Friday, December 11, 2009

Sam Shamoun and David Wood on "Jesus or Muhammad" this Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!

It's that time again! Take a trip to the No Taqiyya Zone! "Jesus or Muhammad" this weekend. We're trying to fit in as many of your suggestions as possible, but we got a ton, so some will have to wait till later. Here's the line up (though times are subject to change, so be sure to check back).

FRIDAY (December 11)
7:00 P.M.-9:30 P.M. (Eastern Standard Time) The Swiss Minaret Ban
10:30 P.M.-1:00 A.M. What Muhammad Thought about the Bible

SATURDAY (December 12)
7:00 P.M.-9:30 P.M. (Eastern Standard Time) The Pagan Origins of Islam
10:30 P.M.-1:00 A.M. The Satanic Verses

SUNDAY (December 13)
7:00 P.M.-9:30 P.M. (Eastern Standard Time) Is Islam Monotheistic?
10:30 P.M.-1:00 A.M. Christianity, Islam, and the Incarnation

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Unknown said...

Greatly looking forward to this. My kids are also intrigued with your ability to turn back lies with knowledge, patience, humor,and the love of Christ.
God Bless you.
Hoping to see Pastor Joseph as well.

Unknown said...

Hey guys, can I ask you something?

Just imagine someone to be a unitarian christian....
Obviously you guys are trinitarians so it is much easier to explain the concept of Original Sin because you believe Jesus is God the Son and in Isaiah it says God is the Redeemer, God is the Only Savior.

But for what reason would a unitarian christian believe in Original Sin if they don't even belive Jesus is God.

I know Dr. James White said that if he was a unitarian christian, he would have no reason to believe in original sin at all. But why?

Can you guys explain things for me. You're a smart bunch.

If you don't understand what I'm trying to ask, please tell me so I can make things clearer.


Nakdimon said...

Wow, the entire weekend, especially Sunday, promises to be a treat. Great stuff brothers.

May these broadcasts open the eyes for tons of Muslims to see the falsehood of Islam and the truth of YHWH and His Anointed One.


Fernando said...

Hi recreation_man... are you t_a_a aka brianman?

Unknown said...
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minoria said...

Great to know you guys will be back soon.I did not expect it so soon.Maybe you can talk a bit about the EBIONITES.


Muslims put alot of emphasis on them.In Paul William's blog I wrote a bit about them.There is even an article on them,I think by BASSAM ZAWADI.I said that for them Jesus had DIED.They think many of their beliefs reflect the TRUE teachings of the FIRST disciples(John,Peter,etc).Even that the EBIONITES were practically the same as the CHURCH in JERUSALEM under JAMES,brother of Jesus.


JAMES TABOR,the skeptical scholar thinks so:the true disciples did not believe in the virgin birth,considered Paul a heretic,accepted Mosaic law,and that Jesus was the Messiah,but only a man,not God.

1 COR 15

I said that whatever the case scholars who are SKEPTICS like GERD LUDEMANN,those of the JESUS SEMINAR(Crossan,Robert Price,Marcus Borg,the late Robert Funk(one of the founders),DUNN, and others accept that the 1 COR creed is from at the latest 5 years after Jesus' death and that the FIST disciples actually believed Jesus DIED(the creed says Jesus died).


I also said that poses a problem for Islam:then if SKEPTICAL scholars say that then why didn't Allah TELL the first disciples Jesus had not really died?In effect,Allah is the one ultimately responsible for the start of Christianity.

Unknown said...

David Great schedule .. cant wait

regarding the swiss Ban, I would like that the Omar constitution to be discussed as well, and how muslims dealt with already existing churches , and how they dealt with building chrches all over the islamic world, in particular egypt , where the largest christian community !!!!
and not to forget to exilw jews and christians, and Jizya ...etc

so now lets compare the mortives of the Swiss gov , and the islamic doctrines... is the aim of the swiss to completely ban isalm ? or to preserve there culture ?!

if the aim is to ban islam, would they only ban building minarets?? or they would have taken ore serve action like those in taken in islamic countries ?!

God bless your work

Unknown said...

regarding what he though about bible..

1: he stole a lot from everywhere including the bible.. so the bible was on of his sources.

2: in early islam, he was trying to gain followers by any means, even by deliveringsatanic verses to make the mushrikeen happy..
so trying to gain followers from christainas and jews, he delivered some verses praising them, and tried to fool them telling them they have same god, and his name in their books and soo on...

when things didnt work out with them, meanwhile he esablished an islamic power, then he warned every one to get into islam, later he cursed them and fought everyone...

Now muslims , are left with contradictory verses !! so trying to reconcile things they refer to abrogation, and corruption of the bible.. that quran praises the uncorrupted parts, but curses those who follow the corrupted parts (dont know how do they differentiate!!)

Fernando said...

Hi recreation_man...

