLIM history,not just the good:about the DEVSHIRME system in the Ottoman Empire,how MAIMONIDES was persecuted for being Jewish,how Muslims destroye THOUSANDS of Hindu temples in India,etc.The TYPICAL MUSLIM knows nothing about that.

leviMichealathan said...


characterbuilder said...

Do you honestly believe that Paul's defense of salvation by faith in Christ alone (The core of the Gospel) and his rebuke of the Galatians in the strongest terms possible... (without being crude or crass... but VERY graphic) is somehow parallel with your video showing a man getting his rectum inspected at the airport?

To use Paul- Scripture in this fashion to justify this video is sad and disappointing.

I want to appeal to you again to take down the video.

As believers let's do our utmost to "set no worthless thing before our eyes". (Ps. 101: 3)

David Wood said...


You're completely missing the point (and now I'm a little ticked off that you've condemned me as a result).

Paul had an important point to make. He brought up the image of people cutting off their own testicles to make his point. Did he need to do this? No. But he did, and he obviously didn't think it was wrong. (Note: This is just one example, out of many in the Bible.)

Now the maker of the video had an important point to make. Was the rectal inspection just for show? No. One of the most recent terror attacks in Saudi Arabia was committed by a Muslim who had hidden the bomb inside his anus.

Here in the West, airport inspections are getting more and more difficult, and it seems that the next steps will involve complete invasions of our privacy, all thanks to . . . Christians? No, Muslims.

If you're that offended, I suggest visiting another website. On this one we show beheadings, bombings, pictures of women whose faces have been burned with acid, and, yes, videos poking fun at anyone who suggests that Christianity is as dangerous as Islam.

minoria said...

You know what fellows,I think the SOLUTION to the problem is BOMB-SNIFFING DOGS.In MIAMI they have COCAINE-SNIFFING DOGS and it works fine.And I didn't know that a man actually put a BOMB in his anus.That is sheer fanaticism but true.
It is sad it has come to this.But again,BOMB-SNIFFING DOGS,LOTS of them,is the solution.Let the airport be invaded by them.