I really do not understand your question... I'm a Christian ("trinitary" is an tautological adjective...), so I cannot spek for non Christians... butt I cannot see whie eben an agnostic or atheĆ­ste woulde nott, iff they coulde read the Bible as a simple book, see clearly presented in it the teaching off the "original sin" thate latter was theological clarified in its global implications...

you can always ask doctor James White for whate he meant: try is blogg or his radio show... feel free to do so...

God bless

Unknown said...

Hi Fernando and all other Christians

Sorry I didn't make it clear enough.

Let me try again:

Unitarian Christians believe that Jesus died for the sins of mankind. Why do they believe that when they don't even think Jesus Christ is God the Son?

Because in Isaiah it says that God is the Savior and there is no saviour besides He, and God also says that He is the Redeemer. So Unitarian Christians who do not believe that Jesus is God will be false in their beliefs that Jesus as 100% man ONLY is the redeemer and the saviour?

Anthony Rogers said...


In denying that Jesus is God's eternal Son and Word incarnate, the value of his death also must be pared down.

No longer can it be seen as paying an infinite debt that man owes to God.

No longer can it be seen as sufficient to atone for the sins of mankind.

The above is why it is no coincidence that every form of unitarianism that has come down the pike has in fact denied the Christian doctrine of sin as well. That's why it is no surprise that Islam has a view of sin that is out of step with what all the prophets taught.

One's doctrine of sin and salvation are necessarily tailored to one another. If you think the (sin) problem is less than it really is, then you will also think that the necessary solution be less than it really needs to be. Conversely, if you think the solution is less than it really is, then you will also think the problem to be less than it really is.

The fact is, sin has separated you from God. The gap is much larger than you and other Muslims would like to admit. Only someone like Jesus, and there is no other like Him, can bridge that gap. Jesus paid an infinite debt in a finite amount of time, something He could do because he was not only a man but God as well.

Much more could be said, but I hope that helps.

Fernando said...

Hi recreation_man...

ok... now I start seing your point...

the problem, for you, is not the existence of "original sin", rather on the value of Jesus' dead iff He was not God; this is: the value of Jesus redeming dead iff He was not God... is this so?

well... obviously God coulde habe chosen to forgibe humaniti from its sin in all the ways He coulde habe done that; this is: in all the ways thate were not in contradiction withe whate He is and withe whate He wanted us to be... butt He did not want do anithing thate, not only woulde be in contradiction withe those 2 aspects but also, woulde deminuishe those 2 realities: whate God his, and whate man his... any other options woulde "deminuish" bott God and man... due to thate fact, only someone trully God and trully man coulde have, as brother Semper saide, «can bridge that gap» between whate was God's will to mankind and whate was/is the present condition off mankind...

do not know iff this helps... this is a bery simple answer...

Unknown said...

Ahh ok, thank you Semper Paratus, that makes a lot of sense. It has put a lot of things in perspective. Obviously I haven't declared any religion yet, but I have come to acknowledge, just because of the doctrine of original sin and Jesus being God the Son, thus eligible to be a saviour and redeemer, that there is definitely more truth in trinitarianism than unitarianism christianity.

There is one thing that is bugging me Semper Paratus, it seems to me that Apostle Paul was a Unitarian Christian and he believed in the original sin theory. So if he was a unitarian christian, how will trinitarians accomodate for Paul's unitarian beliefs?
Will they accomodate for Paul's unitarian beliefs?

Look, I'll tell you my position. Please respect it rather than be enraged. I am genuinely trying my best to understand Paul's beliefs, but I think Muhammad was a true prophet. There is no reason to say that he isn't personally.
He was like a loving father to his believers. Whenever trouble came along, he was quick to eliminate the trouble so that his people can live and grow.
I researched all of David's and Sam Shamouns works and pretty much all of the claims made against Muhammad, but they can all be explained, the only thing that can stop a person from embracing the beliefs is Hate.
The Qur'an I don't believe was PERFECTLY preserved, but it is PERFECTLY preserved based on Islamic rules and standards. It is so similar to the books in the Old Testament. They share the same belief on forigiveness of sins, a sacrifice is not necessary and a prayer from the lips is enough to ask for forgiveness.

God is perfectly Just - this is where I believe Judaism and Islam stumble a bit in their beliefs of forgiveness. This is where Trinitarianism and Paul's works makes a lot of sense. I believe that is totally amazing that a mastermind persecutor, a viscious beast would have an experience, and then be the most devout christian and be really steadfast towards it, he believes that what he saw was true, and I am so drawn to it. His works are so intelligent, they are so hard to refute to the extent that I have to call it an "interpretation", because it sounds logical. The thing that worries me were the contradictions in the accounts of the first time Jesus met Paul, and also, the way Paul would selectively chooses and deletes O.T texts to fit his views, I read the outreach judaism thing.

So I've had a headache trying to choose what religion to follow. I have been without religion for too long.

I think the topic should be Paul or Muhammad lol

P.S, that girl on that programme Jesus or Muhammad is quite hot. She looks like my current girl. Not the confident Christianity woman, she has a husband, I don't want to compliment her.

VJ said...

hi,this might be a litle off topic
,i just happened to see this

i am unsure about the impact on the bible,i assume there is not much cause we have earlier manuscripts in possession...but would a scholarly opinion on it..i sent this to James white as well...hope he will address it on his case he doesn't then i hope someone can do it here

thank you

Adam said...

Happy Hanukkah

I was blessed to see my only Jewish friend Inviting us all us. all non Jews friends at his Home.

Dear Brothers,

India (Huda) was the only place on earth where Jews were never Persecuted for being Jews until 26/11/08 when islamic Kaaba worshippers attacked them at Chabad House In My Home Bombay.

My Father always says When you meet Jews always make sure You give them Love and respect, even if they hate you.

Bro. David and Bro Nabeel, I am sorry to go off topic, but its Hanukkah time.

This must watch Documentry

Preview scene #1 from "Next Year in Bombay" by Jonas Pariente and Mathias Mangin

India our Motherland, Isreal our Fatherland

Simcha Torah with the Bene Israel of New York

Fernando said...

Brianman... you saide: «it seems to me that Apostle Paul was a Unitarian Christian»...

ouce again: proofs, proofs... as an humble person you coulde habe simply asked iss Paul was an unitarian... butt he was not... butt to give you an efford advice to presente those proofs, do remeber tahte he claims Jesus to be YHWH, God in several places...

Brianman... you saide: «The Qur'an I don't believe was PERFECTLY preserved, but it is PERFECTLY preserved based on Islamic rules and standards»...

were those rulles in action when the author off the qur'an saide it was perfectly preserved? and now we have rules to identify whate is "perfectlt preserved" in any book and other set off rules to identify whate is "perfectlt preserved" in teh qur'an... do you know whate this mentality is called, brianman? It's called fascism...

you also saide: «They share the same belief on forigiveness of sins, a sacrifice is not necessary and a prayer from the lips is enough to ask for forgiveness»...

"They" who or whate? The books from teh OT? Iff thats whate you tried to say, you're wrong my friend...

you also saide: «I believe that is totally amazing that a mastermind persecutor, a viscious beast would have an experience, and then be the most devout christian»...

well... thats the misterious action of a God thate came to call those tahte were lost, nott those who claim and belibe to be the hust ones... on the other hand, wahte shoks me, is thate muhammad, a suposed peacefull person, recieved some supposed revelations and then, in your words thate I'll repeat very candidly, became "a mastermind persecutor (of), a viscious beast" against all those persons who did not beliebe in him... by your fruits you'll know them...

you also saide: «The thing that worries me were the contradictions in the accounts of the first time Jesus met Paul»... really? ore some off them make mention to some aspects and other to others? woulde you tell the first time you kissed a girls two times withe the precise same words? iff you did thate woulde not habe been a kiss made in love, rather e mechanical and rational one withe no place to wahte is important...

finaly you saide: «the way Paul would selectively chooses and deletes O.T texts to fit his views, I read the outreach judaism thing».... no mie friend, Paul did not deleate anything like Uthman did... he interpreted the OT at tle only lighte thate can be used to express its trutness: Jesus Christ...

may God bless you in your travell t_a_s, brieanman and recreation_man...

Nazam said...

Hello Recreation Man,

I am not a Unitarian Christian but this is how a Unitarian might respond to the argument, "only God is Saviour and therefore Jesus must be God because he redeems us".

1. The argument fails to recognize the distinction between God as the source or author of salvation and Christ as the agent through whom Yahweh saves.
2. The word "saviour" is used for many people in the Bible. This is hard to see in the English versions because, when it is used of men, the translators almost always translated it as “deliverer.” For example:

Nehemiah 9:27
Judges 3:9

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
sam said...

rec man

i hope your research brings you to the true and the only way God himself Jesus. i disagree strongly with your view about mohammad being the true prophet. but you also r distorting paul. whatever the case just pray to God to show you the way and hope you open your eyes. maybe perhaps you should follow jesus teachings more to understand instead of paul in your case?

Royal Son said...

recreation man - on what grounds do you reject Trinitarianism ?

Fernando said...

recreation_man said: «muhammad was a great guy»... really? from where did you get thate idea?

from his lyiengs; killings; adulturous life; having sex withe a 8 years old girl;...? is this the example off a "great guy"

then in a rethorical twist, you asked: «was Islam a religion of peace?»...

we all, arounde here, already know the answer you'll "find" since its the point from you started as a muslim tahte you are...

May God forgive your lies dear brianman,


Apollos26 said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

Sorry Fernando, lol I forgot who you were exactly.

I would prefer to talk to the other Christian writers. No offense but you tend to go off topic and try to attack Islam with points that have already been refuted + points that hold misconceptions.

Please don't write back to me Fernando because I won't be reading a single comment from you. Sorry that I forgot who you were.

I was right in everything I said about the O.T, I got them confirmed with Rabbi Tovia Singer and my own intellect. I heard the Christian idea of these issues. They're wrong :(

I think I am out of here. I won't be coming on this site again. I'll come on this site once I declare what my faith is.

David Wood and Nabeel Qureshi tried their hardest and boy did they do well, but it just wasn't convincing enough. Especially if I compare Muhammad's legacy and wars to people like Moses etc. the Israelite prophets.

There are many misconceptions about Islam.

Apollos26 said...

Had to repost cause there was a scribal error.

Hi brother David,

I enjoyed "The Pagan Origins Of Islam" very much. There were some things I haven't heard before.
It is a pity, when callers don't direct their questions towards the topic. Yesterday there have been many who switched to another one, and as a spectator, I found that nerving.

I don't want to sound harsh, but I think those callers should be adverted immediately, when they switch topic. Precious time gets lost.

the peace of Christ be with you all.

Fernando said...

Hi recreation_man...

# 1: you camme here withe 3 false names;

# 2: you attacked Christianity and our God as islam as being doing from the start;

# 3: you meanaced me iff I tried to writte you back again;

# 4: you tried to make me your dhimmie;

# 5: you made several unsubstantieted claims aboutt teh Bible and Christaniy;

# 6: continuslie goig off topic ober and ober as manie testified and pointe dit to you;

# 7: etc., etc.

and you have the adolescent behaviour to folow the same path muslim apologists do thete is doing the same again and saying otheres are doing whate you are doing? perhaps no other person is wantting to "losse" time withe someone who is playing foll arounde withe other persons... perhaps you can elucidate us all by:

# a: where habe my claims been refuted;

# b: prove thate they are misconceptions;

# c: tell us all where making historical and factual claims is an offense...

more... I only answere back, sometimes in your own words, to your comments... does thate husrt you? well another tipical thing you habe in connection withe muslims all arounde the world: you do not likke to taste the medicine you want others to take...

you daide: «I was right in everything I said about the O.T.»...

the only thingue you saide aboutt the O.T. was thate «it shared (withe the qur'an) the same belief on forigiveness of sins, a sacrifice is not necessary and a prayer from the lips is enough to ask for forgiveness»... really? then this is the measure off your biblical knowledge, the same thate made you claime thate Paul was an unitarian withoute eben providing a single verse...

you saide: «I'll come on this site once I declare what my faith is»... don't loose time mie friend... I do beliebe thate you, behaving as an adolescent all the time, do nott habe the gutts to became an apostate bie leaving islam... only a muslim woulde, indeed, habe saide thate someone who lyied; killed; had an adulturous life; had sex withe a 8 years old girl was a "great guy"...

may God forgive you t_a_s; brianman; recreation_man... and may He bless you and your familie...

sam said...


i really hope u find ur faith towards the truth. we here r not trying to put u and ur views down. we simply r here to expose islam and its false teaching. now bro i hope u really research ur path and i wont try to convince u to come to christianity. we r not forceful like muslims. but i hope it wont be too late for u to find chirst. have a good day.

CharlieR said...

The program last night from 10:30-1:00 under the topic of satanic verses was much enjoyed by myself and I am sure others.

Not one muslim offered to defend against the charges of the inclusion of satan verses in quran.

What I enjoyed immensely was when the ladies called in and in tears interceeded for the lost souls in islam. I know this stirred Sam, David and Joseph and the watching audience.

God is good and feeling His presence thru His people has a barrier breaking effect that is extremely powerful.

Again David, Sam, and Joseph and all who make the program possible, Thank you and God Bless you

Unknown said...

me too as a spectator, I 100% agree with what appolos had said.
It is really annoing and time wastig to see callers completely going off topic ( either muslims or chritians) ... since we are discussing certain topic , all comments or questions should be directed towards this..

it is lke being in math class, and u find the student asking about peotry !!!!!!! ... teachers and colleague studnts not just surprised by the absurd thinking , but annyed for wasting time !!!

for instance in the statnic verses episodes, almost non of the callers stayed in topic.. which is really a very interesting topic, and usually muslims claim that the story is weak, and they refuse it on theological basis as u said, since it doesnt align well with quran .. so i really wanted to listen to more solid argument or defnse from the musim side .. so may be to achieve this goal, is o 1st warn then disconnect oftopic callers.. they should learn to respect watchers...thanks

minoria said...

Hello Adam:

It was great of you to wish the Jewish people a HAPPY HANUKA.One reason why I posted information on it,plus on St.Nick,is because we should all,all non-Jews,learn more about Judaism.Basic things like:

1.ROSH HASHANA(it is Jewish New Year)
2.PURIM(about ESTHER and how she saved the Jews under the PERSIAN empire).
3.YOM KIPPUR(most holy day in Judaism,it means DAY of ATONEMENT).

Again,it was kind of you.Believe me,very few Gentiles know exactly what Hanuka is.I didn't till a few years ago.We have all heard the NAME but what does it commemorate?

I explained to a Gentile lady last night all about Hanuka,she didn't know(except for the name).So now she knows.By the way,it began on FRIDAY at 6pm,and it lasts ,I believe,8 days(or maybe 7),so it is still going on.

minoria said...

Hello David and Sam:

Your program was great.I specially enjoyed the one about the SATANIC VERSES.I didn't know that the PRIMARY SOURCES(like 6 of them) were those of contemporaries or near contemporaries of Mohammed(and many were HIGHLY RESPECTED Muslim experts).


I know Father ZAKARIAS BOTROS says the same things you do but in ARABIC and is watched everyday by MILLIONS of Muslims and Christians.He has certainly covered the Satanic verses before.

Why don't you get someone to SUBTITLE the various progams of Jesus and Mohammed in URDU,PERSIAN,ARABIC,BENGALI and INDONESIAN?


They can be shown on Father BOTROS' channel.And you could suggest to Father Botros to subtitle his programs in Arabic into Urdu,Persian,Bengali,Indonesian and (why not)into ENGLISH.

Traeh said...

To me, the question that is critical, the one I'd most like to see David try to answer in a really thorough way, is what percentage of Muslims, particularly in the West, would prefer to live under Islamic law. I'm not sure there is as yet any firm data on that, because polls that have been done seem difficult to interpret. On the one hand, the polls seem to show that between 40% and 60% of Muslims would prefer to live under Islamic law. But I've also read analysts or poll-takers whose surveys seem to show that many Muslims don't really know what it is they are wishing for when they wish for Islamic law. This is shown by the fact that many Muslims in polls express a desire to live under democratic systems with significant freedoms (as I recall). This suggests that 1) Muslims imagine that sharia and liberal democracy are compatible or 2) Muslims have contradictory desires, or 3) the polling done or my memory of it is inaccurate.

In any event, it would be very useful if someone could really gather up the data and determine what percentage of Muslims really want to live under Islamic law understood as a theocratic system severely limiting individual rights as protected in the West.

Unknown said...

God has blessed me. I will never come on this site to comment again. Christianity is nothing but the religion of Man. Starting from Paul, to the people at completion at 384 CE or something like that.
Paul = very, very nice teachings I MUST admit.

Islam is the religion of Abraham.

Come to the truth in Islam or continue listening to Sam Shamoun's and David Wood's same arguments that they have been bringing up for 3 years now against Islam.

Well don't worry, I feel at peace with Christians anyway. Even Fernando, although he talks in a "split personality" manner.

I have been painfully searching for the truth for ages. I felt lost whilst searching, I couldn't make up my mind. I have a lot of respect for Paul, but he's just not a true apostle.

I am going to plan a trip to Mecca God Willing.

I bear Witness that there is One God. And Muhammad is His FINAL messenger.

A farewell from t_a_s = brianman = recreation_man.
May God bless you with the truth that is...ISLAM!


Sepher Shalom said...

t_a_s, recreation_man, etc,....

Thanks for coming here and putting on a dog-and-pony show that was hopelessly transparent. You were a Muslim before you even made your first comment on this blog. Pretending to be someone who is searching, and posting rhetorical questions for the sole purpose of ending with a contrived conversion certainly demonstrates what length of dishonesty some followers of Muhammad will stoop to. Sad really...

Radical Moderate said...

WOW DAVID that was some serious preeching on the second to the last caller on the last show.

"Why do muslims disobey God just Like Satan did" I love that.

MuslimPhantom said...

Assalaamu 'alaykum recreation_man,

I never imagined I would bless this devilish blog, but after seeing your conversion to Islam I simply have to give my thanks to Allah (swt). I, as the defender of Islam and our Holy Prophet (sat), have restrained my comments after the number one Muslim apologist in the World, Osama Abdallah, was blocked because he was denouncing the hypocrisy of Christians around here, but now I’m back. More: I’ll be around here to remember all the persons about your conversion from chemistry student to a true Muslim. I hope that you, now, will put your studies to good use for the cause of Islam. Islam is the only true religion. Christianity is as false as anything that exists as your clever questions have pointed out: we have seen that no one was able to respond to them. I was really amused to see the hate you made some people that supposedly should be full of love, expressed. That clown that is called Fernando, a false ex-Muslim, is the perfect example of this: you exposed his duplicity. You’re a clever person, but now you should place your intelligence in function of Allah’s (swt), the most Merciful, the most Gracious, will and determination as did our blessed Prophet (sat). The path to true humanity is Islam, no matter what those human-based moralities want to say. Please, recreation_man, you should not go away from this blog: came around and help us all denouncing Chrsitianity and defending Islam, Allah (swt) and our Holy Prophet (sat).

Anonymous said...

@recreaction man

hahaha r u really into acting or chemistry?

Anonymous said...

To MuslimPhantom:

"have restrained my comments after the number one Muslim apologist in the World, Osama Abdallah, was blocked because he was denouncing the hypocrisy of Christians around here, but now I’m back."

You should reconsider choosing a better muslim apologist.
Why ?
Look at threads in this forum like:
"Christians are dogs, garbage"
"I'll be enjoying my virgins in Heaven while you will burn in Hell".

"I’ll be around here to remember all the persons about your conversion from chemistry student to a true Muslim."

I'm a computer science student working on my M.Sc. and in 1-2 years starting my Ph.D. studies.
And a Telecomunication expert(working for a Israelite Company: :P).
Does this prove that Christianity is true ? NO. Only truth and facts does.

"Christianity is as false as anything that exists as your clever questions have pointed out: we have seen that no one was able to respond to them."

Actually every point of t_a_s(whom identified himself as a muslim) aka brainman aka reacreation_man was answered: many times. But AS LONG AS YOU GONE READ ONLY HIS QUESTIONS AND NOT THE ANSWERS IS LOGIC TO BELIEVE THE ABOVE STATEMENT.

"The path to true humanity is Islam, no matter what those human-based moralities want to say."

We proved on this blog many times that Muhammad morality was deprecated. Yet you insist that our morality is worldly ?

"I was really amused to see the hate you made some people that supposedly should be full of love, expressed. "

Please show me ONE hate statement address to t_a_s(whom identified himself as a muslim) aka brainman aka reacreation_man.
Are you made because we've answered all his claims&questions ?


sam said...

muslim phantom

wut a wonderful speech u have posted. MOHAMMAD IS A FALSE PROPHET AND ISLAM IS A FALSE SICK CORRUPTED RELIGION AND WE HERE HAVE PROVEN OVER AND OVER AGAIN. if muslims couldnt defend islam on the show JESUS OR MOHAMMAD then who r u to defend it? I WOULD CERTAINLY LIKE TO C UR CLAIMS. your claims and false teachings r the ones causing theses sick terrorists attacks around the world. your own people kill each other going against what ur so called quran teaches against killing other muslims.
LISTEN HERE BUDDY UR CLAIMS R FALSE AND THERE ONLY 1 TRUE GOD AND HIS NAME IS JESUS. IF U CAN PROVE ISLAM IS NOT CORRUPTED THEN I WILL BELIEVE U BUT I HIGHLY STRONGLY DOUBT THAT. i hope u find and accept jesus before its too late. As far as rec man goes yes he wud have to answer God when he is do be judged like all of us. mohammad is dead and jesus is alive amen to the lamb of God

Radical Moderate said...

recreation_man Just read you converted to islam. Thanks for proving the theroy of Evolution to be False.

Radical Moderate said...

MuslimPhantom said... In regards to Recreation_Mans conversion to Islam.

"I’ll be around here to remember all the persons about your conversion from chemistry student to a true Muslim. I hope that you, now, will put your studies to good use for the cause of Islam. "

I wonder what good use Islam could have for a Chemestry student?

Radical Moderate said...

After reading Recreation mans posts I have come to the conclusion that he has been playign with his chemestry set a little to much.

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

To Muslim phantom and recreation-man,

Frankly, you guys coming on here and presenting a show does not impress me or anyone what so ever.

If you think (muslim phantom) that readers of this failed to recognise recreation-man/brianman as being muslim already you gotta think over again.

You guys need to play your lying games fairly differently next time.

To cut it short, you fooled nobody.

Radical Moderate said...


I just recently started reading a book "The Quran in the Context of History" I dont know if you are aware of it, but its a collection of esays by scholars who use the same textual critical aparatus on the Quran that they use with the Bible and other texts.

Some of it is a little beyond me, however I have to say most is pretty easy to follow.

Fernando said...

Hi brother Hogan... I allreadie jumped to your new blogg... I hope to follow it bery closelie... tahnks for youre efford and keep doing a good job... may God help you...

Fernando said...

Another muslim (t_a_s = brianman = recreation_man) another lier... whie am I always surprised bie this?

Tania said...

To: recreation_man.

I also thought you were a Muslim because of the many shallow assertions you have posted on this blog, coupled by the behavior you presented us when Christians have answered and asked you to substantiate your many claims---

you automatically assumed the Christian to be either hateful or hostile, which is classic mannerism of a lot of Muslims when we give a defense to our faith and question the Islamic beliefs. And because I have seen Muslims masquerade as Christians and atheists before, but I will try to give you the benefit of the doubt and hope you're not lying to us all while mistakenly thinking you will be getting the God of Abraham's approval.

Please do not take my frankness the wrong way, this is written out of pure concern for you.

If in fact you're really not a Muslim, I am really shocked and concerned on how quickly in your research you are to believe and reject other faiths. I remember when you first came here and said that you were open and truly searching for the truth. So please, take your time studying these religions.
Do the research you said you were going to do on Islam just hours ago in a deleted post before you then claimed Islam as truth and while getting ready for a trip to Mecca --- You also said you quickly rejected Trinitarianism, so now, please take the time researching orthodox Christianity --- While you're doing your searching, humbly ask God to be with you and open your heart and reveal Himself to you. I know you made the claim to be without religion for a long time, but do not quickly choose a religion that could very well be a false one because of this longing you have for a religion.

I will also be praying that you will find the one and only living God and not a god that you feel comfortable with or made by a false prophet that the Bible has warned us about hundreds / thousands of years earlier.

recreation_man wrote:
"I was right in everything I said about the O.T, I got them confirmed with Rabbi Tovia Singer..."

"The one who states his case first seems right,
until the other comes and examines him."-Proverbs 18:17

Tovia Singer also has many shallow objections to Jesus' Messiahship that many people think is substantial---without doing enough research. No Christian here is surprised by this confirmation. When you go to a man for confirmation that is anti-christ, you will certainly find the confirmation to the objections you have to the NT. And since I haven't seen you cite any Old Covenant verses that you think may be in conflict with the New Covenant scriptures, I think it would be best to direct you to a theologian that is the world's best in answering objections like Tovia Singer's:

Take care and I will be praying for you.

GreekAsianPanda said...

Maybe I'm just really stupid, but how in the world can you people tell that recreation_man was a Muslim before this conversion (whether it's true or false)? What evidence do you have? You can't just make accusations like that without any actual evidence.

I'm not trying to be a jerk or anything; just wondering. Thanks.

Tania said...

You want to know what's really amusing, MuslimPhantom?

Is to see you here complain about how people in this site are supposedly acting in a hateful manner, when you yourself reinforce that they should be loving and kind, and in the next few breaths you called Fernando a clown. That's hypocrisy at it's finest--or unless, you reaffirm to us what Christians already know about from reading the Qu'ran and that is; the standards of human decency and kindness apply to us, do not apply to Muslims.

Fernando said...

Hi dear GreekAsianPanda...

great outfitt you habe in your picture...

well, I just can speak for myself... from the satarte he begun attacking Christianity and the Bible withe the usual islamic false arguments = 2; at the same time he started defending, subrepticiouslie, islam withe the usual and tipicall false islamic arguments = 2... 2+2=4 and 4 = muslim...

minoria said...


Hello recreation man.

What I can say is to do like me,to continue to read 2 or 3 or 4sides:atheist,Jewish,Muslim,Christian.

That is why I give extra info that if off-topic because it is important.I never thought RICHAD CARRIER would be so unscholarly as to say Hitler was a Christian.David Wood can show Hitler's OWN WORDS where he rejects Christianity.


Go to the POLEMICS REBUTTALS of and there you will find the best arguments of Shabir Ally and others and the Christian answers.

Or also go to SEARCH THE SITE in the same website and write BASSAM ZAWADI,SAMI ZAATARI for the ideas of the new generation.

David Wood said...


I haven't been following the conversation, so I don't know all the details. However, I know for a fact that it's quite common for young Muslims to come on websites pretending to be seekers. It's the "in thing" for some reason. I caught one Muslim doing this several times (pretending to be a seeker and then converting to Islam in someone's comments section). Now here comes Recreation Man, who changes his name regularly and pretends to be different people, always defending Islam and using Muslim arguments against Christianity. And suddenly he converts to Islam. The only surprising thing here is that so many people have so little concern for truth or honesty. In their effort to help Islam, they just end up repulsing those of us who have integrity.

minoria said...


Also go to and read ALI SINA'S articles on the Koran and Islam,or read his debates with Muslims,that go to several pages.


Or check out the 2 debates between LICONA and EHRMAN on the resurrection,or CARRIER and WILLIAM CRAIG on the resurrection,etc,etc.Get a notebook and write down the info you get.Nobody can memorize it all,and reread or hear again the arguments.


If I were talking to an ATHEIST I would talk about:

1.The BIG BANG theory:that SPACE and MATTER and TIME all of a sudden came into existence 15 billion years ago from literally NOTHING.Before that there was nothing.Who or what caused it?

2.That there should be NO LIFE at all since the math. probability is 1 chance in 1x10 (to the 50th power).So? So mathematicians agree it is TOO HIGH to have every happened.

3.That scientists have TRIED and FAILED to CREATE LIFE.So far they have not got life out of NON-LIVING material.Maybe in the future,but not now.


The 1x10(to the 50th power) thing is regarding a RANDOM situation,but the scientists trying to artificially create life is NOT.Therefore the chances of CREATING LIFE would be ALOT BETTER,maybe 1 chance in 1000...yet nothing.

minoria said...

Hello David:

The program on the pagan origins of Islam was very good.I enjoyed it.It had things I did not know 100%.Your point about the CHRISTMAS TREE was great.For those who didn't see it,it was this:

A Muslim called and said that the date set for Christmas and the Christmas tree were of PAGAN origin.True.But as David said,they were adopted HUNDREDS of YEARS after Jesus,there are NOT in the NT.


But in Islam Mohammed HIMSELF adopted wholesale all the pagan customs of the Arabs:KISSING the BLACK STONE(a meteorite),going around 7X,pilgrimage to Mecca,etc.He just added that it had been created by ABRAHAM and ISHMAEL(yet there is NO documentary evidence for the claim before Mohammed).


I take the MINIMALIST position.OK,in Judaism we are polytheists because of the Trinity
and the God of Christianity is not Yahweh.

Now in the OT,in MOSAIC LAW,KISSING the black stone in Mecca as part of a RELIGIOUS RITUAL is IDOLATRY.Rabbi TOVIA SINGER,if asked,would say an honest rabbi would declare that based on that,the God of Islam is NOT the same as the God of Israel.The God of Israel would never approve of kissing a black stone religiously.

As for me,I don't have a Christmas tree,but if I had one I would not give it up,it is a HUMAN tradition that is not idolatry,I would keep my Christmas tree.

Traeh said...

The 11/22/09 Jesus or Muhammad show, #1, includes a discussion of the Qur'an's confusion of Moses' sister with the mother of Jesus. Unmentioned is something Robert Spencer says about this. He says that Arabic does not distinguish between the names Mirium and Mary. For Arabic, both names are translated as Maryam. Because the names are not distinguished by Arabic, Muhammad could confuse Mirium, sister of Moses, with Mary, mother of Jesus. I wonder if Spencer is correct on that...

leviMichealathan said...

david! david!
plz! plz! on the next show, make a public announcement that sam and u r willing (and want) to debate, ali, naik and badawi!

plz tell the muslims to encourage these men to debate u!

also, maybe u should create a youtube video?

Unknown said...

Thanks Dr wood, and thanks Sam for your prompt actions, trying to limit off topic allers..

again thanks

Fernando said...

Hi brother minoria... thanks for your always pertinent comments... aboutt the Christmas tree... do you know thate wearing cloths in prayer as a pagan origin? butt neither the Christmas trees nor teh cloths are central to oura faithe... he assumed them because we are humans as you rightelie say... and the Christmas tree was given a totally "biblical" meaning: its the new tree off life as you well know it... some people eben place small images off baby Jesus under it... not to idolatrize it, butt to remenber thate connection...

Apollos26 said...

Dear David,

with Shafsha I want to thank you both, too.

Minoria, had somevery good ideas about Father Zakarias. While reading those, I had some too:

- How about a specialguest appearance with our brother father Zakarias. That would be great.

I am listening at the moment to a very bad debate between Sami Zataari and Sam on the deity of christ. Sam clearly destroyed him and Sami wasn't able to defend his silly allegations, but this is typical for muslims. They open their mouths too wide but at the end they aren't able to eat.

and this is the sam thing for EVERY muslim I encountered. I met atheists who asked me better and more intelligent questions than I ever got from muslims.

But it is so true what our LORD Jesus said in Matthew 13:14-15


minoria said...

Hello Fernando:

Thank you for the compliment and I am very glad some people are back:GreekAsian panda,Tania,Muslimphantom,Sepher Shalom,Ilena,Shafsha.I am glad they are still reading the blog.I have recently read a bit of FATHER JOSEPH GIRZONE's books.


He wrote novels about a man called JOSHUA who lives in a little US town but is a foreigner and works as a CARPENTER,has a BLACK BEARD and EYES.In reality it is Jesus come back incognito but people do not recognize him.Joshua is Hebrew for Jesus.


The novel shows GIRZONE has no knowledge of Mohammed,the historical figure.In it Joshua or Jesus solves the Palestinian problem with the help of a woman called MIRIAM(none other than Mary come back from the dead) and later on he makes Mohammed appear also and accepts him as a prophet of God.And Mohammed back from the dead helps in solving the Palestinian problem.Joshua even meets Arafat.Again,as I said before GIRZONE knows nothing of the historical Mohammed.The real Jesus would have told him to REPENT.That is how it is when people don't research.

Unknown said...

Brother Apollos said: How about a specialguest appearance with our brother father Zakarias. That would be great.

That would be really awesome , unbelievele, it is like the united forces of Jesus servants !! ... I pray that this shall be soon !

Hogan Elijah Hagbard said...

Hi Fernando,

I suppose you are referring to my blog on 'Christian orgins':

You may find that is not so much of an apologetics blog, but most of the topics will certainly be related to the defence of Christianity.

But you are mostly welcome, also to comment.

God bless bro

Apollos26 said...

Hey Brother Shafsha,

just imagine this dream team:

David Wood, Sam Shamoun, Nabeel Qureshi, Father Zakarias, Jay Smith, Dr. Robert Morey, Mark A. Gabriel, James R. White ;D

Fernando said...

Hi brother Hogan... yes, I was talkin aboutte the 'Christian orgins' blogg... quite new, butt I liked the indepth texts you wrotte... may you keep with your work...